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Elmo Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on April 16, 2015

Who doesn’t love that cute, red, fuzzy little guy with the contagious laugh? If you don’t know who we are talking about, it’s Elmo, of course!

Join Elmo on Sesame Street for a party that will have each guest tickled pink! (Or red?)


If you don’t want to have a party with just Elmo and the rest of Sesame Street, then it’s time to think about sending out invitations!

Elmo invitations can be found anywhere, including the internet which is definitely your best bet! You won’t need Count Dracula to help count your dollars either because ordering invitations online can be cheaper than buying them in a store--and they’re customized!

For under $20, you can receive this perfectly customized invitation from EventfulCards on Etsy. The best part is that it is a digital file, which means you receive the file and can print as many as you need!


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When it comes to Elmo birthday party ideas, decorations are many. You need decorations that will have your guests feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Red is a must in your color scheme, obviously. How about trying a mix of primary colors by including yellow and blue also! Green also makes a great addition to the color scheme with the primary colors. Be sure to coordinate your balloons, streamers, tableware and banners with the chosen color scheme.

For some more Elmo birthday party ideas, try these decorations:

  • Letter blocks: Use real wooden blocks, or make some large ones out of cardboard. Elmo teaches kids a lot, so this is appropriate!

  • Sesame street plushes: You can’t have Elmo without the rest of the crew! Make sure you have some of the other main Sesame Street characters around somewhere. These can also double as game prizes!

  • Elmo paper lanterns: Take large, red paper lanterns, and give them big eyes, a big, orange nose, and a mouth, and you will have some Elmo paper lanterns!

  • Dorothy centerpieces: Dorothy is Elmo’s pet goldfish! Taking small fish bowls, add light brown gravel, something fun for decoration and the goldfish and place these at the center of any tables. These, paired with fish food, can be used as prizes also!



Need some Elmo birthday party ideas when it comes to the food? Great! You need some good food to have a successful birthday party. Although Elmo wants kids to eat healthy, a party calls for variety!

Try some of these ideas:

  • Cookie buffet: Have many types of cookies available, but the guests must first get past the table guard--Cookie Monster! Elmo will be there to help!

  • Elmo cakes: Cupcakes can easily be dressed to look just like elmo!

  • Elmo’s kabobs: Elmo thinks every child should eat healthy, so he’s prepared a bunch of kabobs with yummy, colorful fruit and veggies to add a balance to all of those cookies and cupcakes!

  • Sesame treat punch: Using elmo-red punch, add some sprite or ginger ale for carbonation, and plop in a few scoops of fruity sorbet, and you will have one tasty punch!


How do you party like the characters of sesame street? By playing some fun Sesame Street-inspired games, of course!

Where winners get prizes and the losers get tickled! Try these fun Elmo birthday party ideas:

  • Oscar’s trash toss: Set up a tin bucket to resemble Oscar’s trash can, and crumble up some paper. Whoever makes the most out of five wads of garbage is the winner!

  • Elmo’s balloon game: Each child gets a red balloon inflated with oxygen and has to continuously keep it in the air. Each child who drops their balloon is out, and the last child standing is the winner!

  • Pin the nose on Elmo: This is a spin off of the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” game, and is quite easy to make using just a red poster board and some construction paper! Instead of pinny tails on donkey behinds, the kids will pin big, orange noses on Elmo’s face!


When it comes to a party, you must have party favors! If you have learned anything from watching Sesame Street, then you’ve likely learned your manners!

Giving out party favors is a way to signal the end of the party while at the same time saying “Thanks for coming!”


DIY Sesame Street Cupcakes


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