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Letters to Santa for Christmas 2012

Updated on September 17, 2012

ho ho ho ...

Dearest Santa Claus...

Since I was very young it was always a tradition to write a letter to Santa. When I say write a letter it actually resulted in a piece of paper with a intro as to what a good girl I had been, what I had achieved followed by a detailed account of the gifts I would love for Santa to bring to me.

A lot of thought and effort went into the writing of these letters and thank goodness because for as long as I can remember Santa actually brought everything I asked for. What a Guy!

As the years passed letters became less frequent until it got to the point I felt it was time for me to move over and allow other younger children the opportunity to write their letter and wish list to the man in the red suit. Willingly I did this and never looked back.

After having children this tradition was re-ignited and I have loved watching them plan and write what they want to say to him and how they manage to turn their letters into a very specific wish list, with my son even writing down the online shops where Santa can source his presents from!

My youngest is still discovering what Christmas is and only recently I found myself explaining why Santa has a sleigh. Although having explained how magical the sleigh is then going to see Arthur Christmas, I think she prefers the new high tech sleigh solution Santa has brought in, obviously to keep up with the times.

With our letters all sent off and hopefully a reply on its way from the North Pole, I can sense a change coming towards how the younger generation wish to communicate with Santa Claus.

Last year I found three videos from the bearded man himself in my email inbox, addressing each of my children by their first names and talking about the gifts they had asked. My kids loved this, even the older sceptical child had a smile of her face and enjoyed the excitement as everyone took their turn to open their "video message".

My own recollection from Santa was a far more generic letter as I knew how busy he was with the elves, feeding the reindeer and preparing his sleigh for Christmas Eve, The key messages were still there and I knew he cared and would do all he could to bring me some of the presents I had asked for. The letters were great and I recall reading them over and over and although Santa was deemed by me to be a friendly old man, I still made sure I was fast asleep when I thought his reindeers may be making their magic landing on my roof!

The contrast between then and now is not too vast. The only huge difference is technology and clearly Santa has embraced our technological advancements in every way possible.

Not only does he like to send videos, maybe instead of or as well as a letter, he also encourages us to support charities when we are organising letters which is fantastic and to easy to do and support great causes.

However with the renewables agenda and the focus on going or being green becoming ever prevalent is it time WE took the technological advancements and made life a little easier for Santa and his elves.

Which do you think they prefer, millions of letters posted or perhaps emails which can be processed and dealt with even easier than before.

The option for children to do this is already there and with most children choosing to type rather than write (apart from some school lessons) maybe its time to move on.

Personally I don't know how I fell about emailing him. Not sure why as I email for almost anything and everything I can to avoid writing letters by hand. Yet Christmas feels different. Taking the time to write things down and post feels so much more like Christmas, yet I could be someone getting older and not seeing the bigger picture. and many others will give you the email advantage this Christmas while many other charitable websites will support Santa's reply letter for a small donation.

Keeping things green we will all go down the email route eventually, however I may still sneak a little letter to my old friend from the kids just to allow me to relive my own childhood memories!

p.s. although we all loved the video message last year we've decided to ask for a traditional letter reply this year as 1. it supported the format of our charity and 2. the letters are a lot easier to pick up and re-read over and over as the excitement builds and the anticipation of Santas arrival draws ever closed.

Whichever method you go for , video messages from Santa or any other personalised letter from Santa, I sincerely hope your children are all as enchanted by the reply as mine are.

Merry Christmas when it comes.


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