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5 Christmas Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Updated on December 18, 2015

Hopefully, it’s not a new boss that your employees want for Christmas and even if it is, you’ll hit the ground running with these top Christmas gifts. Whether it’s a secret Santa or a small gesture to say thank you this Christmas, I've got you covered. Here’s 5 Christmas gifts for employees they’ll love.

1. Subscriptions and Memberships

Nothing is worse than coming into the office and finding your colleague has clearly missed their morning shower. Give them a great smelling incentive that they won’t even notice! offer a monthly subscription for handmade soap, so even if they forget to pick it up at the store, you don’t have to suffer! Best of all, they’re made with all-natural ingredients and come in a range of packages, from month-to-month or pre-paid yearly memberships.

2. Desktop Coffee Cup Warmer

Every office has one person that spends so much time in the kitchen that they may as well just set their desk up in there. They’re always running off to make fresh coffee, because they were in that important meeting, or they were working on something so hard that it went cold. A likely story. Help keep them happy and at their desk with a desktop coffee cup warmer. They plug straight into a wall socket and can keep a mug warm for ages. If you are like me and get so busy at work that you forget about your coffee or tea, then this will be a perfect gift.

Most desktop coffee cup warmers have the following qualities:

  • A powerful heating unit (usually around 24-watts) to keep your cup hot.
  • An easy to clean unit in case you spill.
  • A light that indicates whether your cup is hot.
  • Sturdy construction that fits perfectly on your desk.
  • Consists of a ceramic base.

3. Potted Plants

Potted plants around a workstation have a huge range of benefits. Not only do they look good, but they boost productivity, reduce stress, improve air quality for the whole office and help brighten up an office that can sometimes feel a bit drab! Most indoor plants don’t need much care and sunlight so they’re perfect for sitting on a desk and only occasionally being remembered. There is a wide array of plants to choose from, so your gift can also be tailored to the personality of your employees. Studies have also proved that plants within an office space improve employee morale and also remove toxins in the air.

Some great plant suggestions to brighten up the office:

  • Spider Plant - it doesn't only look attractive, but this is a great gift that helps reduce air pollution. It's usually a hanging plant so it will create a visually pleasing addition to the office.
  • Phalaenopsis - most commonly known as an orchid. If you want to add elegance and brighten up the office, then this is the perfect gift. The great thing is they only need to be watered once per week.
  • Aloe Vera - this is a perfect gift for your employees if they have an office that has a lot of sunlight. Not only is it an appealing addition to the office, but the gel from the Aloe Vera has healing properties. You can use the gel in case you burn or cut your finger.

4. A Smart Watch

One of the top Christmas gifts this year has got to be the smart watch. They’re a perfect gift for so many reasons. Not only can they help get your employees out of bed and into work on time, but they offer a huge range of other features you’ll reap the benefits of!

They can help keep your workers at their most productive, giving them instant notifications of calls and emails that they’re less likely to miss. They also help to measure fitness information and encourage the user to be more active, keeping them healthier and coming into work each and every day as a result. Both parties win!

Most smart watches nowadays offer the following features:

  • Maps - smart watches come equipped withs maps in case you get lost. Say for instance you have a meeting with a client, all you have to do is speak your destination and the app will show you the address and how to get there.
  • Messages and notifications - most smart watches nowadays can connect to your phone via a wireless connection to display phone notifications such as WhatsApp messages, Instagram likes, tweets, alerts from Gmail, and appointment reminders.
  • Fitness levels - many smart watches, particularly the Apple Smart Watch, can track your fitness levels, measure your heart rate, and calculate how many calories you have burnt. A perfect gift to motivate your employees to keep fit.

5. A Group Outing

If none of these seem like a good idea, how about a day out? A group outing for the whole workforce will be appreciated by everyone and it doesn’t need to be the typical trip to the local bar or restaurant, either. It could be paintballing or even go-karting! A day out gives your employees a chance to bond outside of the workplace and foster better relationships, hopefully resulting in a happier and more productive workforce! It’s definitely one they’ll appreciate and remember, rather than shoving your gift in the bottom of a desk drawer.

Some more exciting, adventurous outings your employees will love:

  • Tourist destination - choose a place in your city or town that your employees will love. It could be a trip on the ferry or a boat ride on the river or even to a nature reserve.
  • Kayaking/canoeing - go down to the river on a sunny day and rent a few canoes. Everyone will have fun paddling and plus it will encourage teamwork.
  • Themed function - My boss recently gave us a themed Carribean staff party that everybody loved. Themed staff functions are always hit.

So there they are; a range of ideas to suit every budget. With one of these 5 ideas, you’re sure to hit on to a winner that your employees will love. Downside: it might raise expectations for next Christmas. Happy shopping!

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