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Engagement Party Gift Ideas Guide

Updated on October 24, 2014

Celebrating an engagement makes for a wonderful party. What’s better than two people so in love that they promise to love each other forever? It really doesn’t get much better.

Although the soon-to-be bride and groom will be getting gifts at a bridal shower, and then again at a wedding, is it really necessary to buy them something because they got engaged? No, but it’s a nice gesture that won’t go unappreciated. Who doesn’t like to receive gifts?

The only question is: What are some good engagement party gift ideas?

Whether the engagement party is to celebrate an engagement that already happened or a surprise engagement to happen at the party, here are some engagement party gift ideas that will be a hit with the married couple-to-be!

Gifts Under $25

  • "We're engaged!" picture frame: The newly engaged couple will certainly need a picture frame to remember their big day, and for under $15, you can get them this beautiful frame!

  • Engagement journal: The bride-to-be will be needing a place to store her memories of her engagement, and what better place to do it than in a journal that’s designated for it! You can’t go wrong for $12!

  • Can coolers: If the party is going to be a more laid back, barbeque style kind of party, then getting these for the engaged couple will be perfect. For just $8, you can get these can coolers!

  • Instruction manual: About $12 each or $24 for both, the bride and groom-to-be can have books that tell them all about getting through their big day. This is a humorous way to help them out!

  • Customized Christmas ornament: Christmas ornaments are a great gift to remember any occasion and this is definitely one to be remembered! Customize this cute ornament to fit the bride and groom for $15!

  • Engagement wine glasses: Here’s a toast to the two who love each other the most! These glasses are cute, and not too fancy for that engagement party. For only $33 for the pair, you’ll all be saying “cheers!”

  • "Catch my love" his and hers coffee mug: How cute is this?! The lovebirds will enjoy sipping their morning coffee together with these adorable his and hers coffee mugs. Such a sweet way to wake up! $30

  • Mr. and Mrs. wine and beer set: A wine glass for her and a beer mug for him, this is a fun way to remember their engagement and the party that followed! Don’t forget to take pictures because this will look silly! $30.

  • Personalized framed print: Nothing says “love” like LOVE! Add the names of the couple and their date of engagement and you have the perfect gift for a newly engaged couple’s home for $30!

  • Aromatherapy diffuser: Marriage is difficult! A little aromatherapy might be just what they will need to help during the tough times they will encounter. Don’t forget to get some essential oils! $50.


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  • Wine rack: If the engaged couple enjoys their wine, they might need a nice, 12-bottle wine rack! This will come in handy for storing all of that wine they will be drinking at all of the parties to come!

  • Picnic set: Make their soon-to-be marriage a walk in the park with this adorable picnic set! Everyone needs an official picnic set for picnics, right? Right. This one is complete with the basket, blanket, plates, glasses and silverware for just $70!

  • Twist candlesticks: These candlesticks symbolize the undying love this couple has for each other and the fact that they have chosen to tie the knot! What a perfect engagement gift idea for $60!

  • Digital picture frame: With all of the memories that have been created and with more to come, they will be needing some digital space to store them! Why not show the pictures off at the same time? Just $60!

  • Personalized wine chiller: This gift along with a bottle of wine will be appreciated by the newly engaged couple! For $90, you can buy this personalized gift, and it’s one of those things that people don’t typically buy for themselves.

There are engagement party gift ideas to suit any budget so if you are going to an engagement party, give them a reason to smile!

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