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Epic 2013 Costumes

Updated on April 9, 2013

Where to Buy Mary Katherine costume, Nod costume, Queen Tara costume?

Epic is another animated movie that will be released this year. This movie is reported to be based on children's book - The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs by William Joyce. However although the movie characters are from the book, the storyline has been changed and do not follow the book 100%.

Some Hollywood famous stars will star in this film. Amanda Seyfried will play Mary Katherine, Beyonce Knowles as Queen Tara, Collin Farrell as Ronin and Steven Tyler will play Nim Galuu.

If you are looking for Epic 2013 costumes, they are not available yet. But I have included some costumes and other stuff like jackets and pants if you want to do your own DIY costume. I am very much looking forward to Queen Tara's costume. It looks lovely in the promotional posters and I think it will be a huge bestseller costume this year.

Image credit: Peasant dress/mother nature costume

Epic 2013 Costume - Mary Katherine Costume

Amanda Seyfried as Mary Katherine

Mary Katherine costume is pretty simple and in fact you can do a DIY costume. What does Mary wear? Mary wears...

1) a red/maroon pullover hoodie

2) a black moxie skirt

3) 3/4 tights or capri pants

5) Doc Martens high boots

...and she has long hair in ponytail. Simple look that you can create without buying a special costume. If you have all those items in your wardrobe you can pull a Mary Katherine look in minutes. If you don't then perhaps some of the items feature in this lens are suitable for you.

Mary Katherine Hooded Sweatshirt

Russell Athletic Women's Dri-Power Fleece Pullover Hoodie
Russell Athletic Women's Dri-Power Fleece Pullover Hoodie

This jacket is available in red, maroon and teal. The maroon sweatshirt resembles Mary's jacket in the movie.


More Epic Mary Katherine Jacket

Red sweatshirt ala Mary Katherine's from Epic the movie 2013.

Dickies Women's Rib Inset Hoodie

Columbia Women's Heather Honey Hoodie

Bench Women's Askwith Pullover Hoodie

Epic 2013 Mary Katherine Skirts

Short skirts ala Mary Katherine's.

Sugoi Women's Moxie Travel Skirt

Pearl Izumi Women's Superstar Skirt

KAVU Women's Swingsway Skirt

Mary Katherine 3/4 Pants

Mary Katherine High Boots

Dr. Martens Women's 1B60 20-Eye Boot
Dr. Martens Women's 1B60 20-Eye Boot

Classic Dr. Martens boots for women. I used to own a pair of DM that my parents bought when I was 14. It lasted for so long and I even wore it for close to 10 years!


Epic 2013 Costume - Queen Tara Costume

Beyonce Knowles as Queen Tara

Beyonce has been cast as Queen Tara in this movie. Queen Tara is the queen of the forest sort of like a mother nature role. Queen Tara's costume is stunning mostly in lime green and white flowing dress.

Epic 2013 Queen Tara Video

Epic 2013 Queen Tara Costume - Green dress ala Queen Tara's

Lotustraders Dress Peasant Layer Renaissance Green One Size G922
Lotustraders Dress Peasant Layer Renaissance Green One Size G922

This is a very beautiful peasant dress. Makes you look very feminine and sweet.


Epic Queen Tara Dress

Mother nature costume

Beautiful mother nature costumes on Amazon.

Mother Nature Costume - Beautiful Full Length Dress

Rubie's Costume Mother Nature Costume

Renaissance Nymph Adult Costume

Mother Nature Fairy Costume - Child Large 10

This is a forest fairy costume for girls. Please note wings, wand, wristbands, and headpiece are sold separately.

Epic 2013 Costume - Nod Costume

Josh Hutcherson as Nod

Nod is a junior warrior of the Leafmen - tiny people who are living in the forest. Nod costume is pretty simple - light gray shirt, gray pants and green leg armors.

Epic 2013 Movie Nod Costume - Longsleeve Shirt

Gray longsleeve shirt ala Nod's.

Champion Men's Long Sleeve Tee

TheLees (CA14) Mens Casual Slim Fit V-neck Long Sleeve Tshirts

Men’s UA Tech™ Longsleeve T-Shirt Tops by Under Armour

Epic 2013 Nod Leg Armors

RedSkyTrader Mens Brass Medieval Spartan Arm Guards One Size Fits Most Brass
RedSkyTrader Mens Brass Medieval Spartan Arm Guards One Size Fits Most Brass

The actual color of this armor is yellow (Nod's is green) but if you decided to DIY this armor looks great.


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