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Ernie and Bert Costumes

Updated on June 30, 2014

Ernie and Bert

Ernie and Bert are among two of the oldest and most endearing Muppet characters on the Sesame Street television show.

The comedic partners, created by Jim Henson and Eric Jacobson, are known by their contrasting appearances and personas, and are a major part of the ongoing success of the Muppet's and Sesame Street.

For those who still get confused, Ernie is the orange, chubbier character, while Bert is the yellow, skinnier one.

Interestingly, according to designer Don Sahlin, he based Ernie on an orange, and Bert on a yellow banana.

Also fascinating is the two were apparently designed to appear similar to past comedian duos like Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and Costello, as one of each were slender and the other chubbier. Without knowing it, that may be why so many people related to them.

Whatever the reason, these interesting and hilarious characters make for great costumes for Halloween, costume parties, or other similar events.

Ernie and Bert Costume Designs

There are a couple of things to be aware of when contemplating dressing up like Ernie and Bert, specifically if you're going to make your own costume.

First, take into account the size of the two heads. While not all people follow this rule, as you'll see below, it really makes it look a lot better when you include the disparate sizes as part of your makeup. (I'm assuming you're going as Ernie and Bert, not as Ernie or Bert.)

That's not to say you won't look good if you don't adhere to this rule, just that you'll look a lot better.

Also pay attention to the stripes on the clothing you wear. The skinnier Bert wears clothing with vertical stripes, while the chunkier Ernie wears clothes with a horizontal stripe.

I also thought that was funny because I used to work in a men's clothing store catering to bigger men. The secret was always to choose vertical stripes in order to look thinner and horizontal stripes to look a little bulkier if you're a skinner person. I guess neither Ernie and Bert care about such things, and it's probable it was purposely designed that way.

Ernie and Bert?

Even with a few clues, such as the striped tops and black brows of Bert, you are still hard pressed to seriously identify these costumes as the comedy duo. To me, this is one of those cases where it may be so bad that it may be considered good, in the sense of it being so obscenely missing the reality of how they look.

Sometimes this is good for those that don't have the materials or skill level to make a decent costume. Just make it as good as you can, and if you fail, you always have the fall back position of saying you did it on purpose for a gag.

But however you want to spin it, these are just a bad Ernie and Bert, which can only be salvaged by using a strategy as mentioned above.


Skinny Ernie and Bert Costumes

The next couple of pictures we'll look at how it looks when both Ernie and Bert are skinny in a costume, and both are also heavier in a costume. You can decide if it's something you would want to do, even if while looking pretty good, they're not compatible with the real characters as far as looks go.

These guys had the right idea, but Bert should have had a deeper orange, and obviously fatter in look. But if you have no way to do that on hand, this isn't too bad. What would have helped would have been to have the hair on Bert look a little wider than Ernie's, or probably better, have Ernie's hair a little narrower in look, to reflect how they really appear as characters. That could have overcome the skinnier Bert look.

It isn't a bad Ernie and Bert though, and would be sure to generate a few laughs when they're encountered.


Ernie and Bert with Big Heads

Next we have the opposite situation that we encountered above, this time with Ernie and Bert sporting big heads.

None of this is being said to imply any of this is bad, just to point out the disparities to help you think through the process of how you want to look.

For example, these costumes of Ernie and Bert with both having big heads still looks hilarious, even though Ernie doesn't look much like he does as a real character. Even the additional tongues have a cute look to them.

If you don't mind relaxing a realistic look for one that interprets the two differently, this would be a couple of pretty fun costumes to attend a party together as.

Homemade Ernie and Bert Costumes

Ernie and Bert Homemade Kid's Costumes

Most kids would love to dress up as Ernie and Bert, and these two simple, but effective costumes do the job pretty well. All it took here is some scissors, felt adhesive, and plastic on the insides of the mask.

While these aren't exactly top of the line, it would be enough for many children, and it wouldn't take long to put them together at all.

And hey, with the plastic liner and holes in them, along with the shape of the heads, you could maybe pass them off as a space Ernie and Bert.


Funny Ernie and Bert Costumes

The next three Ernie and Bert set of costumes look pretty cool, although in the first and last photo, Ernie looks pretty rough. Bert on the other hand looks awesome, with some great expressions from him.

All is not lost for Ernie though, as he looks great in the middle photo. I'm not sure why Ernie seem to be the harder face to make by hand, but it appears that's the case overall, based upon this gallery.

As for the best duo below, that definitely goes to the middle Ernie and Bert, as together they really look good. And it looks like they're celebrating that fact by having a couple of beers.

Even though all the Bert's look good here, my favorite is the one in the first photo. It just seems to captured the carefree look of his in an accurate manner.


Ernie and Bert Costumes

Now that was a disparate group of Ernie and Bert costumes, with a wide variety of looks and quality. I think that's because almost all of them were homemade costumes, resulting in all sorts of different results.

It does show you can give it a good try if you want to attempt to make costumes of Ernie and Bert on your own, or if you're not too confident, you could buy the masks and then find some of the properly stripped clothes to finish the costume.

Either way, Ernie and Bert are a lot of fun to dress up as, and sure to garner a lot of laughs and looks when you arrive together at the party.


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