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Evil Nurse Costume

Updated on February 16, 2015

Easy Peasy

One of the easiest and most effective costumes you can put together in a hurry. You can be a generic evil or crazy nurse, which is a nightmare come to life for many people. Or you can put together a character costume.

The Evil Nurse, AKA Elle Driver from Kill Bill. Anyone who has seen the movie will remember her well and even if they haven't seen it, they will still get the gist when you wave that poison-filled syringe around. She's scary, she's sexy and best of all, she's a super easy costume to throw together at the last minute.

Elle Driver Prepares to Strike

Watch the scene on Youtube!

The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad


First Things First...

You'll need a nurse costume. In fact, this can just be a fitted, short-sleeved white dress with a collar, or, at a pinch, a crisp white blouse paired with a white skirt. Red or blue accents are usually fine depending on how they look.

But a standard nurse costume is fairly inexpensive, widely available and will come with the hat, which you will otherwise have to buy or make separately (although making it isn't difficult).

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Next A Blonde Wig

Unless you are already blessed with long, blonde hair, you'll need a blonde wig. This is specifically for the Elle Driver costume, of course. Evil Nurses in general come in all shades and styles of hair!

Elle has quite long and straight hair that she wears loose in this scene. If you've got the rest of the costume down to a tee, however, feel free to mix it up with her hair as people should still recognize you.

Of course, if you're just going for a random evil nurse, you can skip this bit, or buy a more eccentric wig.

Don't Forget the Shoes

Elle slips on white loafers at one point. This girl takes care of all the details.

This is a great excuse not to wear stilettos out to dance all night, but if you must have heels try to make them white or red to match the costume.

Otherwise you can ask your favorite nurse what she wears all day at the hospital. I can guarantee it's going to be something comfortable.

The Syringe

Elle fills a scary looking syringe with deadly red fluid. It was probably snake venom, knowing how she likes her little, authentic touches.

You don't want to use a real syringe, even one that has never been used. They're very sharp and that could be dangerous and/or annoying if you are at a party.

Besides, with a fake one you can pretend to inject people to your heart's content.

Well, until those people stop being amused by your antics and become dangerous and/or annoying.


Elle Needs an Eye-Patch

This one speaks for itself. If you want to have an evil-anything, an eye-patch is a must. For Elle, who had her eye plucked out by her training master, it's an accessory she never forgets.

I haven't been able to find one that is specifically made for Elle, with the red cross on a white background, but they are easy to make (there is a link below for all you crafty people) or you could paint a cheap, pirate costume eye-patch the right colors.

Making Your Accessories

Doing it on the cheap? Here's an easy way to make a couple of costume essentials.

If You Want to Go All The Way...

Elle pulls on white stockings while she is dressing. If you want to get the costume just right, you won't want to forget them.

What Is That Darn Tune?

One of the most chilling aspects of this character is the casual way she whistles a jaunty tune as she prepares for cold blooded murder (well, she is an assassin; whistle while you work and all that).

It's the kind of tune that's impossible to get out of your head... and if you really want your costume to pop, you ought to practice it a few times to get it right.

Always remembering that the first time might be chilling, but around the third time or so you whistle it, you will probably be forcibly removed from the premises.

So what is that tune? It's the theme song from a movie called "Twisted Nerve". Appropriately enough, the movie features a killing spree.


Don't want to put it all together?

There are plenty of evil nurse costumes out there and even a couple specific to Elle Driver's character.

Tell us about how awesome it was! Did you party all night? Did you get a few assassinations in? Battle with any venomous snakes while blinded in a trailer in the middle of a desert?

If you have any more advice for someone thinking about making a nurse costume, or an EVIL nurse costume, please let us know in the comments below.

Did You Ever Pull Off This Costume?

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    • kopox profile image

      kopox 5 years ago

      i like kill bill movie series...