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Christmas Facts and Fun

Updated on August 17, 2013

Your Place For a Fun and Funny Christmas!

Ever hear the old saying, "Christmas has it's own special meaning, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun?"

This website is intended to be enjoyable and just share Christmas trivia, as well as give you an opportunity to provide captions for several vintage Christmas photos from the internet.

This would be a good website to kill some time during the holiday, or any time of the year. It contains some things that you probably didn't know existed. Please have fun and don't forget to leave us some comments, we sure would appreciate it!

Merry Christmas to Y'all!

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Boxing Day is celebrated in Great Britain the day after Christmas. Historically, servants were given that day off after working during Christmas.

In Guatemala, the bringer of Christmas gifts is the Christ Child.

The War of 1812 actually ended on December 24, 1814

The average family spends about $800 on Christmas gifts every year

59% of real Christmas trees are recycled in community programs

Monopoly was the must have Christmas gift in 1936. Rich Uncle Pennybags is the guy in the monocle

Yule traditions come from a mix of cultures including Romans, Celts and Saxons

Barbie’s measurements on a human scale are 39-18-33

Each Rockette has only 78 seconds to change her costume between scenes

Christmas and Chanukah combined are the #1 floral buying holiday

In Finland, Santa is called Joulupukki

In 2001, Bratz dolls were the best selling Christmas gifts, they were sassy plastic tweens.

In 2008, Elmo Live was the best selling Christmas gift

Funny Christmas Products! - It's never too late to order for Christmas!

For the person who has everything. French black truffles from the Knipschildt Company are selling for $250 a piece!

For a month in ancient Rome around Winter Solstice, slaves were allowed to be the masters

St. Nicholas was believed to be the bishop of Lyra sometime before 350 AD.

Jim Carrey was first cast in Elf as the lead

Norman Rockwell’s painting THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS (Santa Napping) was created in 1922

Jingle Bells was originally written to celebrate Thanksgiving in 1857

The temperature in the North Pole almost never rises above freezing

In 1980, there was a twist on Christmas when the Rubik’s Cube was the best selling gift

The yo-yo is said to have first been used for hunting

In 1983, Polly Pocket was created by Chris Wiggs, he built his daughter a tiny dollhouse in a makeup compact

Christmas trees take about 15 years to grow from sapling to a fully grown tree

Maryland’s state song uses music from “O Christmas Tree”

The best Christmas gift in 2000 was the Razor Scooter

John Lloyd Wright, the son of architect Frank, invented Lincoln Logs in 1916

For the laziest person at Christmas, buy automatic twirling spaghetti forks

1.5 billion Christmas cards are sent in one year in the United States

In the 1700’s, German Christmas trees were really just decorated branches hung upside-down from the ceiling.

Edward Johnson, Thomas Edison’s assistant, invented Christmas tree lights in 1882

Christmas carols were invented as a way to tell the nativity story to people who could not read

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a Christmas story about a girl named Marta

Jingle Bells was published by James Pierpoint in 1857

All Christmas trees in Greenland have to be imported because they can’t grow there

In the Czech Republic, carp is traditionally served on Christmas Eve

Washington Irving was the first writer to describe Santa as a pipe smoker

In Russia, the gift bringer is Grandfather Frost

A manger scene in Brazil is called a Pesebre

The tree-lighting ceremony at the US Capitol only became official in 1964

In Chile, Old Man Christmas is said to enter homes through a window

All of Bill Murray’s brothers, Joel, Brian and John appear with him in SCROOGED, 1984

Candy canes started as something to keep children quiet in choirs in the 1600’s

Kissing under the mistletoe is an English custom that started in the 17th century

Jack Nicholson was originally cast as Ralphie’s dad in THE CHRISTMAS STORY

During the 1914 Christmas Truce in WWI, Soldiers stopped fighting

John Leech originally illustrated the Christmas Carol book

The largest Christmas angel ornament stood 5.47m tall and was made of 2946 beer bottles

On Christmas day, some kids consume up to 6,000 calories of food and candy. That is 4x the recommended amount

The highest odds are for Michigan, Minnesota and Washington to have a white Christmas

Gingerbread made its way to North America when settlers from Northern Europe traveled to the USA

Top Christmas tree states are Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and California

In 1989, Nintendo Game Boys were the best selling gift of the year

The first three-dimensional kite was invented in Australia in the 1890’s

The 2007 gadget Apple iTouch was the best selling Christmas gift

Stone yo-yo’s appeared in Greece around 1,000BC

Christmas is derived from Old English CRISTES MAESSE, which means “Christ’s Mass”

Hot Cockles was an 18th century European game in which people had to guess who hit them when they were blindfolded.

Silent Night was originally in 1816 for the guitar because the organ was broken

Mistletoe hung in a doorway is a symbol of goodwill and harmony

Walt Disney’s first TV venture was on December 25, 1950 and was sponsored by Coca-Cola

When Christmas was banned by Parliament, mince pie was outlawed in England

In Greece, the great log of skarkantzalos burns for 12 days

Recycled Christmas trees are used as sand and soil barriers

On Christmas Eve, 1926, Wheaties had the first singing radio ad

In Germany, the mother is the family member who trims the Christmas tree

In Paris, the favorite Christmas seafood is oysters

Glaedelig Jul means Merry Christmas in Danish

The real St. Nicholas lived in Turkey during the 4th Century and was a Bishop

The Nutcracker actually flopped when it premiered in 1892

In 2008, $600 million worth of Christmas ornaments were imported from China

The first public reading of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens took three hours to finish.

Alabama was the first state to declare Christmas a holiday in 1836

Buon Natale means Merry Christmas in Italian

Eskimos eat akutaq, whipped fat mixed with sugar and berries during the holidays

In 1992, Barney the dinosaur was the best selling Christmas toy

O Holy Night was first sung at Midnight Mass in France in 1847

The first electric Christmas tree lights were sold by General Electric in 1903

Did You Enjoy This Website? - Santa knows, he always knows.

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    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      @ClassyGals: I thought these were interesting and fun. I hadn't heard of a lot of them myself when I collected them over the years. Thanks for the visit and the blessing!

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I did enjoy my visit here, very much. Very entertaining Christmas facts (a lot of which I didn't know). Merry Christmas and Angel Blessings**

    • tvyps profile image

      Teri Villars 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      @chft55 lm: Hi. Good point. however, the Romans came after the Greeks and the Greeks had a week long celebration of Saturnalia. The Romans still celebrated it, but for the entire month of December and it was called "December Liberty." Thanks for the visit!

    • chft55 lm profile image

      chft55 lm 5 years ago

      Nice lens! But I thought the Roman holiday (I'm assuming you mean Saturnalia) was only a week long.

    • Wedding Mom profile image

      Wedding Mom 5 years ago

      Yes. I learned a lot from this lens. Thanks!