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Give Fair Trade and organic chocolate, flowers and gift baskets

Updated on December 5, 2015
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An environmental enthusiast and activist her entire adult life, Kathryn shares her secrets to reducing waste and living greener.

Gifting without harm is as important as sending tokens of our love

Our Fair Trade and organic truffle gift boxes ready to pack and ship
Our Fair Trade and organic truffle gift boxes ready to pack and ship | Source

Just as lovely as conventional

Whether you're receiving or giving, it's easier than ever to find organic, sustainable and Fair Trade flowers, chocolates and sweet gifts.

This year, we're gifting these gorgeous boxes of out-of-this-world organic truffles from The Tea Room

I'm always looking for fabulous gifts that don't harm the people who grow, harvest and manufacture them, nor break the bank or harm the Earth. Is that you too? If so, this is the place to find some eco-friendly and socially responsible gift ideas for the holiday season and year round.

I'm proud to give these finds any day of the year, and have given several. The good news is, many of these treats--though not all--have next day shipping and can deliver right away.

Take a stroll through the page. Let me know in the comment section what you think and whether I've missed something you hoped you would find.

Giving green is sometimes a challenge

Flowers grown without dangerous pesticides and with care for the workers by Organic Bouquet
Flowers grown without dangerous pesticides and with care for the workers by Organic Bouquet | Source
Simply Elegant by Organic Bouquet
Simply Elegant by Organic Bouquet

Show your love with 15 red roses in a clear glass bubble


This collection can help ease the challenge

Let's face it. Giving green, eco-friendly gifts any day and for any occasion takes a little extra effort.

Thankfully, the variety of organic and Fair Trade gift options grows weekly. Today, you can find earth-friendly gifts to suit almost any budget and taste.

This collection is ever changing. I'll be adding and updating as new items come available, so bookmark the page and return whenever you need a special gift for that special someone.

Red not your favorite color? Organic Bouquet has plenty of other choices!

Some of the most beautiful, and long-lasting roses and floral bouquets I've had the privilege to enjoy were peach colored roses. They look pretty in almost any décor, and their cheery blossoms never fail to bring a smile. Fortunately, they're quite easy to find through your local organic florist and online.

Another favorite that is easy to find through the seasons, gerbera daisies, like these below, for their vibrant tones and their long-lasting cheer.

Organic Gerbera daisies with a charitable twist, picked fresh and shipped immediately

My mom loves this bouquet. With 15 stems, she has plenty to spread around the house for cheer in every room, and they last a long time.

Mom is a long-time supporter of Conservation International and its work, so sending these flowers, with 5 percent of the proceeds helping one of her favorite charities, adds a special bonus to the gift

Scotch Broom and Strawflower Wreath

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas any more. Today, many of our local farmer's markets sell seasonal wreaths every month of the year. Of course, the holidays are still the traditional time to welcome guests to your home.

Scotchbroom and Strawflower
Scotchbroom and Strawflower

Choose this lovely wreath, fashioned with Scotch broom and colorful organic strawflowers, cheerfully bright for the holidays, and simple enough to span the seasons and grace a welcoming door all year long.


Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Gift Baskets

Organic and Fair Trade chocolate gift baskets are another way we send tokens of our love while taking care of the planet and the people who help to grow, harvest and process the ingredients that make up our treats.

Did you know that chocolate, like coffee, is one of the products that is derived from plantations that use child slave labor?

Once you've seen a video showing child slaves working on cocoa plantations, you simply cannot put a piece of conventional chocolate in your mouth. At least, I hope you can't. I haven't been able to.

Learn more about why Fair Trade products help to protect against such abuses here: What is Fair Trade and why should we care?

Below, you'll find some of the chocolate treats I am comfortable giving to my family and friends, knowing they come from cocoa plantations that do not employ child slaves and that compensate their workers fairly and provide them safe conditions in which to labor.

Tea Room Truffles - One of our favorites to give and to receive

I'm giving several of these tea-infused truffles gift boxes this year. They are a special gift I am as delighted to receive as to give.

The smaller box, like the one shown here, contains 16 hand-decorated GMO-free, hormone-free, organic truffles. They also come in a larger box, like the ones you see in the photograph at the top of this page. In that gold-wrapped box with its gorgeous red bow, 32 luscious candies that make us roll our eyes and ooh and ahh when we bite into them.

All of these candies are made in the United States. In fact, they're made in a local shop in northern California, and can be shipped almost anywhere.

The service from the Tea Room is always good. I've never had a single reason to complain.

Vegan gift boxes are more rare

Organic Vegan European Chocolate Assortment
Organic Vegan European Chocolate Assortment

But every now and then you can a sweet little gift box of Fair Trade, organic vegan chocolates like this one.


Certified Fair Trade Vegan Chocolates

Whether you are vegan yourself or gifting vegan loved ones, you already know how difficult it is to find vegan Fair Trade gifts.

Sometimes it feels like Mission Impossible. So it doesn't matter if I'm in a brick and mortar store or looking online, the choices are few enough in this category that it's worth it to me to snap them up the minute I see them.

Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free and Fair Trade

Not only are these candies vegan and Fair Trade, they are made in a facility that does not use dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, peanuts or tree nuts in any of its products. What a blessing!

If you have people on your gift list, as I do, who have life-threatening food allergies to worry about, this is one brand that can help you protect your loved ones. The Fair Trade label also assures that no people were harmed in the farming and processing of these candies.

Such a difficult combination to find. Hopefully, they'll remain on the shelves throughout the season.

Make note of this company name and check out their product line because you just can't get candy that is "cleaner" than this.

Mendocino Organic Chocolate and Nuts Gift Basket

Nothing tastes so good (except maybe homemade ice cream full of them) as nuts and chocolate.

A few years ago we visited the candy shop in Mendocino where local artisans make and sell these candies. I'm sure I gained five pounds just inhaling all the sugary, chocolatey, creamy scents.

Best of all, this is another made-in-the-USA gift full of sweet organic goodness.

What's your opinion about organic and Fair Trade products?

How important is it to purchase organic and Fair Trade products when selecting gifts?

See results

Unusual Finds and Specialty Gifts

If you're looking for sweet gifts that are a little unusual, take a look at this collection.

From lovely Fair Trade-made teapots and tea sets, to handy tools for the gardener to hand-made trivwets that help women in third world countries build a better life for themselves and their families, you just might find the right gift for a loved one or dear friend right here.

Numi Organic Flowering Tea Set

One of my all-time favorite gifts to give, this set comes in a beautiful mahogany-colored bamboo chest from sustainable plantations.

It just might become an heirloom! But what I love most is watching the tea flower in the glass pot after adding hot water.

This is one gift that will be used time and time again. If you're familiar with Numi Teas, you already know the aromatic teas are as delicious as they are beautiful to watch unfold.

Each tea flower comes in a hand-sewn bag, equally pretty, in my view.

Tip: After you've drunk your tea, dry used silk tea bags in the oven with the light turned on, then use them as sachets in linen closet

Kitchen Herb Kit – Three Self-watering Indoor Planters with Organic Basil, Organic Parsley, and Non-gmo Mint Seeds.
Kitchen Herb Kit – Three Self-watering Indoor Planters with Organic Basil, Organic Parsley, and Non-gmo Mint Seeds.

This delightful window-sill kit contains three jars and three seed kits, including organic basil and parsley, plus non-GMO mint.


Give the gardener in your life an edible garden kit

It's easy to gather together the organic seeds and containers to make your own edible garden gift kit.

Pansies, violas and nasturtiums all add delightful tastes and colors to salads. So much fun to pick them just before serving, right? Or use them as a pretty garnish on a chocolate cake or a white one.

Watch for edible flower kits in your local garden stores, too. If you haven't time to shop, you might still be able to get an herb kit like the one shown here. It comes with every thing your loved one needs to plant a windowsill garden. Bonus: It's self-watering! No wilted herbs after a week away!

If you haven't tried edible flowers in your salads and to decorate your deserts, this is a beautiful way to get started. Almost any gardener will love receiving this kit.

Fair Trade hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl

Do you know someone who meditates routinely?

He or she may secretly long for a lovely Tibetan singing bowl to aid the transition from a hectic do-it-all day to a few peaceful moments alone with thoughts and prayers. This exquisitely painted brass bowl is handmade and certified Fair Trade.

Nothing sets the mood like the beautiful gong of a hand-hammered singing bowl. I have two and love them both, not only for their rich bell tones, but for the simple beauty of their craftsmanship.

When you ring a bell, any bell, it is said the spirit of the bell is happy and will bless you if you let it ring undisturbed to the last vibration.

Cozy hours spent with a loved one over a pot of tea and some homemade scones--It just doesn't get better than that
Cozy hours spent with a loved one over a pot of tea and some homemade scones--It just doesn't get better than that | Source

The best gift of all

Time is the best gift, in my book. I was mistaken above, when I said it doesn't get any greener than that. The gift of time is the greenest of all, because you don't have to purchase or ship a thing.

Any time I can spend an hour or two--or a day or two--with the loved ones in my life, I'm happy. When we make time for each other, my heart soars and my body sings. Doesn't yours, when your with the ones you love most?

Of course, it is fun to gift them with little treasures to warm their hearts and feed their soul, so it's nice to visit with something in hand. How do you celebrate the loved ones in your life?

© 2012 Kathryn Grace

What do you consider the best gift of all?

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    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 2 years ago from San Francisco

      Wonderful suggestions, Lady. Thank you for contributing. When my kids ask what I want, I always say time with them, because it is what I treasure most. Fresh veggie trays as gifts? Who wouldn't be pleased to receive?

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 2 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Time and local produce make fine gifts. I loved this hub and the dark chocolate, its healthy. I just got through making local grown veg platters for the neighbor save a bundle and are so fresh.

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 3 years ago from San Francisco

      @takkhisa: So do I! Thank you so much for sharing that thought.

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 3 years ago

      I value a single flower as a gift very much :)

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 4 years ago from San Francisco

      @rattie lm: I agree, and it's fun to make up a gift basket of beautiful fruits and vegetables you've selected yourself.

    • rattie lm profile image

      rattie lm 4 years ago

      Like you, I spend time with people dear to me. But I also like to make food that is sourced from local produce and give that too..

    • profile image

      SteveKaye 4 years ago

      These are more than gifts, they are samples of products that others might consider buying for themselves. So they make valuable gifts for two reasons.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 4 years ago from GRENADA

      Nice collection of Thanksgiving gifts. I love chocolates, so I guess i would be biased and say "chocolates".

    • pinkrenegade lm profile image

      pinkrenegade lm 4 years ago

      I also agree with time as the best gift of all. No one can buy time.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 4 years ago from Colorado

      You have really excellent taste. These are lovely gifts very much appreciated for their organic and fair trade elements. Selecting such a gift multiplies the value. I appreciate your thoughtfulness when it comes to thinking of each of the individuals who contributed to the production of goods and services.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I agree with you, time is the best gift of all with our loved ones....I love the treasures you've chosen to warm hearts and feed souls with special things that are organic and fair are so very beautifully earth and all people friendly and you spread the word with your excellent spirit so very well!

    • Fcuk Hub profile image

      Fcuk Hub 4 years ago

      Great collection of gifts for our moms :)

    • Fcuk Hub profile image

      Fcuk Hub 4 years ago

      This lens looks professional. I like that :)

    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 4 years ago

      Everything mom loves is here! Fantastic lens! Sundae ;-)

    • julescorriere profile image

      Jules Corriere 4 years ago from Jonesborough TN

      I really like the idea of finding Earth-friendly gifts to give to our moms on Mother's Day. Blessed!

    • BestRatedStuff profile image

      BestRatedStuff 4 years ago

      That's a challenge, I think I might get my mother an indoor plant and a homemade card by me.

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