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Plan A Fairy Birthday Party

Updated on April 6, 2013

Create a Fairy Wonderland for Your Next Birthday!

Every little girl dreams of being a fairy in their own fairy tale. Why not let your princess be a fairy for the day at her own party?

Are you planning a Fairy birthday party?  If you need to find all the supplies, get game ideas, plan some fun birthday activities, you've come to the right place.

This lens has everything you need to plan a great Fairy Birthday Party for your child.  If you're looking for something special, and you don't see it here, drop me a line, or ask a question in the guest book below.  

Fairy Party Supplies

Fairy Party Birthday Box
- $ 23.99
This basic party package for 8 guests includes Garden plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, cutlery, streamers, and candles.

Fairy Birthday Cake Ideas

Fairy Cakes - Fairy in The Garden Licensed Re-usable Topper 5 Piece Set
Fairy Cakes - Fairy in The Garden Licensed Re-usable Topper 5 Piece Set

The lily pad is a 3 inch diameter and the Garden Fairy is 3 inches tall. The wings move back and forth. The Star Wand is 3 inches in length and there are two mini plastic plants. Fun toys or collectibles after the cake is served.

Garden Fairy Cake Kit By Bakery Craft
Garden Fairy Cake Kit By Bakery Craft

Create a little woodland magic at your next birthday party! Make the same cake found in expensive bakeries at home. Complete instructions provided- at Sweet Graces our decorators rewrite the original instructions that were written for bakery use. This makes it easy to create your own cake at home! Some basic cake decorating skills would be helpful- or a good friend! In addition, Sweet Graces will email you with the Supply List and Instruction sheets on purchase- so you can be ready ahead of time!


Fairy Relay Game

What you will need:

A Fairy costume, or a set of oversized clothes for each team.

A cone or marker for each team

Something to mark the start/finish line

Divide the children into equal teams. Give each team a Fairy costume, or dress-up costume. One at a time each member of the team has to put on the costume, run down to the marker and back, change out of the costume, and give the costume to the next player in line. Repeat this until all players have gone.

When each player is finished have them sit down. The first team to get all their players seated is the winner.

Fairy Party Favors

Fairy Wand Cookie Party Activity

Fairy Princess Cookie Kit
- $ 14.99
Create your own magical princess cookies. The kit includes: cookie mix that turns pink, pink frosting, fairy dust sprinkles, cookie cutter, fairy wand, recipe and instructions.

Fairy Crafts and Activities

Looking for fun fairy crafts and ideas to do at your next birthday party? Check out these great Fairy craft, and make and do books from Usborne Books.

Do you have some great ideas for a fairy birthday party? Please share them with the world.

Fairy Birthday Ideas

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    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 9 years ago

      What great ideas for a fairy party. Makes me wish I had a little girl to have a party for! 5 stars and a lensroll!

    • feb4 lm profile image

      feb4 lm 10 years ago

      Nice gave ya 5 stars

      Party Games Birthday