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Fairy Garden Party

Updated on August 10, 2013

What Makes a Great Fairy Garden Party?

Hands up, who wants to have a Fairy Garden Party this summer? You do? Then follow me, reader, and discover how to have a marvellous, magical, mythical Fairy Garden Party!

But what makes a great Fairy Garden Party? I would say, a magical mix of yummy food, delicious drinks, twinkling fairy lights, sparkling décor, pretty tableware, fairy wings and fairy wands, glittering jewels, a glorious sunny day, juicy fruit, and lots of friends and family.

Oh yes, and an enchanting fairy garden to hold it in, and of course, some fairies!

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How to Hold a Fairy Garden Party

Step One: Pick a fairy theme!

Step Two: Choose some fairy partyware!

Step Three: Plan some fairy recipes!

Step Four: Pick a fairy outfit!

Step Five: Send some fairy invites!

Step Six: Plan some fairy games!

Step Seven: Make a fairy garden!

Step Eight: Decorate with lots of fairy twinkles!

Photo Credit: Image used under a paid license from JupiterImages Corporation


Food for a Fairy Garden Party

Want some yummy food and drink for the perfect Fairy Party?

Here are some ideas:

Fairy Cakes

Iced buns

Clotted cream scones

Juicy berries

Honey mead

English or herbal tea

Nuts and seeds

Edible flowers

Elderflower cordial

Homemade breads

Dainty little sandwiches

Sticky jam

Honey on toast

Fairy-themed ice-creams

Photo Credit: Image used under a paid license from JupiterImages Corporation

Fairy Cakes!

Decorate beautiful fairy cakes, display tiny fairy food or rustle up some magical cupcakes with these ideas.

Have You Held a Fairy Garden Party?

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Copyright Lunagirl Images

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Supplies for a Fairy Garden Party

When providing plates, tableware and other party paraphernalia, you could go for a fantasy-style selection (for example, traditional, country cottage, posh, glitzy, gothic).

Or if it is a children's party, or you want to have some fun, then pick actual fairy-themed items!

Fairy Platters

Pick pretty, delicate fairy designs for your fairy plates, to create that "flower fairy" look for a sweet garden party!

Decorations for a Fairy Garden Party

To hold a proper Fairy Garden Party, you need to have a fairy garden! Visit my other lenses to find out how you can do this, and you will have the perfect setting for your fairy parties!

Once you've got your garden looking great and feeling fairy-friendly, it's time to decorate! And boy do the fairies love pretty trinkets! (Not to mention a party!)

Why not try these ideas?

* Fairy lights strung around a table, parasol or gazebo

* Wreaths made of seasonal flowers and leaves

* Floating candles and fairy tea lights

* Flowers

* Crystals

* Fairy ornaments

* Balloons

* Garlands or banners

* Natural confetti (such as rose petals)

* Jewels (large, eye-catching brooches etc) for place settings

* Fairy-shaped place settings

* Fairy treasure - set up little chests around the eating area with gold coins (chocolate!) and jewels (crystals or jewelry)

* Miniature dolls house tableware and condiments - for the fairies!


Inviting Fairies to a Fairy Garden Party

In the run up to your party, go out into your fairy garden and ask the fairies to bless the coming event, and invite them to join you. Fairies love dancing, music and general revelry, so make sure you have lots of games and entertainment!

If the fairies accept your invitation, you will most likely see signs of them at your party. A ring of mushrooms may spring up out of nowhere next to your eating area, or birds and butterflies will come closer than usual to you and your guests!

If there is anyone musical at your party, play! Fairies love to play pipes, flutes and other instruments, and will be fascinated by your merry-making.

Dress Up in Fairy Outfits!

A true fairy garden party has to include fairies! Let your little ones have great fun dressing up in these beautiful fairy costumes. Sparkly adorned dresses and glittery wings, with fairy crowns and fairy wands... alternatively, make your own outfits or accessories. A twig and berry crown looks amazing!


And Don't Forget the Most Important Aspect of a Fairy Garden Party...

The garden! Place your eating area close to some beautifully scented flowers like honeysuckle or jasmine (even better, grow them around a gazebo!), and next to something eye-catching and soothing, such as a water feature if you have one.

Think about shade, as not everyone is a sun-worshipper - perhaps setting the table near a much-loved tree?

For play, games and dancing, choose a spot where there are some strongly scented bushes such as lavender or rosemary - whenever someone brushes against them they will release a beautiful aroma!

Photo Credit: Image used under a paid license from JupiterImages Corporation

Will You Hold a Fairy Garden Party? - Please Leave your Comments and Feedback Here!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Great lens. Your ideas will certainly be reflected in my garden. I look forward to following your forthcoming lenses to gain further ideas and knowledge about fairyies.

    • justholidays profile image

      justholidays 8 years ago

      What a fairy page for a fairy garden party! You built an attractive lens and I might pick a few ideas here for my first Summer garden party!