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Fall and Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Updated on September 19, 2016

Fall and Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Fall and Autumn table centerpieces bring indoors the warm hues of red, orange and gold of the outdoors.The centerpiece is the focal point of a dining table, kitchen table, or coffee table to add to the festive atmosphere of any social gathering. These are not limited to floral arrangements but include materials like gourds, berries, pine cones, wheat, branches, candles and just about everything and anything that will create an eye-catching Fall or holiday theme. Some centerpieces are completely edible.

Here are some of my choices for simple but elegant centerpieces that you can make yourself without breaking the bank.

A centerpiece that is good enough to eat

Easier to create than it looks

This bread cornucopia or Horn of Plenty celebrates the bounty of the harvest during Thanksgiving. This amazing edible centerpiece is made of refrigerated dough cut into strips, woven over a cone molded out of crumpled aluminum foil and then baked to a golden brown. This version of the cornucopia does not completely go around. The large serving plate serves as the bottom side of the "horn." Fruits, nuts, grapes, and what-have-you fill this masterpiece.

Make this for Thanksgiving or your next get-together and wow the crowd.

These step-by-step instructions with photos will ensure your centerpiece will turn out to be a masterpiece.

How to Make the Bread Cornucopia centerpiece

A another version of bread cornucopia for a centerpiece

This version of the cornucopia is a complete cone as opposed to the one shown above. Bread sticks, slice baguettes, garlic bread, dinner rolls can be stashed inside this Horn of Plenty. Put some cream cheese spread, salsa, garlic butter, and other condiments nearby within reach.

What a wonderful way to break bread and let the celebration begins.

Cornucopias never go out of style - Symbol of abundance and wealth

The cornucopia or horn of plenty is typically made of a straw basket woven into the shape of a horn. It is often filled with fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and nuts. In ancient times, cornucopias were made from a goat's horn and would be filled with grains and fruits to celebrate the harvest.

Make you own Fall centerpiece with items from your own home - Fruits from the kitchen and plants from the garden

This is an inexpensive Fall centerpiece that I put together for this lens. I used a large trifle bowl and inserted a slender vase in the center of the bowl with a couple of branches of holly with berries from the garden. Then I filled pineapple guavas around the periphery of the bowl, partly to keep the small vase centered and to add the green color for contrast. Fortunately, pineapple guavas are in season this time of the year between October-November and I used what I harvested in the garden for this centerpiece. The top layer is a mix of pomegrantes, peaches and apples.

The Fall and Autumn hues of orange, yellow, red and green are apparent in this impromptu arrangement. To make this centerpiece more dramatic, I placed two red wine goblets with two LED votive candles on each side of the trifle bowl to add a glow to the holiday spirit.

Make a quick and easy centerpiece for the holiday - Find these items on Amazon

These are some the items I used to make my Fall centerpiece. Here you will find the trifle bowl, flameless votive candles, and wine goblets. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own touch for the holiday get-together.

Simplicity is beauty

Fall decor surrounds appetizers, olives, crackers, and other finger food on a kitchen table for a small gathering.

Photo Credit: Naughty Secretary Club

For a sit-down dinner, the table centerpiece can be melange of pumpkins, gourds, berries and Autumn leaves intertwined with silk ribbons. Throw in some pomegranate, persimmon, nectarines and peaches to add to the Fall colors.

A harvest of branches of fabric leaves

Capture the spirit of Autumn

This is a clever way to create fall foliage indoors with fabric. The edges of the leaves were cut with a zigzag scissors with coordinated stitches and machine-sewn to the faux branches. It does not matter what the pattern on the fabric is as long there is a hint of Autumn in the colors, like orange spice, red and teal, browns and gold. Put this simple arrangement anywhere in the house to announce the change of the seasons.

Photo Credits:janejoss

Zigzag scissors or pinking shears

These pinking shears can create the zigzagged edge of fabric leaves as shown above.

Coffee table centerpiece

Simple but dramatic

This centerpiece used clear cylindrical vases filled with small pumpkins and scented votive candles to lights up the room with a warm golden glow. Adding a mirrored base to set the centerpiece adds a dramatic effect. The scent of orange spice or cinnamon will thrill the senses and set the mood for the holidays.

How to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Photo Credit:smallstump

What can be more impressive than a table centerpiece put together with materials found in your own home. Take the example of a red enamel turkey roasting pan filled with a few sprays of pepper berry branches, Granny Smith, Lady and McIntosh varieties gracing the center of the table. Or a copper colander or pot, antique cheese grater, mint julep cups, glass domes used with items with the hues of Autumn of reds, bronze and yellow. Of course, do not leave out the iconic orange pumpkins which will find a place in one of the arrangements.

Check out this link to envision how you can let your creativity take charge and impress your friends and family in your next get-together.

Seven Easy Centerpiece Ideas for the Holidays

Photo Credit: peonies from Heaven

Ears of wheat, squash, pumpkins, apples, cabbage leaves and sunflowers grace the corner of this buffet table. Leaves with fall colors are strewn around glass cylinders with small gourds or pumpkins. A candy dish in the shape of a maple leaf and orange-colored votive candles completes the Autumn look.

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These centerpieces are easy to make and do not really take a lot of effort. Creating a simple arrangement for the breakfast table, the kitchen counter, dinner table and fireplace mantel brings warmth and cheer to the home as the weather cools outside.

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      emmaklarkins 6 years ago

      Wow! That cornucopia is actually made out of bread! What a great idea! Love your pictures as well.