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Family Gift Ideas: Soda Stream

Updated on November 7, 2012

Are You Looking for a Great Family Christmas Gift Idea? Soda Stream is a fun family gadget!

My siblings often select family gifts for the holidays. It's easier to pick out a single quality item that will be enjoyed by everyone than tossing money at cheap junk that won't last the week. My sister is great about finding cool things that the kids will love. They have her to thank for introducing the home to Wii! Last year, she fed their love for sodas...maybe she felt a bit sorry for them. Soda is a very RARE treat, almost never purchased for kids in our family. She actually had her own Soda Stream first, and she insisted that it was a big money saver. Her kids do have sodas available more often. It took me a while to figure out how it would be affordable, but I'll explain more about that in a bit.

The kids love the Soda Stream. I don't keep them supplied with tons of soda syrup, though, so the sugar isn't a huge influence. Once in a while, I'll pick up a cartridge and syrups. Read further, and I'll explain what you get, what extras you need, and where to look for deals.

How Soda Stream Works

Fill bottles to the level line, screw onto the system. Press the button to discharge carbonation into liquid. When pressure is sufficient, there will be a buzzing sound.

Soda Stream Syrups for the Family Gift

There are many different syrups available, and some are great. I love the orange, cola, rootbeer, lemon lime. There is a Dr. Pepper like flavor and a Mountain Dew like flavor. I didn't like the diet flavors much. I LOVE the gingerale flavor syrup. The kids are pretty similar in which flavors hit the spot. There are some more natural syrup flavors that are a little more costly.

Extra Bottles for Soda Stream: If it's for a family, you need more than just one bottle!

Sodastream 1l Carbonating Bottles- Black (Twin Pack)
Sodastream 1l Carbonating Bottles- Black (Twin Pack)

I thought I could be thrifty and tried a Sobe bottle with the system. It exploded...not in a terrible way, but I did get sprayed with fluid. You need the special bottles, and you should plan for a few if the family you are giving the system to is large.


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Carbonating Cartridges

SodaStream 60-Liter Carbonator-Spare Cylinder
SodaStream 60-Liter Carbonator-Spare Cylinder

The reason I thought this wasn't a very economical product at first was that the cartridges were selling for nearly 80 dollars on Amazon. They've come down some in those venues. I wasn't about to spend that. My daughter later read the pamphlet from the packaging and discovered there are some trade in options. I could trade in my cartridge at Bed Bath and Beyond and pay much less for a new cartridge that was full.

If you are selecting this as a gift for a family, especially for a family that doesn't drink much soda, be aware that the novelty will lead to quick use of the contents. Refills are recommended. My family of 10 wiped out all of the extra syrups and a complete carbonation cartridge in less than 2 weeks. This was the holiday season, and it was a novelty. I didn't pick up refills until April, and they lasted about a month that time. Adjust accordingly!


How it works: Video Demo of Soda Stream

Soda Stream Products on Ebay

One of the best finds for me was that you can track down Soda Stream stuff on eBay. If you need an empty cartridge for trade in programs, I've seen them in eBay listings. You can also track down syrup selections at decent prices. This is nice because I live in a rural community and until recently, none of our stores carried the related products. Now, I can trek down to the superstore, but eBay is a great place to search for specialty syrups and products at a bargain. The items shown here are a sampling of what's currently available through eBay auctions, and you'll find many more products as you investigate these.


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