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Fantastic Futuristic Phone Handset for iPhones & Androids

Updated on May 21, 2013

Phones of Tomorrow for the Home of Today

Finally, I joined the iPhone generation, and now I've found something to enhance cell phone use at home. I like all the features and flexibility of using the cell on the go and probably use it far too much.

Sometimes, though, my hand just doesn't want to hold the thin little phone any more, and that's the time to grab for this nifty multi-featured handset that turns a cell into a desktop model with style. So this way we can get the best of both.

My main problem in using my iPhone held up to my ear is that my fingers seem to need to move and frequently I end up disconnected in the middle of a call. That's one of the best reasons to get the handset - fiddling fingers can have their way and don't interrupt calls. It even connects to the PC, or - if you have one - to a Tablet.

It's a beautiful innovation for the already gorgeous iPhone and the new Androids. It also plays Siri. Why pick up your phone every time you want to change music, when you can set it up in the sleek handset. On/Off and Volume controls are right on the handset - intuitive and easy.

The mod design is based on the contemporary icon for phone that's come-to-life in three dimensions. In this day where all cell phones look the same, with their tangle of long charging wires, clean things up, because this ePure charges your phone while it sits there looking beautiful.

Feel the ergonomically designed grip of the Retro Re-design! You'll love the look, the way it feels in your hand, and your guests' surprise at the sleek design of the Swissvoice ePure sitting on your desk or counter.

Beyond graceful lines, the ePure is a safeguard for your family. It effectively keeps your ear away from cell phone radiation, while enhancing your home, with a design that says classic phone cool!

Super that you can also get a Bluetooth model.

photo credit: my adaptation of Amazon image below

High Quality Splendid Sound

God Gave Us

I think

God gave

every one of us

a cell phone,

we just dropped it.

Sylvia Browne

Super Mod iPhone Base & Handset

Swissvoice ePure corded handset CH01-  - White and green
Swissvoice ePure corded handset CH01- - White and green

Keep the cell phone away from your head. Use this select set. Simply plug the cell phone in and feel the freedom of using your phone like an old style handset hand-free.

Tuck it between your ear and shoulder.

This is great because of the easy-to-hold shape.


What Do You Think?

Are you aware of the hazards of holding your cell phone up to your ear for calls?

Speaker End of Swissvoice Handset

This sleek handset reduces echo noise for extremely clear transmission. Intense pure colors accent white profile. More and more cell phone users are making the move to use the Swissvoice ePure handset.

Ergonomic design makes it easy to grasp and hold.

See & Listen to Bluetooth Swissvoice ePure Model BH01i

Gorgeous design, ingenious features.

With this model you'll enjoy all the features you want - cordless, of course. Charge the phone. Play your music. Have the best.

Highly Rated Solution For Cell Phone Sound Quality

Prime solution for those who frequently use speakerphone feature and find that the cell's speakers just don't cut it. ePure delivers strong clear sound.

Swissvoice ePure BH01I ePure Bluetooth Handset and Speakerphone for iPhone with Siri Integration
Swissvoice ePure BH01I ePure Bluetooth Handset and Speakerphone for iPhone with Siri Integration

Bluetooth offers such great freedom for cell use at home.

Listen to audio books, play movies, and have phone conversations with the handset on the desktop or counter, even while cooking.


My Wafer Thin iPhone

My Wafer Thin iPhone
My Wafer Thin iPhone

Cell Phone To The Ear

“40% percent of cells

taken from mobile phone users

show DNA damage.”

Indian Journal of Human Genetics

Danger of Holding Cell Phone to the Ear

ePure Bluetooth Handset Model for Smartphones

For all you smartphone users this is the new ePure model that does it all - charges your cell, plays your music, projects beautiful quality conference calls, and spins the tales of audio books.

Swissvoice ePure BH01U Bluetooth Handset and Speakerphone for All Smartphones
Swissvoice ePure BH01U Bluetooth Handset and Speakerphone for All Smartphones

Do it all with this good looking, swell functioning phone set up.


Four Vibrant Colors Swissvoice or Solid White

My favorite is the bright apple green color. It's so today!

I've got apple green contemporary curtains on my office windows and like the way the green contrasts with my red chairs.

Indulge With an Orange ePure Handset

Swissvoice ePure corded handset CH05 - iconic design handset for smartphone  - White/Orange
Swissvoice ePure corded handset CH05 - iconic design handset for smartphone - White/Orange

If you're the spontaneous type then this is the iPhone Handset for you. It's even low cost enough to take as a hostess gift.


Fabulous Disorganization


instant messaging,

and cell phones

give us

fabulous communication ability,

but because we live and work

in our own little worlds,

that communication

is totally disorganized.

Marilyn Vos Savant

Cell Quote

Ergonomically Designed Handset

Controls for call answering, increasing the volume, and ending the calls are right on the inside of the handset, out of the way of your face. Designed for ease of holding, to eliminate back pain.

Back pain? you ask - yea, often I find myself in some weird posture that's causing a kind in my neck or my back, when all I really need to do is to change the angle of grip on my phone. It's not only in holding the phone that I do this, also sometimes the way I hold a cooking spoon - now all I need is a Retro sculpted cooking spoon holder!

Do you use your cellphone as a speaker phone?

I'm pretty new to cell phone use, but I'm wary of holding it up to my ear when I'm out, so I usually don't make calls when I'm away from home.

The iPhone to go with Your Handset

Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB AT&T, Black
Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB AT&T, Black

iPhone revolutionizes smartphones and this one is no exception. Move on up to iPhone.


Mode Switch for iPhone or Android

Switch from iPhone mode to traditional phone mode. Use with any smartphone, simply by flipping the switch. Set volume levels and even use Siri feature.

Get the most out of this gift.

For Android Fans Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB GSM Unlocked - (White)
Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB GSM Unlocked - (White)

My favorite feature on the Galaxy S3 is that a built-in feature tracks eye movement - to keep the screen lit as long as you are using it.


Are we asking too much of our cell phones to call on them to tell us stories?

Neo Retro Swissvoice Video Review

What Do You Think of the Swissvoice ePure?

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    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 5 years ago

      An interesting idea. For those long calls, holding hte cell phone up to your ear is not always comfortable.. and bluetooth can be poor quality.