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Great Father's Day Gifts for Cheap Dads

Updated on February 10, 2015

What to Buy for the Frugal Dad Who Wants Nothing?

With Father's Day and my husband and father's birthday all quickly approaching, it is time to start looking for some great gift. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately...) I have a father and a husband who love to save and rarely spend money on themselves. I want to get them gifts that they will use and appreciate, with some novelty factor as well. But the challenge is to get them both gifts that won't be perceived as a "waste of money" by their own frugal standards. Here's what I found.

A Wifi Thermostat to Save Money on Heating and Cooling

If your dad or husband is constantly tinkering with the thermostat settings trying to save a buck or two, this may be the gift for him. A Wifi thermostat allows you to set or adjust your home temperature even when you are not at home. Perfect for saving money by lowering or raising your system when you are out of the house.

Did you go on vacation and forget to lower the heat settings or raise the air conditioning temperature while you were away? No problem with the wifi thermostat by Honeywell you can just log in through their web site or mobile app and lower the temperature from wherever you are. And even better, when you are on your way home, get the heat going again so that the house will be a comfortable temperature when you arrive.

Honeywell RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
Honeywell RTH9580WF Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
A great gift for the dad who's always trying to save a buck by turning down the thermostat.

Frugal Dads Always Need Clothes

While most frugal dads don't realize that their faded jeans are out of date and their sneakers from the 90's could use replacing, those around them do. They may not be interested in new fancy clothes, but will appreciate the wardrobe update. Since frugal dads are not into brand names, sprucing up their wardrobes can be an inexpensive and practical gift option.

I will be buying my Dad and Husband non-iron shirts which save us both time and money since we don't have to send them to the cleaners or iron them ourselves. Just wash, hang, and wear!

Non-Iron Shirts Make Great Gifts for Dad

Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Solid
Calvin Klein Men's Dress Shirts Non Iron Slim Fit Solid
A non-iron shirt is the best gift you can get your frugal dad. Chances are he can always use another shirt, and since it is non-iron he will never have to take it to the cleaners. Just wash and wear - and save money every time!
Wrangler Men's Regular Fit Jeans, Dark Denim, 34W x 29L
Wrangler Men's Regular Fit Jeans, Dark Denim, 34W x 29L
The classic jeans for the "Everydad" in your life.

Long Lasting Lightbulbs

My husband is always talking about buying some long-lasting compact flourescent or LED lightbulbs to replace bulbs around the house. But when I tell him to go ahead and do it, his answer "but they are so expensive'. Well Heavens to Betsy! Here's a purchase that actually SAVES you money in the long run. But he just won't do it. So do it for him. I know my husband would be thrilled to find a dozen long lasting replacement bulbs in his Christmas stocking this year.

TCP Recessed Kitchen LED Light Bulbs, 65W Equivalent, Non-Dimmable, Soft White (6 Pack)
TCP Recessed Kitchen LED Light Bulbs, 65W Equivalent, Non-Dimmable, Soft White (6 Pack)
These long lasting LED lightbulbs are rated to last 18 years or more, and save you money the whole time. Replace standard bulbs with these today and see the savings build up.

Battery Storage and Teter

Help dad save money with a wall mounting battery storage and testing device. Get your batteries out of the junk drawer and ready for use with this inexpensive, nifty gadget. Dad will thank you for it!


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