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Father's Day Gifts for New Dads

Updated on August 1, 2013

Trying to find the best Father's Day gifts for new dads? Perhaps he's been a dad for almost a year, or perhaps he just became a dad last week. If there is a new father in your life, you may be wondering what to get him for his first father's day gift. There are ordinary father's day gifts to choose from; the old standby tie, breakfast in bed, going out to dinner at a favorite restaurant, or even a gift certificate to his favorite sporting store. But, if you are looking to get a little creative, and go above and beyond this father's day, here are some creative ideas for a new father.

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See photo albums for sale!
See photo albums for sale!

Father's Day Photo Books or Digital Frames

There are many online photo services all over the internet. These services are easy and very affordable to use. Most services offer an option of making a photo book. Some allow you to be as creative as you want, and others will do most of the work for you. Whether you prefer to really get creative or not, a photo book that is printed and hard bound is a long lasting gift of memories to give the new father in your life.

Another option may be a digital picture frame with a great snapshot showing you and dad spending time together during a memorable occasion. Or simply have an old photo made slightly bigger and specially framed. These are the sort of keepsakes a new dad will love and give him memories for a lifetime.

Grey T-Shirt for Sale
Grey T-Shirt for Sale

Creative Homemade T-Shirt for Dad

You can also purchase some paint or permanent ink and a blank t-shirt or sweatshirt in the dad's favorite color. Use the paint or ink to place his child's handprints, fingerprints or footprints onto the shirt. You can add names or even drawings from older children to further personalize the shirt. There are also personalization companies out there that offer personalized dad shirts, with the option of representing the child(ren) by name on the shirts.

This is a great way to give dad a memorable gift that incorporates his new child into the gift, making it extra special!

Or you might opt to just buy dad a new top he can wear. After all, dads need to look good too!

Father's Day Gift Ideas Video

This YouTube video presents some excellent Father's Day gift ideas shown on one local news program. Use these for inspiration to get dad a great gift this year!

Other Gift Ideas for New Dads

These are just a few creative father's day gift ideas for new dads to get you started. The new dad in your life will love the touch of a thoughtfully made gift such as a photo book or print t-shirt. They will represent treasured memories for years to come.

Other options can include technology items, tools for the garage or workshop, gardening and outdoors items, clothing, and gift certificates to his favorite places to shop!

More Father's Day Gift Ideas

A Father's Day gift for a first time dad can also be something related to his passions or hobbies. Does Dad love to exercise or run? How about a heart rate monitor? If dad loves cooking on the outdoor grill, consider a barbeque utensils set. Or maybe dad is more technologically-inclined and would love a Kindle Fire. There's plenty of great gift ideas for new dads this Father's Day!

Are you buying a gift for a first time dad celebrating Father's Day? What unique and creative gift ideas have you heard or seen for Father's Day gifts? Let us know in the comments area below!

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