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Father's Day Coloring Crafts

Updated on August 31, 2015

Printable Cards, Crafts and Coloring Pages for Dads and Grandfathers

Father's Day coloring pages are fun for kids and crafters. Printable outline drawings designed for Dads and grandfathers make perfect templates for Father's Day crafts. They're also perfect to make gifts for step dads, uncles, brothers and fathers-to-be. Children of all ages will enjoy making dad or grandfather a card, tee shirt or poster with the unique printables and kits you'll find in this lens.

Older children and adults can make patterns and templates from the collection of coloring pictures with traditional themes to make all sorts of gifts for fathers, step fathers, grandfathers and uncles. Use coloring page illustration to design a Father's Day tee shirt, poster, greeting card or special banner. You can even make a template to decorate a cake!

Read on to learn how to find the best Father's Day printables, home made crafts and gift ideas on the web.

Retro design printable father greeting card, Lee Hansen

Coloring page illustrations shown on this page are my original drawings.

Happy Father's Day Printables

Happy Father's Day printable card, click image to view and print PDF
Happy Father's Day printable card, click image to view and print PDF

Printable Dad's Day card, Lee Hansen

Enjoy browsing through the Dad and Grandfather line art drawings in the collections below. You'll find many different themes and designs for all the special men in your life who deserve a hand-colored gift or card.

Father Coloring Crafts and Cards

Pictures, bookmarks and cards to color or use for crafts.

Printable Coloring Pages at Make and Takes

Free simple printable Father's Day coloring sheets for your own personal use courtesy of Make and Takes. Tie, dad's tools, dad relaxing, fishing puzzle.

Color or Black and White Templates

Printable templates for Father's Day gifts and cards you can colour or print pre-coloured.

My Heart Belongs to Daddy Template

Fathers Day Coloring Page printable, Heart Daddy
Fathers Day Coloring Page printable, Heart Daddy

Design a fabulous gift for Dad with this Father's Day template with a heart and bubble letters in big print! Click image to visit my web site and print a full size Heart Belongs to Daddy outline pattern.

Dad, You're Awesome Printable Sign - Tell Dad You Know He's Amazing with this Printable Poster Sign

Dad, You're AWESOME printable camo lettering sign
Dad, You're AWESOME printable camo lettering sign | Source
Carioca Cromatex T-Shirt Fabric Markers (Set of 12 Markers)
Carioca Cromatex T-Shirt Fabric Markers (Set of 12 Markers)

Carioca is an Italian art company that has been producing fine children's art products for over 50 years. Special safety cap. Comes complete with 12 Cromatex T-Shirt Fabric Markers. Handy dual-tip draws either thick or thin lines.


Fabric Markers - Set of 12 Colors - Bright Colors, Safe for Kids to Color Tee Shirts for Dad

Color directly on fabric or make an iron on transfer and color it in to create a very special gift.

Heat set the image with a home iron to make your designs color safe for machine washing.

Fathers Day Tie Coloring Page
Fathers Day Tie Coloring Page

Father's Day Coloring Craft Gift Ideas

Make a special coloring craft gift for Dad, Step Dad or Grandfather


World's Best Dad Tee Shirt Design
World's Best Dad Tee Shirt Design

World's Best DAD T Shirt, Zazzle You can make a very special tee shirt, banner or BBQ apron gift from a line art picture. It's easy to make your own iron on transfer and then color in the designs with fabric markers or fabric paints.

Or, print out a colouring page onto special paper, color in the design with transfer crayons and iron on the finished picture to a tee shirt, premade BBQ apron, banner or patch you can affix to a hat or tote bag.

Iron On Transfer Paper - Make Your Own Tee Shirts and More!

It's easy to make special artsy gifts with coloring pages and iron on transfer paper.

Epson Iron-on Cool Peel Transfer (8.5x11 Inches, 10 Sheets) (S041153)
Epson Iron-on Cool Peel Transfer (8.5x11 Inches, 10 Sheets) (S041153)

Choose your favorite Father's Day coloring page design, print it on transfer paper, then iron it onto a tee shirt or fabric to make a one of a kind gift.


Father's Day Coloring Posters & Signs - Make a giant greeting card!

These printables have bubble letter words and fun pictures to color in designed especially for Father's Day. Print out a coloring poster to make a big Father's Day card front, poster, or use these Father's Day coloring printables to make iron on transfers.

World's Best Dad Award - Printable Father's Day Certificate

Printable best father award
Printable best father award

Teddy Heart Coloring Page for Dad, Grandpa, Step-Dad, Uncle! - Lovable Bear coloring sheet - add your own special message for Father's Day

Teddy bear with heart line art, Lee Hansen
Teddy bear with heart line art, Lee Hansen

Show some love on Father's Day with a Teddy Bear and Heart coloring page. Add your own special words to the heart

Heat Set Dye Pens - Set of 7 Colors - Draw, Iron, Wear!

Color in designs or create your Father's Day coloring art right on a shirt or other fabric. Use an ordinary iron to set the pigments after your art masterpiece is finished.

Fabric Pastel Dye Sticks, Assorted, 7/Set
Fabric Pastel Dye Sticks, Assorted, 7/Set

Draw design on fabric, cover with thin paper and set the colors in the dye by pressing with iron. Once set, design is permanent and washable.


Dad's Ties Coloring Page - What's His Favorite Tie Style?

Father's Day Ties Coloring Page printable
Father's Day Ties Coloring Page printable

Dad's ties coloring page has all the fashion favorites for men: neckties, bow ties and even a bolo tie to color in. Cut out your favorite after coloring in and paste it on cardstock or construction paper to make a very special greeting card. Or color it in, cut it out and add a string to tie around the neck - a colorful custom tie for the man of the day to wear! If you want to get really crafty, make an iron on tie transfer, then print it on a tee shirt and color in the picture.

Best Grandfather Award

Printable Grandfather Award
Printable Grandfather Award

Printable Awards for Grandfathers

Grandfathers deserve special treatment along with fathers. Here's a sample award certificate from the collection of free printables at Pastiche Family Portal.

Click the image to open a new page where you can select and print your favorite awards for the World's Best Father, Dad, Grandfather, Step Dad or Uncle.

Grandfather Coloring Crafts for Father's Day - Coloring Cards, Bookmarks, Grandfather Gifts

Make any grandfather doubly proud on Father's Day with a special colored in craft from your child. You'll find Father's Day cards and crafts to color suitable for grandfathers in this section.

Fabric Paints - Set of 20 Colors - Paint on Fabric, Wood, Card or Plastic

Dimensional fabric paints let you add texture and design interest to your cloth creations. Use a father coloring page as your pattern and make a wonderful hand crafted gift.

Give the World's Best Dad a Trophy, Medal, or Blue Ribbon Award - Trophy Coloring Page, Ready for Personalization

Best Dad Tropy award, father's day coloring page
Best Dad Tropy award, father's day coloring page

If your Dad or Grandpa is the best, give him an award trophy or make a tee shirt design and add lettering - use this trophy coloring page as an iron on template.

Click the picture to view and print a full size trophy coloring page in a new window, or to select a medal coloring page, or award ribbon printable sheet to color.

I love to hear from my visitors. I hope you found the free printables here helpful and fun for making special gifts for the dads and other important men in your family. Please take a moment to say hello here, or to make a suggestion for more fun coloring sheet ideas - I'm always drawing new pictures.

Grill Sargent BBQ apron, great Dad or Grandfather gift
Grill Sargent BBQ apron, great Dad or Grandfather gift | Source

Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron is one of many unique Father's Day gifts designed from my original graphics and available for personalization at Zazzle.

© 2011 Lee Hansen

Happy Father's Day! - Please sign my guestbook - say hello!

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      DMVAgent 5 years ago

      so sweet ! .. this was a great gift for the fathers day, thank you for sharing!

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      Great Lens, if you have time check my new lens out aboutParenting and Being a Dad

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      These are great - my daughters will love these!

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      This is a great lens, full of Father's Day resources. I love that "Dad, You're Awesome" printable poster. Also, thank you for adding this page to my "Father's Day Greetings Cards" page. I'm sure my reader will find your lens very helpful.


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      sidther lm 6 years ago

      ooooh, thank you so much for the reminder-I completely forgot it was coming! These are great ideas for father's day!