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Fantastic Feather Makeup Creations

Updated on June 25, 2014

Feather Makeup

When talking of feather makeup designs and ideas, they include all sorts of interesting options, including feathered eyelashes, feather chokers, and feather extensions for the hair.

There are other choices like using your makeup to design the look of a feather, without using feather accessories at all. The majority of the times it's the use of feather accessories with complementary color that is the way it is primarily applied.

In this article we'll look mostly at feather eyelashes, and how they interact with makeup and hair, although there'll be a feather choker and a unique feather head piece around the temple area of one woman.

Also included are a several tutorials showing how to place feathers in your hair, along with an exotic bird tutorial and Lolita tutorial with a feather emphasis. Great fun.

Feather Choices

There are a stunning number of feather choices, especially in regard to eyelashes, with as much variety as there are ideas to incorporate into your look.

Not only are there an endless array of colors, but also of color combinations and designs.

One little aside. If you're going to get feather extensions, and if you want more flexibility and ability to work with the feather - such as curving it - you want to acquire real feathers and not synthetic ones.

Black Feathers Under Eyes

Here is a good example of using makeup to create a feather, rather than employing a feather itself. I really like this look.

What is particularly well done is the sharp lines extending out from the larger black area, which produces the feathered design.

It wouldn't look nearly as good without the black hair and dark eyes, as they appear to merge into an collage of black color, with the whites of the eyes centered in the whole.

Also nice is the decision to have minimalist lipstick so it didn't take away from the desired effect.


Black and White Feather Makeup

This is one of my favorite feather makeup designs. The way it is contrasted is awesomely done.

Did you notice the ends of the head piece are different? I don't mean the obvious color different, but the designs.

On the right side of the photo there is the shiny, black end which almost gives you the sense of a what a flapper may wear in the 1920s. And on the left side of the photo you have those completely different white feathers flowing out from the hood, shaping themselves to the contour of her face. Nice effect.

If you want to have a little fun, put your hand up and look at half of the face at a time to see the fantastic contrast between the sides of her face. It's harder to see when looking at it as a whole, but when looking at each half, it helps to see the looks separately before they blend as one.


How to Put Feathers in Your Hair

Exotic Bird Makeup Tutorial

Gothic Lolita Tutorial - Feather Lashes and Textured Eyes

Pink, Green, and Yellow Feather Eyelashes

I thought we could switch gears here and go from black and white to a more colorful expression of feather lashes.

Talk about a complete and total turnaround in looks. This is much more playful, and the colors express a much more lighthearted and fun look. The different feather colors also provide several options for lipstick, with the choice here being that vibrant pink you see, which looks great.

One thing that is unique is the dark liner. Many times you have complementary makeup colors when you see this types of colors, but to go with darker colors really works in this instance.


Unique Feathered Lashes and Eye Makeup

What caught my attention with this woman's makeup was the complexity of the design, even though at first glance it looks fairly plain.

First there are the colors. Notice above the eye, it starts with orange and blends into purple above it.

Next you have the dark, black lashes, complemented by the feathered design spreading out from the edge of her eye.

To take these interesting colors and merge them together in a way that works, isn't easy to do, and it was very successfully pulled off here. Add to that the nice feather design spreading across the temple, and you can see how well done this feather makeup job really is.


Blue Glitter, Purple Feather Makeup

For me, part of the fun of feather makeup is the creative ways color, texture, and feathers can be combined to create such unusual results.

Here we have another great example of that. Who would have though that white, glitter blue, and purple feathers could look so good together, but there you have it. If you look closely you'll also see a small patch of glitter purple right above each eye.

What was also very compelling is the way the dark eye liner shapes the eyes with the white shade surrounding them. The effect is awesome.

It's also pretty cool to see the purple feathers acting as eyebrows.


Feather Choker

Chokers can really have an amazing impact on the overall look attempted to be designed, and feather chokers are particularly effective in generating awesome creations.

This one with the green and black feathers works very well, complementing the green shadow and black, feather eyelashes.

In this case no obvious liner, giving the eyes a more subtle feel, also allowing for the long eyelashes to be the center of attention on her face. Her eyes, which are also green, merge together with the green makeup to create an illusory effect. Very nice.

Another fascinating part of the overall feel is the inclusion of a lot of piercings. Those and the red flower on the side, along with the red lipstick. give an exotic look to the natural canvass of her face.


Feather Makeup

That was a lot of fun, wasn't it. You could spend days searching and discovering a plethora of feather makeup designs and not even scratch the surface as to how many combinations and possibilities there are in this makeup genre.

Whether for cosplay, a party, or for Halloween, feather makeup is one area you definitely should take a look at, as when applied properly, they can go with almost any wardrobe. You can easily customize your feather makeup to your existing wardrobe without losing anything in the area of creativity and options.

What more can you ask for with such cool makeup and accessories?


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