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Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

Updated on August 2, 2014

Felt Tree Skirt

Felt as a desirable material for buying or making a Christmas tree skirt is always popular, and it's especially popular among the crafts crowd, who love felt as a medium for many craft projects, and that definitely applies to making a Christmas tree skirt for the holidays.

Another quality of felt is it is pretty hardy and can take some abuse if it's included in a home with pets and children visiting during the holiday season, or even if they're still living at home themselves.

Whether it's homemade or not, a felt tree skirt offers a lot of chances to create a number of designswith the ability to embed them directly into the existing large felt background, making it fun and flexible as a medium, especially when you're a crafter.

So below I've included some photos of some felt tree skirts to inspire those who are interested in making their own, or for those wanting to buy them but are clueless as to what's out there.

Red Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

I thought I'd start off our look at felt tree skirts with this red one with the white dots, which appear to represent stars, or possibly snow. The minimalist design many times can be very captivating, and I think in this case that is true.

Even the pointed edges really stand out and make this an interesting felt tree skirt. Felt lends itself to easily being shaped and formed while retaining its hardiness, another reason so many people enjoy working with it.

Below that is another red felt tree skirt with a red foundation, although it has much more design, and of course employs a completely different look. I really enjoy the white and red designs which offer such a wide variety of Christmas themes and characters.

Red Felt Tree Skirt

Red and White Felt Tree Skirt

Felt Nativity Tree Skirt

Here's a completely different felt Christmas tree skirt with a nativity theme. What stands out to me with this particular one is the way the scene is portrayed all around the tree skirt rather than focused in one area, like a lot of nativity scenarios are.

I like the others as well, but this is different and is compelling to me. I think it's not only the subject matter, but the wonderful way the colors were incorporated into the design.

Feld Christmas Tree Skirt with a Nativity Theme

Blue Felt Tree Skirt

While this tree skirt looks completely different with its individual sections of characters along the edge of the skirt, it is very attractive because it offers a chance to bring a lot more characters to life on the tree skirt; allowing for even more enjoyment for those viewing it. .

Blue Felt Christmas Tree Skirt

Green Felt Tree Skirt

This is such an extraordinary felt tree skirt, especially that sugar plum fairy which stands out so brilliantly for all to clearly see. And all those little candies, cookies and goodies around the edge make the sugar plum fairy's visit even more desirable for all who enjoy receiving her bounty. A really colorful and fun Christmas tree skirt.

Felt Tree Flexibility and Hardiness

As mentioned above, felt is such a flexible and hardy material to work with, you can add almost anything to it or shape it into any desirable design that you want to share with others through a felt Christmas tree skirt. All of these are nice tree skirts, and as you can see, they can be as minimalist or extravagant as you want.

This is what's so terrific about using felt as the base material for a Christmas tree skirt, as it can be used to stand on its own if you buy one, add figures to a plain felt canvass, or start from scratch and make you own from a pre-made design. .


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