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Cinco De Mayo Party Fun!

Updated on April 14, 2014

Provide a Fun Photo Opportunity for your friends:

What a fun souvenir couples will have if you provide a "stand in" (like the one shown to the right) at your Cinco De Mayo Party! I bought this very "Mariachi Couple Banner" for my Fiesta and it was a hit.

Tips for using this Fiesta Banner:

I used "blue" masking tape to attach the banner to a door frame to protect the trim paint.

Be sure to have light directed right at the banner front to get good quality photos. The first door the photo op banner was in had a bright light source coming from behind and one could definitely see shadows through the banner. Yes, the Mariachi couple is printed on a big plastic sheet. It is not the very thin plastic, but it is definitely NOT THICK. Handle with care when attaching it to the door or frame of your own choosing.

Speaking of hanging the banner, it did not exactly fit the door frames in the house. Most of my friends had to "stoop" a bit to get their faces in the holes provided when I had the bottom of the banner touching the floor. My doors are over 8 feet tall, and taping the plastic banner to the top would have made the faces too high to reach.

My advice is to take your picture not attempting to crop it with the camera lens. Crop the the photo with your image editor after you get home to get the look that you want. If you want to take a "close up" of the faces, see my photo below and decide if you like that view. (Don't laugh too hard when you see my photo!)

The best option would be to build your own standing frame that is built to the exact size of the banner. Then staple the banner to the frame. Yes, that takes planning, but it might be well worth it! You can then put the attractive couple any where you would like and not disrupt the flow of your party. A good host or hostess would not want to block egress to the margaritas or the bathroom!

Think about putting real or fake palm trees or plants on each side or at the bottom of the banner to make taking a good looking picture a snap.

The greenery is a good way to hide the door frame, too.

colorful yoyo background image: Tomas Castelazo (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

Photo Gallery

This photo of my husband and me at our Cinco De Mayo Party may not be copied or used--ever!
This photo of my husband and me at our Cinco De Mayo Party may not be copied or used--ever!

Create a Fiesta with these party decorations!

All of the Mexican themed items you see recommended below can be saved for use for many years to come. Since the door banner of the Mariachi Couple above and the cutout banners are made of plastic, do not store them in the attic! I put mine in a zipper-type food storage bag in the linen closet along with the other Cinco De Mayo Party supplies.

At the party I also had another fun activity: making tissue paper flowers! After making the colorful posies, the ladies could then wear them in their hair. To make the craft easy, I had the tissue already cut to the perfect size. If your party guests do not want to wear the flowers, you can have a vase on the table. Ole! Instant centerpiece perfect for a Mexican Fiesta.

Fun Express - Plastic Mexican Cutout Banner
Fun Express - Plastic Mexican Cutout Banner

Every Mexican restaurant in our town uses these colorful banners. I love them.

Amscan Fiesta Paper Fan Decorations (Set of 6)
Amscan Fiesta Paper Fan Decorations (Set of 6)

I love these fan decorations. My daughters use this kind of decor for all sorts of parties. They fold up for storing to use again and again.


Music Suggestions for Your Fiesta on Cinco De Mayo!

The "Happy Cinco de Mayo" Theme Song is perfect music for browsing this page! The song has a lively beat and has cute lyrics! Yes, it is a "drinking" song, but it does advise that one drinks responsibly.

The video of the "Cinco de Mayo Play List Ideas" is just that, a suggested list of songs to be found on iTunes that will add appropriate background music to your Fiesta. The video has snipets of songs that are just the right lenght for you to review and write down titles.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your party!

One year we played a game that is a wonderful "ice breaker". I researched famous people who were born in Mexico. I then wrote those names on pieces of paper that could be pinned or taped to my guests' backs. Then you play a sort of "Twenty Questions" with everyone trying to figure out whose name is on their own back. The first person to figure out won a prize. I also had a prize for the LAST person, too.

If you need a recipe for a wonderful avocado dip, see my recipe for Guacamole! It is so easy to make and is a must at any Mexican themed party.

I am so glad you visited this page and would love to hear about any fun experiences you have had with "stand in" photo banners at a party. Heck, I would just like to hear about your Cinco de Mayo parties and how you made them a success! I am allowing html, so feel free to share any links to quality articles you might have read or written.


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