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Fifty Shades For Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 7, 2012

Costumes for Fifty Shades of Grey

Every year my husband and I are invited to a Halloween party and every year we try to think of unusual costumes or ideas that would be easy to recognize and easy to create. Current hot topics are our primary goal, but we have resorted to many other types of costumes.

One year we went as Madonna and A-Rod when they were a hot couple. Another time we went as Trueblood stars Bill and Sookie. Last year we went as a pilot and stewardess who were members of the mile high club.

This year we decided that one of the hottest topics is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, so we searched for the appropriate pieces to put together costumes that would represent Anastasia and Christian.

I realize that my husband and I are beyond the age of where he is a stud and I am a sexpot, but hey, Halloween is for pretending and we are very good at pretending.

All photos were taken by the designsbyharriet family of photographers.

Meet Me in the Red Room, Laters Baby
Meet Me in the Red Room, Laters Baby

The Shirts

His and Hers

First we started by looking for shirts. I know there are lots of Fifty Shades of Grey shirts floating around the internet, so I searched for shirts that would coordinate.

My husband has a nice set of biceps. Pardon me if I brag a little about those. So, we decided a sleeveless shirt would show them off and fit the character better.

We purchased a shirt that had one of Christian's favorite phrases, "Laters Baby" and also had his famous gray tie, so we would not have to purchase a gray tie.

To compliment my husband's shirt we wanted something that would make a statement that connected with his phrase, so I purchased a short sleeve v-neck shirt that said, "Meet Me in the Red Room."

If you put the two phrases together you have Anastasia saying, "Meet me in the red room" and Christian's response, "Laters Baby."

50 Shades of Grey Mask
50 Shades of Grey Mask

Head Adornments

Mask and Hair

We had to think of something to change our appearance to match a description or adornment mentioned in the trilogy.

My husband opted for a copper colored wig to match Christian's hair color and I decided on the mask Anastasia wore at the masquerade ball and the one that matches the book cover.

Both of these were very hard to find. We searched the internet for a long time before I found a close copy of Anastasia's mask and Christian's copper colored hair wig.

The mask is a very close match to the book cover and the wig is anybody's guess as to whether it is even close to E. L. James' description of Christian's hair color and style, but we tried.

A Little Light Whipping
A Little Light Whipping


There are Many

Acknowledging that one of the subjects of Fifty Shades of Grey is domination and submission, which seemed easy to duplicate, we commenced our search both on the internet and among our previous costumes.

We found the handcuffs from our Prisoner and Warden costumes and a studded man's wrist band from a previous gladiator costume. My husband owned a heavy silver chain bracelet that seemed to go well.

I made my silver necklace with the words "50 Shades Of" and added a silver twisted rope around the edges to which I added gray enamel, a pair of handcuffs at the top and a red heart to suggest the red room. I made it an uneven round shape to signify the uneven relationship of the characters.

I could have made my earrings, which consist of handcuffs and mask, but they were very inexpensive, so I purchased them.

My husband saw a fake cat of nine tails on the web that he just had to have, so that was another purchase.

Images of Accessories

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Chain and Studded BraceletsHandcuffs50 Shades of Grey Necklace, HandmadeMask and Handcuff EarringsCat of Nine Tails
Chain and Studded Bracelets
Chain and Studded Bracelets
50 Shades of Grey Necklace, Handmade
50 Shades of Grey Necklace, Handmade
Mask and Handcuff Earrings
Mask and Handcuff Earrings
Cat of Nine Tails
Cat of Nine Tails

Additional Clothing and Shoes

No Purchases Here

We opted for nothing fancy and again searched our clothes and previous costumes and found what we thought would work well.

I used a short skirt from a previous costume and my husband opted for jeans, since Christian wore them.

I owned a pair of fancy net tights, and even though there is no indication that Anastasia wore anything like them, I thought it was an interesting decorative touch.

Our shoes came from our closet. I have a sexy pair of brown suede boots, but when I tried them on with all that black, I did not think they worked well, so I opted for a less sexy pair of black boots.

My husband likes his brown loafers, so he is wearing them.

Nothing special in this department, but we were determined to keep the costs down while staying within the theme of our costumes.

Did We Succeed - Even a Little

Front Handcuffing
Front Handcuffing

Do Our Costumes Work?

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Costume Accessories - For Purchase

As I said some items were hard to find, but here are a few that you can use to create these costumes.

Love to Know your Thoughts

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting idea for Halloween.

    • Ardyn25 profile image

      Ardyn25 5 years ago

      I enjoyed your lens. Happy Halloween to you both.

    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 5 years ago

      Hysterical costume ideas!! What a wonderfully funny lens. Thanks for making me laugh. I am going to link to you from my 50 shades of sexy costumes lens!

    • Faye Rutledge profile image

      Faye Rutledge 5 years ago from Concord VA

      You did a great job with these costumes! Love it!!