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Picture Frames for Showing Off!

Updated on February 3, 2014

Picture Frames are the Ideal Mother's Day Gift because...

You can include a Mother's children or grand-children's photograph in a Beautiful Wood Picture Frame, and not only will she appreciate the long lasting frame itself, but the idea of receiving a photograph of a loved one is a gift that touches a woman's heart.

Every year my son brings me a dozen white roses for Mother's Day. I love them. It is something he has made into a tradition, but the flowers die in a few days.

My daughter gathers the grandchildren and takes them to the photo studio weeks in advance and spends a great deal of time hunting for the perfect picture frame. Although I do love the flowers, the picture framed photos are on display for months and sometimes years. Often, I will switch out the photos as the children grow but a beautiful picture frame is the one gift I keep and show off at all times.

That's why I think it is the perfect Mother's Day Gift!

Shown in Photo: River's Edge Wood Western Frame, Brown

Rosewood Hall Wood Stained Picture Frame w Easel Back

I love this rosewood colored stain. It goes nice with black and white and well and colored photos.

Wooden Picture Frame - 4x6

Wood Picture Frames with a Dual Purpose

One photo frame serves as a Urn the other as a wall mounted jewelry box. It's like getting two gifts in one!

Clover Leaf Picture Frame

There are a whole line of these frames with botanical variations. The frames are durable and rustic looking.

Olive Branch Picture Frame

3-edge Wooden Picture Frame - 4x6

Another unfinished looking frame but this one has a pedestal which adds a little more volume to the smaller sized frame.

Making Your Own Picture Frames is Easy!

As an artist I often need larger sized picture frames for paintings or unusual sizes I can't get just anywhere. With the Bladerunner Machine (shown below), cutting 45 degree angles is breeze and you don't have to be a shop teacher to use it. It is economically and will pay for itself with the money you save not buying those costly large painting and fine art frames. It even cuts perfect circles for those of us who can not draw a perfect circle like Leonardo DiVinci.

Making Your Own Picture Frames

The Blade Runner Frame Maker makes picture framing easy and perfect 45 degree cuts!

African Warriors Painting with Handmade Wood Frame

This is an example of a 24 x 36 inch wood frame I made for a painting with the Rockwell RK7322 BladeRunner Combo Kit - Circle Cutter & Picture Frame Cutter. Professional framing may have cost me $100 or more. This machine paid for itself in no time. I simply painted the raw wood with black spray paint and clear sealer.

Raw Wood Handmade Frame

This is another all wood frame made with the Rockwell RK7322 BladeRunner Combo Kit - Circle Cutter & Picture Frame Cutter. I used regular baseboard molding (about .37 cents per linear foot) and left the completed frame unpainted and untreated.

Scrap Wood Frame that was spared from the trash

This frame was made with weathered scrap wood that may have ended up in the fireplace or trash somewhere if it were not for my Rockwell RK7322 BladeRunner Combo Kit - Circle Cutter & Picture Frame Cutter. The rustic look worked well for this smaller size picture frame of 8 x 10 inches.

My Personal Recommendation Available on Amazon - 7 solid walnut frames

Great matching set if you have multiple photos to frame. Quality made walnut in solid wood. Sure to last for some time.

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