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The Best Firefighter Gifts for Men

Updated on July 9, 2013

Gifts for Fireman

Here you will find the best firefighter gifts for men that put their lives on the live every day. Firefighters are an elite group of people that make sacrifices day in and day out to save the lives of others. They deserve special recognition every day of the year.

I am a former military firefighter and currently the wife of a firefighter. I have enjoyed giving and receiving many special firefighter gifts over the years. I know how hard it is to express your gratitude to a fireman.

My collection of firefighter gifts for men make the perfect gift for rookie school graduations, firefighter retirements, and special occasions or simply to say "Thank You". The gifts on this page include firefighter jewelry, volunteer firefighter gifts, funny firefighter gifts and personalized firefighter gifts for men.

Buy Sterling Silver Antiqued FireFighter Medal with Philippians 4:13 and Cross on Back on 24" Chain at


.925 Sterling Silver St. Saint Florian Medal Pendant 3/4 x 5/8" Inches 0070SS--Comes With a 24" Inch SG Heavy Curb Chain Stainless Silver Heavy Curb Chain In A Grey Velvet Gift Box Patron Saint of Fire FightersCHECK PRICE

14K Gold 1/10ct Diamond Firefighter Helmet CharmCHECK PRICE

Firefighter Maltese Cross Charm PendantCHECK PRICE

Firefighter Helmet & Axes Charm 14k Gold CHECK PRICE

Sterling Silver Fireman Sweetheart Mizpah Medal

Firefighters spend many nights away from their families. They miss anniversaries, birthdays and holidays because they are saving lives and protecting property. Fireman sweetheart mizpah pendant necklaces are unique firefighter gifts for men. Your firefighter will know that you will always have a reminder of his love around your neck and he a reminder of yours even when he can't be home with you.

Firefighter Rings for Men

Rings are the perfect token to celebrate a young man completing rookie school. Receiving a firefighter ring is a rite of passage symbolizing he is now a member of a brother hood.

Firefighter rings are also the perfect wedding bands for couples planning firefighter weddings. Does your fiance eat, sleep and breathe firefighting. Don't give him a simple gold wedding band. Buy him a ring that that he will be proud of and enjoy showing off.

Small Firefighter Keepsake Box

A firefighter keepsake box is the perfect gift for men that enjoy wearing jewelry. Most firefighters do not wear jewelry while they are on shift. Some will wear a wedding band or St. Florian pendent for good luck or protection but will remove it before putting on bunker gear.

Many firefighters also respond to medical calls and remove rings and bracelets before putting on rubber gloves. A small keepsake box is perfect for storing jewelry in the bunk room or a personal locker.

Now your fireman can wear his favorite Maltese cross and wedding ring to work without worrying about it getting lost or becoming hazard on the job.

The True Life of a Firefighter

Volunteer Firefighter T-shirt Tradition Dedication SacrificeCHECK PRICE

Volunteer Firefighter Bulldog Public Fireman T-ShirtCHECK PRICE

Absolute Volunteer Firefighter Public Service T-Shirt CHECK PRICE


Firefighter's Personalized Beer MugCHECK PRICE

What do firefighters do when they retire from running into burning buildings and saving lives? They drink cold beer. Are you looking for some great firefighter gifts for men that are about to retire from the fire house? Buy them a personalized firefighter beer mug.


You might be a Firefighter if...CHECK PRICE

I have never been in a firehouse where the guys weren’t telling obnoxious jokes or pulling pranks on the new rookies. Initiations, gag gifts and pranks are all a part of being a firefighter and learning to relieve stress in a crazy environment.

Firefighters are known for living adrenaline filled lives full of adventure, laughter and chaos.

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