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Firefighter Party Supplies

Updated on December 22, 2015

Firefighter Party Favors And Party Supplies

On this page you can find all the Firefighter Party Supplies And Firefighter Party Favors you need to host the hottest firefighter party. Keep scrolling to find Firefighter party plates, birthday invitations, party decorations, party favors and some party games. That's just about everything you need to host a fun filled firefighter birthday party for a bunch of kids..

Kids are intrigued by firemen and fire trucks and that's why this is such a fun party theme. The big trucks, the giant hoses that supply the water to put out a fire, the huge ladder trucks that can help to save lives and rescue kittens from trees, kids like all of these things. And then of course, there's those lights and that siren that make every other vehicle on the road pull over to let these heros drive quickly to the rescue.

A Firefighter party would be loads of fun for a girls or a boys birthday celebration. And now you can find some terrific party supplies and the firefighter party favors to throw the most amazing firefighter birthday party ever.

Be sure to take a look at these personalized party supplies that are perfect for a kids firefighter party! Imagine how thrilling it will be for that birthday star to have their very own picture on the party supplies! These are really great.

Firefighter Party Supplies

Firefighter Birthday Party Supplies:

Fire Truck Party Plates, Cups, Napkins, Fire Hydrant Cups, Firefighter Party Invitations

Firefighter Party Supplies

Here are the party supplies and Firefighter party tableware you need for your next kids birthday party.

When I get ready for my parties I put a buffet table in the party room. I cover that buffet table with a themed table cloth. Then I set my party platters and cupcake tray on the table. This helps me mark out where I am going to place my party food. With these platters there I can picture where I want to put my party centerpiece and other decorations on the table.

Then I stack my party plates, cups, and napkins at one end of the table. I also put my plastic cutlery in a container and set it by the plates and cups. Now I'm ready to start decorating with the rest of the decorations I bought.

Creative Converting Firefighter Truck Shaped Paper Plates, 9 Inch, 8 Count (Pack of 3)
Creative Converting Firefighter Truck Shaped Paper Plates, 9 Inch, 8 Count (Pack of 3)

I think kid's will really enjoy these paper plates, and that just goes to show you how very cute these fire truck plates are. Usually at a gathering kids don't even notice the dinner ware!


Firefighter Party Supplies On eBay

Get some great party favor and supply ideas from eBay! Here you will find assorted party accessories like temporary tattoos, coloring books, stickers, balloons and more party supplies to help you decorate for your celebration. I really like the fireman rubber duckies shown below. I think they are the cutest party favor on this page! Any of these party favors would make a great game prize, so if you are planning fire fighter party games, you might think about getting some of these cute products.

Firefighter Party Decorations

Get Some Fun Firefighter Party Decorations

Balloons, Streamers, Table Centerpieces, Giant Fire Truck Decals

Firefighter Party Decorations

Here are some very cool balloons and giant wall decals you can use to decorate your home and your party room. I love balloons as decorations, I think they give you a lot of bang for your buck. I like to fill them with helium and tie balloon strings to them, then I let them go and free float around the room ... and I like a lot of them!

You can use a toy fire truck as a table centerpiece, it's a fun idea, you might have one on hand and a fire truck is the perfect centerpiece idea considering the theme of this party. Or you could use this giant fire truck balloon on your party table as a center piece.

BirthdayExpress Fire Trucks Jumbo 33" Foil Balloon
BirthdayExpress Fire Trucks Jumbo 33" Foil Balloon

Here is a giant balloon that will let everyone know exactly what the party's theme is. These huge mylar balloons always make a big statement and they look great.


Firefighter Party Favors

Firefighter Party Favors, Firefighter Party Game Prizes, Firefighter Party Favor Boxes

Firefighter Party Favors

Look at all these party favors! I know for a fact that kids love to get party favors, and why not, they are fun. You can give these favors out in a box or in a bag, or you can hand them out as game prizes, one at a time. As you can see below there are several different types of party favor bags and boxes to choose from and there are also lots of party favors to pick from.

6 Fire Engine Fun Party Treat Boxes
6 Fire Engine Fun Party Treat Boxes

Fill these treat boxes with lots of fun favors for your child's fire fighter themed birthday party. A party favor box is always a huge hit at a kid's party.


Firefighter Party Games

A Kids Party Needs Some Fun Firefighter Party Games And I Found Some For You.

A Fire Truck Pinata, Pin The Firetruck, Fun Firetruck Games

Fun Firefighter Party Games

A kid's party needs games, lots of games. The pinata game is a fun game kids seem to really enjoy and I love to supply this fun game. But I like the pull string style pinatas, I think they are safer than the style you hit with a stick. If you see a pinata you like and it's not a pull string model get yourself a pull string conversion kit. This way you can have fun and provide a safe activity for your party guests. The fire truck pinata shown below is the perfect game for your themed party. There's also the fire dog game for your party guests to play. It's a "pin the tail" style game, and you know how much kids enjoy playing them!

Fire Engine Pinata
Fire Engine Pinata

I love the pinata game, but I like pull string pinatas. When I find a pinata I have to have, like this fire engine one, I also buy a pull string conversion kit. I think the pull string versions are the safest for kid's to play.

You have to fill the pinata with goodies, in fact you can use the party favor ideas on this page to fill it.

Fire Engine Fun Party Game (22pc)*
Fire Engine Fun Party Game (22pc)*

Remember "Pin the Tail"? Well, here's a firefighter themed game that's a takeoff on the classic party game we all know and love. This one has a fire dog, the Dalmation, and a fire hydrant... and it comes with some stickers. Check it out for a fun kid's party game. The party favors on this page will also make great game prizes.


Firefighter Party Gift Ideas

Going To A Firefighter Party? Why Not Get A Firefighter Party Gift For The Birthday Child! Fire Trucks, Fire Costumes

Firefighter Party Gift Ideas

Your child's birthday is near and you are planning a wonderful themed party for her or him. You will also want to get a birthday gift to give your child. I found some great ideas for birthday gifts with a fire truck theme. There are many different fun present ideas to think about, and here are a few for you to take a look out.

Bruder MAN Fire Engine
Bruder MAN Fire Engine

The Bruder MAN Fire Engine is another safe bet when the birthday party theme is a fireman.


FIrefighter Birthday Cakes And Cupcake Ideas

Make A Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake Or Some Delicious Firefighter Cupcakes For Your Child's Birthday Party!

Firefighter Birthday Party Cakes - Firefighter Party Cupcakes

It's very easy to make your own birthday cake when you have help, and in this section you will find lots of easy and helpful ideas. You can choose from interesting and unique birthday candles, cake topper kits and even edible cake images that go right on the cake. The candles are super easy to use, just set them where you want them. The cake topper kit is just as easy as those candles, just place it on the baked and frosted birthday cake and you are done. The edible cake images are easy too. All you have to do is have your cake ready and frosted. Peel the back paper off the edible cake image and then place the image on top of the birthday cake. The sugars in the cake image mix with the cake's frosting and it will look like you drew it right on the cake.

Fire Truck Cake Decorating Kit Topper
Fire Truck Cake Decorating Kit Topper

This firefighter cake topper kit is very easy to use. Bake your cake, frost it and then put these toppers on the cake. It's simple and easy and cheap to make your own party cake.


Firefighter Party Candy Ideas

Homemade Candy Is A Wonderful Treat At A Firefighter Birthday Party. Get Candy Molds Shaped Like Fire Trucks!

Firefighter And Fire Truck Candy Molds

Make some unique candy at home and serve it at your party or add it to your party favor bags and send it home with your party guests. It's easy to make your own chocolates with melting chocolate and these fire fighter themed molds. Just imagine the looks on those little faces when they see fire truck lollypops and fire truck chocolates waiting for them. YUM!

More Fun Firefighter Party Gift Ideas

Firetruck Coloring Books, Puzzles, Story Books And More...All About Firefighters!

More Fun Firefighter Party Gift Ideas

Fire Trucks and Rescue Vehicles (Mighty Machines)
Fire Trucks and Rescue Vehicles (Mighty Machines)

This very cool book describes lots of fire trucks and other rescue vehicles. Help your child recognize these wonderful vehicles and the brave men and women who work in them.


LEGO Firefighter Toys And Building Sets

Get LEGO Fire Building Sets - They Make A Great BIrthday Gift!

My Son The Firefighter
My Son The Firefighter

Meet My Son

I love Firefighter party supplies, and in fact, I love firefighters! Meet my favorite one - My Son! He is all dressed up in his firefighter's gear and he is the one swinging the hammer at the scene of a local warehouse fire. This was a very large fire and although it was under control the very first day, it did take several days for this fire to be put out. This factory is huge, it's probably bigger than the block you live on.

Fun Party Links And More

Here are some fun party links where you can get more kids party ideas like luau games, printable party games, Olivia the Pig party ideas, and lots more. Take a look and see if there's any sites you would like to visit.

Fire Fighter Party Games

If you are planning a fire fighter themed birthday party you are going to need party games. There's nothing that kid's love more at a party than playing lots of fun games. You can find lots of Party Games Here.

Don't forget to take some party pictures!

Firefighter Obstacle Course

It's A Great Party Game!

I used fire trucks and inflatable tires for this game. It's easy to set up and fun for the kid's to play.

Set up your fire trucks in a zig zag pattern and then line the tires up in a straight line.

The object of this game is to run around the trucks and run over the tires by putting your foot in the middle of each tire.

If you set up 2 of these courses you can have your guests form two teams and this can be a relay style race.

It's fun, it's easy and the kids love to run around. Give everyone a temporary tattoo or a fire fighter party favor as a game prize.

Firefighter Scavenger Hunt

Cut out pictures of firemen, firefighting equipment, and firefighter's clothing, then hide them around the yard or house. Then tell the kid's what to look for and send them off on their hunt. Give them a list of things they must find and tell them to only find one of each item!

You can print out some pictures from this clip art site for free! Free Firefighter Clip Art. You will find a firefighter in uniform, a badge, a fire extinguisher, fire trucks, a fire hydrant, a firemen's hat, and lots more.

Here's where I got the Clipart.

Tour Your Local Firehouse

Call your local firehouse and see if you can arrange a tour with your party guests!

Print Each Guest A Fire Safety Certificate

You can find printable fire safety certificates Here. Print one out for each child and after giving a little fire safety course, fill in each child's name and hand the certificates out.

Hi, I would enjoy hearing about your fun party ideas, and if they have a firefighter theme, that's even better.

I'd Love To Hear About Your Firefighter Party! - What Firefighter Party Supplies And Favor Ideas Did You Use?

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    • womenscostumes profile image


      6 years ago

      Firefighter parties are so much fun for kids! This is going to be my son's theme at the end of this month. We called our local FD and they are going to give the kids a tour! I plan on taking lots of pictures at the firehouse.

    • Anime-e profile image


      6 years ago

      That is such a great theme I love themed out partys!

    • mermaidlife profile image


      6 years ago

      Your son does good work!

    • christmasbaby profile image


      6 years ago

      It was nice meeting your son! Thanks for sharing these fun fireman party ideas, my son is going to enjoy this theme.

    • missyjanette profile image


      6 years ago

      nice :-)

    • HalloweenRecipes profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Bill Armstrong: Thanks you cute little birdie you!

    • HalloweenRecipes profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @KimGiancaterino: Thank you for squidliking and blessing my lens, you big giant squid, you! This lens was fun to make and it really comes from the heart. That fireman you see swinging the sledgehammer in the picture is my son!

    • HalloweenRecipes profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @queenofduvetcover: Thank you for visiting and liking my lens!

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 

      6 years ago from Valencia, California


    • KimGiancaterino profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow ... so much great stuff. I like this party theme!

    • queenofduvetcover profile image


      6 years ago

      Fun ideas!


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