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Fireplace Christmas Wallpapers

Updated on August 20, 2015

Beautiful Wallpapers of Christmas Fireplace Scenes

When thinking about the things that generate memories of the atmosphere that surrounds the Christmas holiday in homes, maybe more than any other part of the home that makes the biggest different are those that use fireplaces to heat the house as well as add warmth to the surroundings.

I'm not counting Christmas trees here because they're either brought into the home, in the case of real trees, or brought out at Christmas time as far as artificial trees go. Only those things that are a permanent part of the home are what I'm thinking of when commenting on a fireplace in this article.

For those of us fortunate enough to have experienced a working fireplace at Christmas time, it's easy to remember those wonderful moments of gathering around a fireplace, or enjoying looking at it as family and friends gathered together to celebrate Christmas.

Maybe some of you have that even now and get to take in that terrific scene before a decorated and beautiful fire flickering away before you.

For those of us who don't have that opportunity, or who want to relive that visually during times when the fire isn't going, downloading a Christmas fireplace wallpaper is a great way to absorb that while looking forward to spending time with those you care about during the Christmas holidays.

These compelling wallpapers can also be used to relax you and bring about a state of contentment during any time of the year.

Here are some amazing wallpapers of Christmas fireplaces that can be used throughout the year, and specifically for Christmas.

Family and Christmas Fireplace

Of the illustrated Christmas fireplace works I found, this is my favorite, with the extraordinary color and light making for a magnificent image to enjoy looking at.

First is the clothing worn by the family, which is obviously from a time long gone, but still looks terrific; especially the Christmas dress worn by mom as she finishes decorating the Christmas tree.

The children playing before the fireplace also looks great, with the presents scattered about them.

What really makes this look fantastic, along with the subject matter, is the complementary traditional Christmas colors of red and green which are strategically placed throughout the work.

There are the green drapes, which are nicely touched up with the red bow placed over the wreath at the bottom of the window. The carpet the children are sitting has a base red with the accompanying design. All of that is completed by the reddish/brown tint of the walls of the room which make is all work together so well.

In other words, this is a great wallpaper to use for your computer or some other gadget or device to appreciate throughout the Christmas holiday season.


Soft Christmas Fireplace Photo

For those who prefer the very soft touch with their Christmas fireplace wallpapers, this one is as good as it gets.

Everything about it suggests a soft experience. You can almost hear the background Christmas music quietly playing in the background as you get ready to taste a glass of red wine.

The Christmas tree behind the glasses of wine completes this really nice looking scene.

If there is one thing a Christmas fireplace wallpaper or other art form must do, it is to convey a tremendous sense of atmosphere. This one, and the others here do all of that, making them great additions to any wallpaper collection.

And since we all like to kick back and relax, these are wallpapers that will soothe and please throughout the year even with a Christmas theme.


Red Brick Christmas Fireplace

I used to work in a story years ago that sold these types of red brick, and as you can see, for a home fireplace they look fantastic, adding to the Christmas d├ęcor and atmosphere admirably.

The color of the fire blends in well with the brick color, as it does with the area in front of the fire.

Having the wide garland with all those lights in them across the top of the fireplace opening was a nice touch, as are the red bows scattered throughout it; topped off by the big red bow in the center.

One funny decorative element, if you didn't see it, is that Santa broom to the left. It looks great.


Rock Christmas Fireplace

To show that brick isn't the only material used to build a great looking fireplace to use during the Christmas holiday and the cold months of winter and early spring, here's one build of rock slabs that look really good.

The design in front of the fireplace is also very unique, providing a very different look than most people are used to.

All of that is great, but in the end a fireplace is about the fire, and this one throws off some nice color and light as it reflects around the room.

I like the inclusion of those green, bright lights that stand out nicely. That old time looking lamp to the left is also amazing.

Overall it's a very nice Christmas fireplace wallpaper.


Fireplace Christmas from Long Ago

I'm a big fan of art depicting people and how they looked, acted and dressed from the past, and this one of the family gathered around the fireplace for what appears to be a reading of some type of Christmas story is a magnificent one.

The attentive children show that whatever is being read is captivating them. It seems the cat is getting something out of it too.

What I like best about this Christmas fireplace scene are the three sources of light. There is of course the fire itself, the candles on the fireplace mantel, and the lamp next to the dad as he reads. Each one casts a different reflection or shadow, making a nice contrast throughout the illustration. Very nice!

Pretty Illustrated Christmas Fireplace Scene

This last Christmas fireplace illustration is another good one. It is full of bright color and includes a red chair to commemorate the Christmas holiday. Other red elements include the bow on the wreath above the fireplace mantel, and the candles next to it.

Light shining from the candles reflects nicely off of the wood paneling, which reminds me of some wonderful homes I've seen in the past.

The brown or tan floor, wood gun cabinet and all the rest suggests this is probably a country home. Also pointing to that probability are the deer you can see in the yard through the window. I always like those types of additional material to make the wallpapers more interesting.

With the many packages of different color, the ornaments on the Christmas tree, and the color scattered subtly throughout the room, it makes for a very full picture. How about those ducks on the mantel? Pretty cool.

christmas fireplace with dog
christmas fireplace with dog

Christmas Wallpapers with a Fireplace Theme

No matter what is added to a Christmas wallpaper of this sort, it's the fireplace and fire that are the stars of the photo or illustration, and everything or everyone else is complementary to that fact.

Even with some of these amazing wallpapers the fireplace and fires retain their No. 1 position.

That's not to say a fireplace on its own is enough, as everything blended together combines to make the whole of the Christmas wallpapers look awesome.

If I had to choose between all the types of Christmas wallpapers there are out there, probably at the top of my list would be those incorporating a fireplace into the image. After looking at these, I'm sure many of you would agree.


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