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Five Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

Updated on April 28, 2015

Time for Adventure.

Instead of the usual watch or plaque for a retirement, why not give something a little different to the guest of honor?

Tried and true always works if you're stuck for a gift, but you'll have more fun finding a gift idea that really bowls your retiring friend over. If you like to think outside the box, below are 5 unique retirement gift ideas.

Flickr Photo Credit: kenteegardin

Flickr Photo Credit:  FirstBaptistNashville
Flickr Photo Credit: FirstBaptistNashville

1. Adventure Travel

Today's retirees are active and enthusiastic about the second part of their lives. No longer are retirees cast to the fate of cardigan sweaters and slippers. So give your retiring friend the adventure of a lifetime.

Send him or her on an adventure travel vacation. You can find trips to just about everywhere from a zip line in Costa Rica to a Rock n' Roll tour of the world's most famous musicians. If they've never done it before, it qualifies as an adventure. Send them off to swim with the dolphins or join a fishing fleet for a week. Maybe they want to mine for gems or explore the Grand Canyon by mule. The more exotic and unusual the destination, the better.

Flickr Photo Credit:  dburns10308
Flickr Photo Credit: dburns10308

2. An RV Trip

Many people dream of traveling the world by RV. Some have never had the time, but your retiring friend will.

Set up a time with his wife or her husband when they will be able to travel. Then plan to have an RV rented for them. You can help plot out their trip across country or just let them roam wherever their GPS sends them.

This is a great gift for a group of people to chip in on. It's not as expensive as you'd think.

If possible, have a gift basket waiting for them in the RV filled with snacks, travel size essentials, maps, etc.

Everything they need to know about RV Travel

Flickr Photo Credit:  mattsabo17
Flickr Photo Credit: mattsabo17

3. King or Queen for the Day

Is there something that your retiring friend has always wanted to do? Perhaps they've wanted to publish a book or learn to ice skate.

Give your retiree a special present of personalized treatment for a day. Arrange to have them shadow a publishing executive at his office for the day or have a local ice skating champ give your friend lessons for a few hours.

Give them their dream day and they'll never forget it.

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Flickr Photo Credit:  brotherM
Flickr Photo Credit: brotherM

4. Services of a Pro

Now that your friend will be spending more time at home, why not hire a professional to come over and organize it for her? Or have someone come and do the heavy duty lifting to get her attic or basement cleaned out?

She will love having help as she looks to reorganize her life. She may even be downsizing and moving, so your gift will be timely and helpful.

Send her the service gift card along with a box of cookies so she can kick back and relax for the day!

Flickr Photo Credit:  bsabarnowl
Flickr Photo Credit: bsabarnowl

5. Make A Wish

Ask your retiring friend what he or she has always wanted to do and then make it happen.

Is there something you can do to help your friend live out their fondest dream? It could be as simple as making a few phone calls. Maybe your friend has always had a heart for cancer victims and you can donate a bundle in her name to a charity. Or maybe she's wanted to help orphans in China. Can you help arrange to get her over there to volunteer at an orphanage?

Just taking the time to find out what is truly in her heart and helping her take steps towards it will make your gift so meaningful to your friend. And it doesn't have to be huge. You can make dreams come true right in your own neighborhood.

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Have any more retirement gift ideas? - Stop by and say "Hi!"

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    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 6 years ago

      Whether for retirement or some other occasion, if you can help make some one's dreams come true, then that is the best gift. Also, like the professional services idea. Who wouldn't like a maid to come by and clean their house for instance?

    • squid-pinkchic18 profile image

      squid-pinkchic18 6 years ago

      These are great ideas. I would love the trip, but I especially love the ease of professional services. It's so nice to get help with things sometimes without having to splurge yourself. Great lens!

    • profile image

      dessertlover 6 years ago

      When my dad retired, the company he worked for engraved a brick from a building that he worked on. And we gave him a trip on a hot air balloon. He loved every second of it!