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Flameless Halloween Candles - A Great Way To Safely Get Into the "Spirit" of Halloween

Updated on October 8, 2014

I discovered flameless candles when I was caring for my elderly Mom who was on oxygen. Obviously, open flames around someone on oxygen is a huge no-no (at least, if you like them....) so, when it came to bringing some Halloween spirit into the house, I looked to google and searched Flameless Halloween Candles.

Flameless candles, by their very nature, are the safest candles one can buy. They also put off enough light to walk by should the electricity go out which is helpful if a flashlight is not easil found. The flameless Halloween candles that I bought are those shown in the picture there to the right. They put a smile on 95 year old Gertie's face every night when I 'lit' them; I set them in the window sills of her bedroom so they were viewable from the inside and out. And, I really like that this set of Halloween candles takes just 3 AAA batteries - a bunch of the flameless candles take watch batteries, and I never seem to have them handy.

Flameless candles are the perfect addition to any room decor and, since there's no fire, they're 100% safe around children and, in my case, 4 dogs and a confused cat. With lit candles, I always was concerned about fire; since I live in a 157 year old haunted house, this was a real concern. You can read about my house in this article that I wrote just a few weeks ago to help me get into the Halloween spirit: My real life haunted house - 100% true!

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Here's a few other choices for flameless Halloween candles on Actually, you could easily make you own by buying a white candle and painting it with acrylic paints in Halloween designs. I wouldn't, as I have NO talent, but you might.

Halloween Flameless Pumpkin Candle Set of Two Battery Operated Candles
Halloween Flameless Pumpkin Candle Set of Two Battery Operated Candles

I like this set of flameless Halloween candles as they have a 'dim' and a 'bright' setting so you can choose the level of light.

Halloween Led Candles St of 3 (Purple)
Halloween Led Candles St of 3 (Purple)

Purple Halloween battery candles will make you stand out from the crowd.


Here's a video about how to set the timer on flameless candles - these are from Pottery Barn. The timed battery operated candles I own just have a little switch you move to 'timer.' Not sure why Pottery Barn made theirs so complicated....

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