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Flapper Costumes

Updated on July 28, 2015

Costumes with a Flapper Theme

Even though it has been close to one hundred years since the days of the flappers and their distinct look and lifestyle, the popularity of the ladies of that day, at least in the way the dressed, has never went away, and continues to be embraced, albeit more as cosplay or Halloween events.

While there was a wide variety of flapper styles in the period, ranging from mild to wild, usually based upon what a girl could afford, today it's mostly expressed in fancy, frilly outfits revealing the more high end of the spectrum.

Even so, some of the hair styles and accessories were worn by women of all means, and that unique distinction remains to this day when the ladies don the look of the 1920s.

Some of these more fancy dresses were worn in order to make it easier to dance, as tunes like the extraordinarily popular "Charleston" swept the nation. You can see some of that below with a clip of Ginger Rogers dancing to it.

If any word epitomized what the flappers were about, it was fun, as they pressed to much the norms of the day and define their own generation, while, for better or worse, paving the way for the new.

Flapper Costume

This is a cute costume and accessories, but what is it with that footwear? Those platforms just don't work with the period. Otherwise, great Flapper outfit.

For the uninitiated, the reason her foot is like that is it was one of the most popular dance steps of that day.

Modern Flapper Costume

I love these great-looking Flapper costumes. The colors are vibrant, and those fans and tops look absolutely gorgeous. How about the draping around the arms as well? Great costumes.

Flapper Girl Costumes

This was a nice close up of a Flapper costume. There was always something to wear on the head, and the beads were an integral part of the overall outfit a woman of that day wore; especially when she was going out.

Nice Flapper Head Piece and Top

Ginger Rogers - Charleston Scene from Roxie Hart

What more fun could it be than to go to the party as a group of Flapper girls? It's nice to look at the different colors and styles to see what you like and what is out there. Here we have the head piece, beads, and even gloves. Looks fantastic.

Group Flapper Costumes

What I really enjoy about this group of ladies, especially the two on the ends, are the hairstyles reminiscent of that period of time. Those little pointed, curling ends are magnificent looking. And the inclusion of the politically incorrect cigarettes and cigarette holders (of our day) were a big part of woman's lives in the 1920s.

Cute Flapper Costumes

Below is a photo of Lauren Conrad stepping out in a Flapper costume. It doesn't get much better than that as to design and how pretty the outfits can look.

Lauren Conrad as a Flapper

Now if Flapper costumes don't get you motivated for Halloween or cosplay, I don't know what will ladies. What's not to like about these inspirational costumes from an extraordinary time of American history. Costuming is sure a fun way of celebrating it.


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