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Flower Costumes For Kids And Dogs

Updated on August 26, 2011

Flower Costumes Are So Cute!

Prepare yourself for cuteness overload because these costumes are some of the most adorable designs around. Here's a gorgeous selection of flower costumes for kids, really stand out designs that give off a wonderfully happy vibe.

Perfect for parties or as a new addition to a dress up box, these flower costumes will make everyone smile! If you want your little one to stand out from the crowd these are the costumes to choose from.

See below for the flower costumes available, if you don't see the correct size listed, go through to the product page for more options. If you want a costume that's super cute, you won't get better than these!

Flower Costumes For Kids

These flower costumes for kids are so adorable, they could make anyone feel broody!

In terms of the feel good factor, these costumes have it in abundance. They're bright, cheery and visually stunning.

It doesn't get much cuter than this. If your little one is wearing one of these flower costumes you're going to get compliments.

This is a wonderful costume choice that won't go unnoticed and as they come in at various price points, there's a flower costume to suit all budgets.

This is a costume for the photo album, you are going to want to remember just how adorable your little one looks in this outfit.

Kids love to dress up and it's a fun activity for all.

You can easily turn dressing up into a fun educational activity depending on the age of your child. If they're at the stage when they are learning words, teaching them the names of the different elements of the flowers is both educational and fun.

The same goes for all costumes for kids, there's always something that you can teach them in a fun and relaxed way. Dressing up is great creative play for little ones.

Flower Costume For Dogs

If you love dressing your dog in costumes, you'll love this flower costume.

It's a felt made petal headpiece with elastic chin strap and green neck tie with leaf design.

This costume is suited to larger breeds, it will fit a 18" - 24" neck.

Cool costume that's sure to go down a treat!


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