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Fog and Smoke Machines are much more accessible than you realize

Updated on September 7, 2015

Everybody wants to have really great Halloween decorations and display at their house for October 31st. The one thing that really helped me get that professional touch was my fog machine, also called a smoke machine. It really helps set the stage and helps all your other outdoor Halloween decorations look so much better.

A lot of people believe this sort of special touch is just too expensive. But it really isn't! Fog machines have become quite inexpensive, and they usually come with enough fog juice for Halloween night.

When I dug a full size grave in my front yard, my trusty fog machine was there to really set the mood. Trick or treaters would walk up and know right away it was going to be spooky at my house. I never received so many compliments, except with the grave and fog machine combination. Both parents and kids really thought my set-up was amazing, and weren't shy about telling me just that.

Now, when you go to place your fog machine, its best to try to keep it low to the ground. Higher up and the wind might blow the fog away quickly. You want a low to the ground, creeping fog. Try to place your machine under something outside, like a chair if you are going to be seated outside. At least place it out of the way. Most of them are black, and will be hard to see at night - they will be very easy to trip over.

Fog machines are really easy to use. Just unscrew the cap (just like your lawn mower) and pour some fog juice in. Replace the cap and plug it in. It takes a few minutes to heat up. After that, just press the button to spew forth fog.

This Halloween, really turn your outdoor Halloween d├ęcor up a notch or two. Show those nasty witches, ghouls, and goblins that you really mean business.

This is the exact fog machine shown above.


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