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Give Your Daughter a Folding Earring Rack for her heirloom pairs

Updated on November 15, 2013

One day, in her 90th year, my mom came to visit, bearing a surprise gift that created a lasting memory, now that she is gone.

She sat down at my breakfast counter one day and called me over to open a flat gift wrapped package. I left the tea kettle to heat and sat down next to her.

Mom was so cute when she was excited

and she was bubbling that day. Mom didn't get out much anymore. She lived independently in a high rise apartment building, enjoying her two bedroom place. The smaller bedroom was her office and craft room.

At 90 she operated her own business online

and it impressed her neighbors in the building she called home, where only those over 55 years could reside, and my friends were astounded by this hardy woman from Alaska. Read some of the articles I've published about her Alaskan Margie and by her other name, Margie Culver Broyhill.

It wouldn't do to delay, so I opened the package

and was delighted and surprised to find a marvelous earring rack. Not only that, but Mom had brought a share of her own earring collection for me.

Mom was known for her beautiful arrangement

of earrings and necklaces that complemented each other and made even her most casual outfit classy. Talk about Retro in 2013, at some point Mom brought out her 1950s pop-it beads and wore them as if they were new again!

She filled the new rack with my own earrings

while I got lunch together. What a fun opportunity for us to reminisce over the jewelry, much of which she had handed down to me over the years. Some of it came from grandma and we both had tales to share about those pieces.

These racks fold up into a small stand

even when filled with earrings. It's a real space saver - just fold it back upon itself and set it aside and my earrings stay organized and dust-free, and it opens up a little space for me to set out my necklace and bracelets, and a little folded scarf. I use every bit of free space in the dressing process, so this rack is a real bonus for me.

I haven't done it yet, but i can see that if I tie a ribbon around the closed rack I could easily tuck it into a suitcase for an extended trip to relatives' homes. For my move, too, it will make keeping my earrings organized a synch.

For less than twenty dollars, Mom gave

me memories that will last a lifetime. She told tales of the special trips she and Pop took to Australia, Ottawa, Las Vegas, and Bermuda, among others. Neither of us knew how rapidly her days were coming to a close, but the day is a treasure that causes me to tear up as I write.

Earrings bear special significance to moms & daughters

and you just might want to create such a memory with your mom or daughter - as a thoughtful gift.

Rainbow Pop Beads - Fun 50s Retro Jewelry Crafting by Hey Viv !
Rainbow Pop Beads - Fun 50s Retro Jewelry Crafting by Hey Viv !

In case you want to enjoy some of my mom's delight in retrieving her poppit beads, here's a set she would have loved.


Photo Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
my rack with my earringscloseup grandma's earringscloseup Mom's Mexican hat 1950s earringsside view closed up rackend view folded rackother end view folded rack
my rack with my earrings
my rack with my earrings
closeup grandma's earrings
closeup grandma's earrings
closeup Mom's Mexican hat 1950s earrings
closeup Mom's Mexican hat 1950s earrings
side view closed up rack
side view closed up rack
end view folded rack
end view folded rack
other end view folded rack
other end view folded rack

Do you have an earring rack or do you want one, or do you want to give one? Please share your earring memories.

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    • therealstig86 profile image

      therealstig86 4 years ago

      something for my daughter when she gets a bit older :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      That's a great gift for any woman, I love this! I didn't even know they had folding earring racks.. ha ha

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      An earring rack would've come in handy for me, since I lose those metal butterfly backing thingies.