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Food Ideas for 1st Birthday Party

Updated on October 14, 2014

Best Food Ideas for a 1st Birthday Party

Are you looking for food ideas for a 1st birthday party? The best food and meals for a 1st birthday party very much depends on the age and number of guests you are inviting. Here are some ideas:

1st birthday party food ideas for mainly babies and young children - Finger food is often the best choice for parties with a majority of babies, toddlers and children. It's easier for babies and young children to eat finger food. The majority of children enjoy this type of food too. It's also easy to prepare. Read on below for lots of finger food ideas.

Parties with a mix of adults and children A finger food buffet also works well for a party with children and adults. Many adults enjoy going back to their childhood days and picking from what's on offer. It's also easier for adults to look after their children if they don't have to concentrate on eating a big meal and can have bits and pieces like their children.

The other option for this group is to have a finger food buffet for the children and some more adult food for the grown ups. If this is the case it's often easier to cook something simple such as pizza. Alternatively barbecue food, hot dogs, hamburgers etc often go down well with adults and children (although you will still have to do something else for your 1 year old and other babies).

1st Birthday Parties with Mainly Adults Many 1st birthday parties, have one baby and lots of adults attending. If this is the case you could cook a meal for the adults. Keep it as simple as possible and cook one big dish. Ideas include a chilli, curry, (anything out of a big pot which you can just dish on people's plates or they can help themselves). Read on for more ideas.

For lots of food ideas for 1st birthday parties read on.

Finger Food Ideas for Babies and Children at 1st Birthday Parties

There are lots of different finger foods you can have for 1st birthday parties for young children. If you're catering for a lot of young babies have a variety of hard and soft finger food so you cater for babies who have teeth and those who don't. Bear in mind, that babies and toddlers won't eat a lot of food so don't overdo it. It's better to have a wide variety of finger foods so you cater for all ages, likes and dislikes. Here are some ideas (some of the ideas have links to recipes).

Cubes of cheese

Tuna Muffin melts

Vegetables (carrots, cucumbers etc cut up). Consider having some dips for any adults

Fruit (strawberries, melon, apple, pear, banana, tomatoes pineapple, grapes cut up etc)

Dips with potato wedges

Apple and Cheese Quinoa Balls

Mini Quiches

Broccoli nuggets

Mini sausages

Mini sandwiches (you can cut use biscuit cutters to cut sandwiches up into different shapes, circles, gingerbread men etc)

Mini cupcakes

Mini muffins - check out this recipie for sugar free banana and raisin mini muffins

Sponge finger racing cars - Great for a themed party!

Nutella fairy bread



Chicken nuggets

Fish goujons

Hard boiled egg (chopped up)

Hope these ideas help your finger food buffet. For some more ideas and finger food recipes check out these finger food recipes

Remember to chop up all food to bite size pieces for babies and make sure all babies and toddlers are supervised while eating.

More Party Finger Food Ideas for 1st Birthdays

Here are some more websites with great finger food ideas.

1st Birthday Finger Food Ideas for Adults

If you want to have some more adult options of finger food at your 1st birthday party here are some ideas

Onion Bhajis

Spring Rolls

Mini Quiche

Potato Salad


Cheese and Pineapple

Olives and Pickles

Cold Turkey and Ham

Sandwiches with more adult fillings

More adult biscuits/chocolates

Click through to find more good suggestions of adult party food.

First Birthday Party Supplies

Don't forget napkins, paper plates, bowls, favors, tablecloths and cups for your birthday party food.

And don't forget the balloons, hats and candles for the cake too!

Check out some ideas below.

Adult Food at 1st Birthday Parties

If you want to cater for a lot of adults at a 1st birthday party, the best advice I can give you is keep it simple. Adults won't expect a gourmet meal at a young child's birthday party as the main attraction is the baby. Bu many 1st birthday parties are mainly populated with adults especially if there aren't many other children in your family or among your friends. Here are some simple meal ideas:

Barbecue - If it's Summer why not have a barbecue. Cook hotdogs, hamburger and chicken legs. Have a salad with some small finger food options for any young children too!

Hamburgers, Hotdogs and more - If it's not Summer you could just cook hotdogs and hamburgers indoors. Again provide salad and a finger food selection alongside for small children.

Curry and rice- Why not cook one big curry and rice. This can be prepared before the party and heated up for guests. It just then needs to be dished out on everybody's plates.

Chilli and Jacket Potatoes - Another big pot dish is chilli. It's simple because it can be dished onto everybody's plates too.

A pasta dish - Another idea is a your favorite large pizza dish

Pizza - pizza is easy for adults and children.


Adult Finger Food Selection Or why not to an adult finger food selection with ideas such as the ones above.

I hope this article has been helpful and please feel free to add any feedback, comments or additional suggestions of 1st birthday food ideas below.

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