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Food Tours, Wine Tasting, Cooking Classes, Dinner & Lunch Cruises

Updated on February 24, 2011
Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes
Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

Food Tours - Explore Your Tastebuds With Exciting Cuisines!

Tired of doing the same stuff every time, year after year?

Let me introduce you to a whole new way of exploring and indulging your taste buds in food adventure cuisines experiences.

Whether you are a big cook and love exploring new cooking ideas, want to enhance your cooking skills in the kitchen or want to learn how to cook, there are Cooking Lessons designed with your in mind.

With the food tour experiences you'll also have the opportunity to explore wine to its fullest with Wine Tasting Classes, you get to learn the different levels of wine and of course enjoy tasting them, not forgetting A Cheese Tasting Class as well.

You will also have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy eating brunch, lunch or dinner culinary experiences on a boat instead of a restaurant and enjoy the beautiful city views while having cocktail on deck. You'll also enjoy first class cuisine, music, live entertainment and dancing.

If you're looking for something a bit different to do for a change or looking for a unique gift idea for families, loved ones, friends, co-workers etc. Xperience Day have thousands of adventurous  and exciting unique gifts experiences nationwide; by state, metro and price to select from.

You can make gift certificates purchases from $25, $50, $75, $250, $750 and $1500, all experience gift certificates are sent to recipients in an attractive Xperience Days Gift Pack.

This gift pack includes; Xperience Days Gift Card, your personalized message card and complete description of their gift received, also all the necessary Information and Instruction on how to make their Reservations.

Need A Last Minute Experience Gift Idea? Great!

Xperience Days e gift certificate offers instant Email Gift Certificates for those who needs a last minute gift idea. The gift pack contains everything the recipient will need to redeem and book their experience.

Its as simple as 1, 2, 3... to order an e gift certificate.

Lets Take a Look at Food & Wine Tours

Xperience Days allows one the opportunity to indulge and explore their taste buds in many Food and Wine Adventures in different interesting food tours.

Ready to explore your taste buds in different cuisines ideas?

You may find a food and wine adventure for yourself that you've always wanted to try!

Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Love to cook and want to try a new cuisines or want to learn to cook?

Well here is your chance to go on Cooking lessons, Cooking Classes and Culinary Instructions.

These cooking classes not only demonstrates but gives hands on experience.

One can choose from a variety of cooking styles and cuisines including Indian Cooking Classes in Dallas, Southern Cuisines in Savannah or Asian Cooking Classes in Philadelphia and cooking classes in over 30 metro areas across the US.

Lunch & Dinner Cruise
Lunch & Dinner Cruise

Lunch & Dinner Cruise

Ready to set sail on a Cruise? The Captain Awaits!

Try eating out on a boat instead of a restaurant and enjoy an exciting new way to eat brunch, lunch or dinner.

Start off by having your cocktail on the deck, at the same time enjoy the views of the greatest cities while enjoying first class cuisine, music, live entertainment and dancing.

In most cities you will find choices of cruises for brunch, lunch or dinner and enjoy food options from light snacks, buffet style cruises or gourmet waiter service menus etc.

You can get aboard this lunch - dinner cruise available in over 30 metro areas nationwide.and enjoy the wonderful meals and views of your favorite city.


Food and Wine

Food and wine is a great way to have fun and improve your knowledge skills with over 40 metro states nationwide one can enjoy; Cooking Lessons, Wine Tasting Classes, Dinner Cruises, Cheese Tasting Class and many more culinary experiences.

Need to add a bit of Salsa to your adventurous food tasting? You can also try going on a Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Cruise and if you want to do something romantic, there is always the romantic Gondola Cruise to go on.

Cruises are availble year round to book!

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Classes

Do you know the various levels of wine or just have an idea of some? Well here is the opportunity for you to learn more about wine and their levels at Wine Tasting Classes.

Wine tasting classes offers comparative tastings that serve to demonstrate varying levels of wine; body, tannin, sweetness or dryness, fruity or earthy, and so much more. In New York classes include wine and cheese tastings, in Boston, Wine or Beer Tastings, or in Dallas you will have the chance to make your own wine and many more opportunity in over 10 metro areas nationwide.

Food Tour
Food Tour

Food Tours

This is a really nice gourmet adventure one can go on.

If you are an adventurous person with food, then going on a quest of tasteful Culinary Tours in your favorite city is the way to go!

Enjoy the pleasure of chocolate tour in New York City, culinary tour in San Francisco, also the unique gift of Wine and Cheese Tasting ... and many more food tours one can enjoy at over 10 metro areas nationwide.

If you love the Food Tour Adventures above and want to learn more or want to check out which Food & Wine Adventures are available in your state, click here.


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