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Four Gifts for Your Friends on Easter

Updated on February 11, 2015

Choosing a Gift

A Easter gift can be for anyone. Easter is a time of chocolate bunnies and the birth of Christ. Both, or either can be celebrated. I think there may even be a chocolate bible out there to eat. It is chocolate. The bible is not a real bible unless you get chocolate on it.

1) CHOCOLATE! It can be eaten, anywhere. Recently, I went to Walmart. There are chocolate rabbits available there.

2) Tickets to a show or an Easter play. A show can mean going to the theater or going out to watch a Broadway or musical at your home town. Also, often churches will put on a church play. This is the time to watch the crucifixion of Christ or watch an entertaining children's church play.

3) Make a dinner at your home. This can include a gift card exchange of a given amount to different stores.

4) An Easter Egg Hunt. This can be done at a local park or even a home. Kids have a chance to be with other children and be around their parents. This gift is more about spending time together during the Easter holiday with friends and family.

--image taken from


Chocolate can be eaten at any time of the year but it seems to be a great gift to give for Easter. This gift can be eaten not only at Easter but a month or two, later.

Where to someone might buy chocolate:

-Philadelphia Candies can personalize an Easter egg for you. Not only that but the chooses of Easter eggs are chocolate with coconut, or nuts, or peanut butter, or marshmallow. There are also boxes of chocolates and chocolate bunnies on the site to name a few items.


The first Cadbury Easter egg was made in 1875. The earliest eggs were made with dark chocolate and had a smooth, plain surface. They were filled with sugar-coated chocolate drops known as 'dragees'. Later Easter eggs were decorated and had their plain shells enhanced with chocolate piping and marzipan flowers." -taken from

-Ferrero chocolates "2000 - 2006

Rocher continues to attract new consumers nationwide with its high quality premium image and "Fine Hazelnut Chocolates." In 2001, the Ferrero Prestige brand is launched in the US to introduce a wider assortment of Ferrero confections to a growing premium chocolate category." --taken from

-Broadway Basketeer- "Broadway Basketeers carries exclusively Kosher gift baskets. When a product is certified kosher, it means that the supervising agency is meticulous about the entire production process, benefiting all people with dietary restrictions, whether they be kosher, lactose intolerance, or other food allergies. Broadway Basketeers Kosher Gift Baskets enable you to give a gifts of food to groups, with the confidence that they will be appreciated and understood by all." -- taken from Amazon.

-Godiva- "The GODIVA global team of Chefs and Chocolatiers keep the Belgian tradition alive - and delicious. GODIVA Chefs and Chocolatiers are passionate about continuing the vision of our company's founder Joseph Draps. Monsieur Draps believed in creating complex, yet always balanced notes of super-premium chocolates, an ode to the Belgian tradition. Today our global team of Chefs and Chocolatiers has the pleasure of creating extraordinary Belgian chocolates that are available in over 80 countries." - taken from the Godiva website.

Tickets to a Show or You Can Watch a Easter Play

A show tickets can be an excellent gift for an evening out. Others might enjoy to watch a show put on by their church.

Binoculars can be bought so that everyone can see the presentation. They are used so that people who sit far away can see more clearly as if they are sitting closer.

A pendent, watch, and/or bracelet can be given before or after the event as simple reminder of the night ... so that the receiver can look special on that night.

Sterling Silver Black & White Round Diamond in Heart Pendant (1/10 cttw)
Sterling Silver Black & White Round Diamond in Heart Pendant (1/10 cttw)

Why not give a gift to your special sweetheart right before the show?


Gift Cards

Friends can get together to decide on an amount on each gift card. This can be given at anytime or during a party.

Gift cards can be given with an Easter card and/or Easter basket. The chocolates mentioned earlier would be a great gift with a gift card.

Easter Egg Hunt

Let you child find eggs in a park and/or home. There are many activities that can be done in an Easter Egg hunt.

-Picking up plastic eggs that are placed in a park as an Easter egg hunt event.

-Find plastic eggs by using a map.

-Putting toys or price messages into plastic eggs.

-Giving Easter baskets as prices for games.

-Decorating real eggs.

-Eating candy.

This gift is more about you giving a gift of social interaction to your friends with children. You can spend time with friends and your children, too.

What are you giving someone for Easter?

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