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Foxxy Cleopatra Costume - Halloween Austin Powers Style!

Updated on September 30, 2013

It was 2009, a year I will remember well, as that was the first time I managed to convince my not so happy about dressing up partner to go out as a couples costume for Halloween! After a lot of "costume idea denied" actions from his side he finally settled for a Austin Powers & Foxy Cleopatra (as seen in the Goldmember movie) couples costume. So I ordered a blue one for him and a sexy looking Foxxy costume for myself. The first problem I faced was I was and still am a size S and the smallest they had was a size M but I ordered it anyway. The second one was (and still is) the fact I am kind of flat and this look does call for some decent boobage, but we will get to that later.

The costume arrived swiftly (a good thing as it was kind of a last minute order) and at the first glance I was pleased with it (was pleased with it in general too). It isn't as shiny and latex looking as shown on the product picture - it has a more faux leather shine-less look. All pieces are well sewn together and tailoring is top notch (as far as costumes go). I wasn't swept away with the Foxxy belt buckle though as it's fabric. The costume doesn't come with a necklace, that's one thing to keep in mind so you'll have to make it yourself just as I did (I made it out of golden covered cardboard).

While the two upper parts fitted me nicely (they are adjustable to some extent) the pants were too big but as they have a wide strip of golden sequin material on both sides making them thinner wasn't a big thing and I managed to do it in less than an hour with a needle and thread by hand (and I ain't no seamstress).

As for the cleavage, while I know this costume probably (definitely) looks better with a bigger pair, it doesn't look awful if you are flat - the way the top is made and how you can adjust it doesn't give the feeling of emptynss or lacking :)

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I'm sorry I don't have more or better pictures of this one and I did sell the costume next year but you can see here how the color looks, how the boobs don't look as awful as they could and my homemade golden necklace.


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