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Frankenweenie - It's Alive ϟ

Updated on September 13, 2014

Did you Like Tim Burton's Frankenweenie?

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie is Halloween 2012's creepy movie release, an homage to Mary Shelly's 1931 film Frankenstein.

In this updated version, young Victor Frankenstein is so distraught when his dog is hit by a car and killed that he sets out to bring his dog Sparky back to life through an experiment involving electricity.

After the secret gets out that Sparky is alive, Victor discovers that sometimes even the best of actions may have monstrous consequences.

Burton's macabre sense of humor may not be for everyone. Parents need to know that Sparky dies at the beginning after being hit by a car. In addition, the movie is carrying a PG rating for "thematic elements, scary images and action." Watch the trailers to judge if the movie is right for your younger children or grandchildren.

Done in Stop Motion animation Frankenweenie has been brought to life frame by frame in the same old style art form that was used by Burton to create the animation classics "Nightmare Before Christmas" and the "Corpse Bride." Frankenweenie is being done in 3D.

In the meantime, to get you into the spirit of Frankenweenie, take a look at some of the fun ways of celebrating the premiere of Frankenweenie, with posters, bracelets, stickers, books, music, soundtrack, t shirts and hats. The Peruvian hats and beanies with Sparky on them are so cute and creepy they are going on my Halloween list.

I've also come up with some creepy ideas for throwing your own Frankenweenie Party (which I predict may be a big hit with the boys) see the separate hub Frankenweenie Party Ideas ϟ.

Frankenweenie Sparky's Alive Promotional Print available on Amazon

Sparky is Alive!

Victor with Sparky
Victor with Sparky | Source

ϟ It's ALIVE ϟ

Frankenweenie "Homage" Trailer - Video

A Trailer in the classic style of vintage horror films from DisneyMovieTrailers

Watch Frankenweenie


Watch Frankenweenie at home.


Vote on Frankenweenie

Tim Burton's movie making style is very different and is often described as macabre.

After watching the Frankenweenie movie, vot on how you feel about the new version of Frankenweenie.

What do you think about Frankenweenie?

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See the Electrifying Dog...

Frankenweenie Retro Poster 11 x 17
Frankenweenie Retro Poster 11 x 17 | Source

Frankenweenie Movie Trailer

Movie trailer for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie from DisneyMovieTrailers.

Vote for Your Favorite Frankenweenie Character

Images from Frankenweenie on Facebook
Images from Frankenweenie on Facebook

Frankenweenie Characters from Frankenweenie on Facebook

Which character from Frankenweenie is your favorite?

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Frankenweenie Hats

Frankenweenie Himself

Whoever was the marketing team behind the Frankenweenie Peruvian beanies was a genious.

There is something very irresistible about Victor's pet dog, Sparky as a Peruvian beanie.

We ended up with one for my daughter, the Tim Burton fan. She used it for her Halloween costume

I particularly like the ones where his head makes up the top of the hat, with a silly expression and the tassles.

You can get the beanies in several different styles. My favorite one is the one to the right with the goth version of Sparky.

Frankenweenie Dolls and Action Figures

Frankenweenie Dolls

Get your own collection of Frankenweenie Plush Toys.

Frankenweenie Sparky

Frankenweenie Stickers

Frankenweenie Party

Available from Amazon
Available from Amazon

Ideas for Hosting a Frankenweenie Party

A Frankenweenie Party is a creepy, kooky and creative idea for young Tim Burton fans that can be put on for a birthday, a premiere party or even for Halloween.

Frankenweenie has pets, resurrected pets, weird girls and boys, teachers, parents and mad scientists. The story takes place in different settings, a home, a school, a cemetery and a laboratory. All of these elements combine into many freakishly, fun party plans.

I didn't realize just how many uniquely odd and a tad macabre Frankenweenie-inspired themes there were until I started exploring possible party ideas. It soon became obvious to me that I needed to create a lens just for Frankenweenie Party Ideas ϟ, so follow the links to learn more.

Frankenweenie Poster available on Amazon

Frankenweenie Posters

Frankenweenie Soundtrack and Music

Frankenweenie Soundtrack


The soundtrack for Frankenweenie written by Burton's long-time music collaborator, Danny Elfman.


Tracks on Frankenweenie Unleashed

Frankenweenie on Facebook
Frankenweenie on Facebook

Frankenweenie Unleashed

Frankenweenie Unleashed!
Frankenweenie Unleashed!

Music inspired by Frankenweenie. Tracks include:

1. Strange Love - Karen O

2. Electric Heart (Stay Forever) - Neon Trees

3. Polartropic (You Don t Understand Me) - Mark Foster

4. Almost There - Passion Pit

5. Pet Sematary - Plain White T s

6. With My Hands - Kimbra

7. Everybody s Got a Secret - AWOLNATION

8. Immortal - Kerli

9. My Mechanical Friend - Grace Potter featuring The Flaming Lips

10. Lost Cause - Imagine Dragons

11. Underground - Grouplove

12. Building a Monster - Skylar Grey

13. Witchcraft - Robert Smith

14. Praise Be New Holland - Winona Ryder

Frankenweenie Unleashed features many of the same artists who created works for "Almost Alice" for Burton's Alice in Wonderland.


Frankenweenie Unleashed Tracks from Frankenweenie on Facebook

Frankenweenie Experiment

Available from Amazon
Available from Amazon

What do you think about the updated version of Frankenweenie?

Share your comments in the section below.

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