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Franklin Mint Unicorn Plates

Updated on January 2, 2013

Plates From My Collection

It occurred to me the other day, that although I've written a few lenses about my unicorn collection, I haven't really focused on my plates. I have some from the Franklin Mint, and some from the Bradford Exchange. This lens focuses on the Franklin Mint ones. I have only started one collection of these, but I just love them, and I hope to finish my collection some day.

Diamond Unicorns

The collection I'm focusing on is called, "Diamond Unicorns." It's called this because each one of the plates has a diamond chip in it somewhere. Usually at the end of the unicorn's horn. I only have two plates left now. I had four, but two of them got broken one way or the other. I'm hoping to replace them some day.

Find Your Own

Take a gander through here and see if you can find your own plates.

More Than Likely Some Here

Let's hope you find something you like.

Thank you for visiting today. Let me know you stopped by.

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