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Free Cute Pumpkin Patterns

Updated on October 10, 2013

Kids Will Love These Cute Pumpkin Patterns

Carving pumpkins at Halloween is a lot of fun for everyone, but some of the patterns for scary monsters, ghouls and witches are too spooky for little kids. But these cute pumpkin stencils are a great solution. Little kids will love these fun designs that are more creative than creepy.

(Image provided by Zazzle)

5 Free Cute Pumpkin Patterns to Download - And many others, too!

This list includes 5 of my favorite cute pumpkin stencials available online. All of them are offered from websites that have a nice selection of designs, so the ones you see highlighted here are just a sampling of what you'll find on each site. If none of these appeals to you, visit the sites listed here and you'll find many others from which to choose. Happy carving!

  1. Disney knows what kids like. If your idea of a cute pumpkin includes Disney characters, you'll find what you're looking for on the Disney site, which offers 21 stencils for carving characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the Little Mermaid, Phineas and Jack Skellington. Clicking any of the photos will take you to a page with basic instructions and a pdf download of the pumpkin stencil.

    Image credit: Disney

  2. Hershey's (yes, the chocolate manufacturer) has stencils broken into three skills levels - easy, intermediate and advanced. You can download a free pdf for each skill level that contains with a variety of templates suitable for carvers of that level. Patterns include the typical Halloween fare of ghosts, cats, monsters and haunted houses, but chocolate lovers may enjoy the special Reese's pumpkin face or Hershey's Kiss wearing a mask and surrounded by bats.

    Image credit: Hershey's

  3. Better Homes & Gardens has dozens of stencils, including this whimsical Frankenstein. Their pumpkin patterns are divided into a variety of categories , including fun pumpkin faces, Hallloween icons, and seasonal designs such as autumn leaves, and they've also got a selection of stencils for dog and cat breeds. You'll also find suggestions for carving or painting your pumpkin.

    Image credit: BH&G

  4. Band of Cats has 28 free pumpkin templates featuring cats. Each one includes a color photo showing what the design will look like when you're done, as well as an image of the template so you can get a sense of the complexity. There's something here from everyone, from scary Halloween cats with arched backs to cute kitties, big tigers and even the Cat in the Hat. Perfect for cat lovers.

    Image credit: Band of Cats

  5. Readers's Digest offers a selection of 12 free printable templates. You'll find color photos of each design so you can see what your finished jack-o-lantern will look like, as well as a link to download the pdf pattern. Their collection of cute pumpkin patterns icludes silly grinning pumpkins, a cute cat, a witch and other designs kids will enjoy.

    Image credit: Reader's Digest

Kids will love these cute pumpkin patterns!

Seasons Pumpkin Carving Power Toolbox - Pumpkin carving is easier when you've got the right tools

Making your pumpkin look like the cute pattern you've chosen is a matter of picking the right pumpkin, following the stencil and using the right tools. It's easier to follow complicated patterns when you've got a variety of tools to help. This kit includes power saws that will make the work easier.

The Perfect Pumpkin Power Tool Box
The Perfect Pumpkin Power Tool Box

Product description: This Pumpkin Carving Power Tool Box makes carving your pumpkin easy. It comes with 1 Toolbox, 1 Power Saw, 1 Extra Saw Blade, 1 Stencil Tracer, Detail Saw, Poking Tool, and 12 Stencils. Saw runs on 4 AA Batteries (Not included ).


More Pumpkin Patterns - Some pattern books come with carving tools, too

Take a look at these books, tools and kits that will help you create a great-looking jack-o-lantern.

Tips on Carving Your Pumpkin - Watch the video for help creating your jack-o-lantern

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    • profile image

      pawpaw911 5 years ago

      Cute pumpkin pattens, and you can't beat free. We have a pumpkin carving party last year, and had a blast watching the grandkids carve theirs.

    • PaulWinter profile image

      PaulWinter 5 years ago

      Great pumpkin patterns. They make a change form the more traditional style pumpkin patterns