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Free Halloween Invitations to Print

Updated on October 8, 2011

Your Party Won't Be a Party Without Invitations!

An Invitation sets the stage for any party and that's no less true than when you're having a Halloween Party!

These fun invitations include Witch at the Fireplace, Bats, Bats and More Bats, Jack O'Lanterns, Scaredy Cat, Ghost Trick orTreater, Black Cat and Jack O'Lantern, Scary Ghost, Trick or Treat, Halloween Border, Monster Dance, and Skulls!

If you like borders you might want to visit my Borders for All Occasions which includes more Holiday Borders to use to make invitations, flyers, posters and borders!

Halloween Invitation Bats Border
Halloween Invitation Bats Border

Bats, Bats and More Bats

Have fun making an invitation out of this Orange and Black Invitation with Bats, Bats and More Bats.

To use this and all of the invitations click on the small image and a larger image will appear. Right click and choose "Save Image As" and save to your computer in a folder where you will be able to find it.

To print the wording of your invitation it's easiest to use a layout program like Corel Draw, Pagemaker, Publisher, or the free program Scribus. You can use Microsoft Word by inserting a picture from file and then choosing the text over picture option to write your invitation.

Halloween Invitation Scaredy Cat
Halloween Invitation Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat cat can be changed to another color or you can leave Scaredy Cat Black and use Colored Paper like Orange, Yellow, Red, or Lime Green any color that is a nice contrast to black.

Scaredy Cat along with all of the rest of the invitations on this page are 8" x 10.5 but you can resize them to whatever size you need to fit your printer or your paper.

You could resize these to fit on the right side of a piece of landcape paper and use them for the front of Halloween Card! Just fold the paper in half then print or write your sentiment inside the card.

Halloween Invitation Cat and Jack O' Lantern
Halloween Invitation Cat and Jack O' Lantern

Black Cat and Jack O'lantern

You can't see it that well but when you blow this image up you will see that jack o'lantern in this picture is actually orange and it is only the cat that is black so this is actually a color invitation.

If your school, class, or club is having a Halloween Party you can always blow these images up to fit a 11 x 17 poster. Or, a better way to do it is to lay it out in letter size first, 8 1/2 x11 then take it to your local copy shop and have it blown up on 11 x 17 paper.

It would be cheaper to choose one of the B & W images and have the copies blown up and copied in black and white on colored paper.

Halloween Invitation Ghost Trick or Treater
Halloween Invitation Ghost Trick or Treater

Ghost Trick or Treater

Use this cute little ghost trick or treater as either an invitation or as a sign put up at your front door greeting your trick or trickers. You could also use this for a sign at your church's Halloween carnival giving directions to the little goblins.

To Make a Sign, Invitation, Poster

Set your margins to at least one and 1/4 inch on all sides. (Borders are one inch at full size.

Type your message in a fun typestyle like Chiller, Creepy, Cut n Paste and Eraser Dust. (You can Google free fonts and find either these are others with similar names.)

Type in your information making sure to give the location, time and date and center it.

Halloween Invitation Scary Ghost
Halloween Invitation Scary Ghost

Scary Ghost

This Scary Ghost can be changed to any color and would probably look better in a bright color like neon orange, lime green or bright pink to make it stand out.

If you'd rather have your invitation look more like store bought, instead of keeping the border letter size, resize it to fit a half fold envelope, 4.25 x 5.5.

Use 67 lb velum to get a cardstock that is stiffer than paper and thin enough to go through an ink jet printer. Can't find a half fold envelope? Make it yourself out of wrapping paper, 11 x 17 paper. (I'll add a link to an article I wrote to show you how or you can always Google it to find other other sources.

Halloween Invitation Trick or Treat
Halloween Invitation Trick or Treat

Trick or Trick

This invitation or border is colorful enough on its own so print it on white. You could try to match the print to the green or orange to make it really stand out.

To add to the festivities you could add this border (in a smaller size) to labels that you either put on bags of halloween favors or use to identify each other if everyone is in costume and you can't figure out who everyone is. You might be able to incorporate the border into signs for directions to games or scavenger hunt clues.

Check out the Halloween Party Games at the Halloween Party Games lens featured on this page.

Halloween Invitation Flying Witch
Halloween Invitation Flying Witch

Flying Witch

The Flying Witch is a very iconic symbol for Halloween. and easily traceable when blown up .

Cut the witches' silhouette out of black construction paper and add to your tablecloth, wall d├ęcor, on bags for party favors,or hang them in windows

Use black cauldronsHalloween Pinatas Halloween Party Pinatas for snacks and beverages, decorate with long stem black roses, and dress up in all black with gothic makeup, wig and a witches hat.

Learn how to make Witches heads and pinatas at the Halloween Party Pinatas lens featured on this page.

Go around casting spells and don't forget to cackle a lot!

Halloween Invitation
Halloween Invitation

Halloween Border

This Halloween border can be turned into whatever color you want:: orange, green, you get the idea.

If you are looking for Halloween decorating or party ideas, there are many Squidboo lenses on Squiddo with lots of ideas for Halloween parties. If you look at the featured lenses on this page you'll find great ideas for food, decorations, music and games.

For Food ideas check out the Halloween Food & Drink Ideas | Spooky Recipes and Ghoulish Grub link featured on this page.

And these are just four of the many lenses on Squiddo focusing on Halloween. You're sure to find all the information you need.

Halloween Monster Dance Invitation
Halloween Monster Dance Invitation

Monster Dance

Just like the other black and white borders, this invitation can be colored any color you want. This would be ideal for a Halloween Dance playing songs like Monster Mash, Addams Groove (Addams Family Theme - M.C. Hammer),GhostBusters (GhostBusters Movie - Ray Parker)

Thriller (Michael Jackson - you have to dance), Black Magic Woman (Santana), Witchy Woman (The Eagles), Witch Queen of New Orleans (Redbone) , Witch Doctor (David Seville),Wicked Old Witch (John Fogarty)\

For many, many more songs check out the Halloween Party Songs lens featured on this page.

Jack O'Lantern Halloween Invitation
Jack O'Lantern Halloween Invitation

Jack O'Lantern

This jack o"lantern invitation can be. . . you guessed it.... turned orange or green or whatever. It also uses an iconic halloween decoration that would be easy to blow up, trace, and cut out for jack o 'lantern decorations.

For more decorating ideas check out this lens: Halloween Party Decorations, Themes, and Costumes featured on this page.

You can also find out how to make jack o' lantern pinatas by checking out the Halloween Party Pinatas lense.

Halloween Witch with fireplace
Halloween Witch with fireplace

Halloween Witch with Fireplace

Do you have a lot of ideas you'd like to see in print?

Join Squiddo!

It's Free!

It's Fun!

Stay at it long enough, put enough work into, light many who do make a living on Squiddo and you might even earn money for yourself or your favorite charity!

Skulls Halloween Invitation
Skulls Halloween Invitation


Yes, I had to include the Skull as a Halloween Decorating idea and find all of the Skull decorating ideas Amazon had available.

I know it's been done --particularly on teenager's T'shirts and such but it's still a good emblem for Halloween.

Theoretically you could turn the skull any color that you like but don't know that you'd want to since skulls really only come in black and white as far as I know.

If you have an iconic Halloween symbol you'd like turned into a Halloween invitation, let me know in the comments below because I will be adding to this collection as I go along.

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