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Free Printable Birthday Cards Templates for Kids and Adults

Updated on August 5, 2013

Beautiful Birthday Cards to Print for Free

What's a better way of wishing someone a happy birthday than giving a nice looking birthday card?

Browse through various free printable birthday cards for adults, kids, mom's, dads, grandmas and grandpas, friends and more.

Get the design you are looking for free! O constantly search for the best looking designs and even do my owns which are included on this page. I hope more and more people will be willing to share their work and that this collection will only grow.

In the past getting a freebie from the internet was not as appealing as printers were not that good (my home printer was a disaster) and not many good designs were available but today the story is different. I have a budget printer that prints out gorgeous prints and when I searched for cards I was really surprised at the quality of them. I even added some of my creations so I do hope you like them.

So enjoy browsing through Free Printable Birthday Cards Found a perfect one for you? I will love to hear from you - stop by the comments sections at the bottom and say hi!

Photo: my work derivated from Public Domain

My work (derivated from public domain & my photos). Right click and save to download. Personal use only.

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Flowers and KissesMustacheFlowers and ButterfliesRustic
Flowers and Kisses
Flowers and Kisses
Flowers and Butterflies
Flowers and Butterflies

Free Printable Birthday Cards for Girls

Cupcake card that will bring a smile on a girls face

Cupcake happy birthday card is in my opinion one of the best free printable ones you can get for a girl. It is indeed magical!

This card comes with full color front page a bunch of sweets! You can insert personalized text before printing the card or you can leave it blank and write it down by hand. Everything is done online so you won't have to install any software. Love it!

I as a girl was all about pink, fairy tales and butterflies so this one is my favourite without a doubt. But be sure to check others too!

More Free Birthday Cards for Girls - More adorable designs

There are many more designs that will appeal to both young girls and adult women. I like the collection of 10 the most - I think those will appeal to any of your female friends.

More of my derivate works

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PlaneFlowersPink Bunny
Pink Bunny
Pink Bunny

Free Printable Birthday Cards for Boys

Boys Love Monsters, Dinosaurs, Cars, Planes...

Boys love monsters and giving them a monster hug for their birthday is perfect! I used this one for my nephews 5th birthday along with a big plush monster and he absolutely loved it (both of the monsters). The card is not to scary looking and is in fact rather cute - in a monstrous way that is.

This is jet another high quality birthday card freebie that you can personalize before you print it out.

It is fun looking and perfect for any birthday boy.

Free printable birthday card for adults

You can add whichever number you want

This birthday card is perfect for anybody, since you can change the number on the front page to any number you like before you print it (everything is done online and no computer skills are required). Can't get more personalized than that - well at least not for free.

Perfect for adults and kids, friends and family. Straightforward and simple design which meets everyone's tastes.

This card has a design on front page, on the inside (which you can also personalize) and on the back.

Free printable Birthday card For Mom

Perfect for mothers day too

We love our mom's so it is only natural that we want to give them the best birthday card possible! I found this lovely Butterfly Design.

This free card can be personalized before it is printed and it already includes a nice birthday quote (that you can change if you do not like it). Naturally you can leave the text box blank and write your quotes and special messages by hand, whichever you prefer.

I added a note saying "Birthday wishes and butterfly kisses on your special day"

It's will be great for a birthday but even greater for a mothers day. Let you mom know she's special. I am using this one this year.


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