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Free Scary Halloween Music

Updated on March 23, 2017

Get Free Scary Halloween Music

I just found lots of free scary Halloween music and I thing finding free Halloween stuff is Frightfully Funtastic! I love everything about Halloween, it's one of my very favorite times of the year. Halloween music and sound effects are a huge part of this fun, spooky and scary holiday. I enjoy getting dressed up in costumes and decorating my house so it looks like a haunted mansion. These are some of the things you can do to get that spooky mood across to the trick or treating kids that come to your door. Add a little music, not to scary mind you, you don't want to totally freak the kids out...but just enough spooky sounds to make it fun. Some of the music you find on this page will be tunes you are familiar fact, many of them gave you goosebumps while you watched the scary, horror movies they were used in. To find out why these frightening sounds do scare us, read up on non-linear sounds or non-linear vocalization and psychoacoustics...or just listen to them and be very afraid.

Free, Scary Halloween Music Links - Spooky Sound Effects Too

Oh MY...Scary things that go bump in the night are 10 times scarier when they bring their own music and sound effects. You can find all kinds of sound effects and scary sounds online:

  • Ghost Sounds
  • Horror Scary Halloween
  • Horror Ambiance
  • Howling
  • Moaning
  • Rain & Thunder
  • Scary Footsteps
  • Screams
  • Wicked Laughs
  • Witch Sounds

Play Scary Music Or Not - Do You Think Playing Scary Halloween Music Is Overkill?

What do you think about Scary Halloween Music? Is it too much, too frightening?

I think some Halloween music is frightening. I don't think it should be played for young children...if it frightens me, it will absolutely scare them too. Keep the kids in mind when you are choosing spooky, scary music to play around this October holiday.

Halloween Music - Too Scary For Little Kids?

Do You Think Kids Should Be Subjected To Frightening Music At Halloween - What Do You Think?

See results

You Can Buy Your Scary Halloween Music

For all those Halloween fans out there who like to have their own stuff, here are some Halloween music selections you can buy and keep near your CD player all year long.

I'm A Little Scared And I'm A Witch! - This Scary Music Video Is Only For The Really Brave

I'm listening to this's too scary to watch...and I am thinking this is not the music to play on Halloween night when kids are coming to trick or treat and get some free goodies! Adults only for this free, scary Halloween music. You can download it if you DARE....

Hours of Scary, Ominous & Creepy Horror Music | Instrumental Halloween Music

Fun Scary Halloween Music For Kids
Fun Scary Halloween Music For Kids

Scary Music For Halloween?

Not Free But Fun!

When you play scary music, free or not, and set the speakers so people outside can've got to be careful. These spooky and scary sounds could really freak someone out...and no one wants to frighten children...I mean, not REALLY FRIGHTEN them. It's fun to be a little spooky but some of these horror film songs and music have a terrifying effect...well, on me anyway. I am sure I am not alone...I feel my heart start to beat faster, my pulse goes up, I get a little freaked and scared. So if some of this scary music and sound effects can do that to a WITCH, imagine the harm they could inflict on mere mortals and their children.

57 Kids Spooky Sounds CD

So, remember, when you are playing music on Halloween...keep in mind who you are playing it for and don't terrify the neighborhood kids with your spooky, free, scary Halloween music. Keep the really frightful music to yourself.

Play Your Own Scary Music - Scary Sheet Music

If you play an instrument you can make your own free scary Halloween music. Play it yourself using this sheet music. Maybe you can find some other musicians who like the macabre...make a concert out of it.

Top 5 Halloween songs (Top horror themes)

Hear scary tunes from:

  • Child's Play
  • The Exorcist
  • Candyman
  • Halloween
  • Puppet Master

Fright Night - Scary Sounds & Music


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