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Fresh Beat Band Party Supplies

Updated on July 17, 2013

Fresh Beat Band Party Ideas

Looking for Fresh beat band party supplies or ideas to help you set up this theme? Great, I got whatcha need right here.

Okay, so your child wants you to get the beat and you want to throw them an amazing Fresh Beat Band birthday party and you're feeling just a little lost. No worries, I know just where you are coming from and I promise I have seen every episode of Fresh Beat Band more times than I care to admit among non-toddler parents. Im here to make sure you have all the ideas to make this party a great day and one that wont be too stressful for you.

The Fresh Beat band members are made up of four best friends who all go to music school together; Shout, Twist, Marina, and Kiki. They love to sing and dance their cares away with fun songs and flashy clothes.It's a cute show that is also gaining popularity in the birthday theme world, so let's see what we can come up with to inspire your next birthday bash.

Since the Fresh Beat band is all about music, I thought I would add in a couple of do-it-yourself musical instruments. If you have kids that are old enough to help out, this is a perfect activity to either pre-make or have the kids participate in at the party.

Fresh Beat Band Party Invitations

The first step is finding a way to tell everyone about the party. You have several options here, the first is to go to my old standby of Etsy and find a custom digital invitation. They have just about every style design that you can think of from photo invites to ticket invites, so just look around for ideas. Another idea is to head to where they have done all the party planning work for you, including free Fresh beat band printable invites. Just print them out and fill in your information with pen and you are set!

A cute idea if you want to make your own is to recreate the phone that the characters use on the show with colored construction paper and some white paper for your screen. You can either print out a design that features all your party information (and a picture of one of the characters like it's a text message) or just write it out yourself.

Fresh Beat Band Birthday Cake Decorations

Now the cake, this is obviously the point where you can splurge and have a professional cake made. This can get you a design that you will love and a cake that will taste great, but you can also make a cake yourself that will still be a show stopper.

If you want an edible topper that you can just add to a cake that you make or that you have a local grocery store make, I tend to use EBay. You get plenty of options and the price is right. For Fresh Beat Band I noticed that most of the Etsy options had the old Marina on them, so this might be a problem if your die hard fan likes the new Marina better.

If you don't want to order a topper then you can easily print out pictures of the characters and attach them to toothpicks. This will allow you to create a homemade 3D cake topper that will still look great, especially if you decorate the cake with the colors of the band.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers by AquaOwl
Rainbow Fruit Skewers by AquaOwl

Fresh Beat Band Party Food ideas

For the party food, if you've ever seen the show there's a few things you absolutely need. I don't care if your child hates these foods, you'll have to find some way to incorporate them or make something that tastes different but looks like them. The first is smoothies, I don't think there is a single episode of the show that does not have the gang running for a smoothie. If you really want the perfect look The WEBstaurant Store has clear plastic cups and lids that you can order at a decent price.

Another must have addition is soft pretzels, because Twist just loves them and they are really delicious. Don't forget the mustard though! Finally, it would be Fresh Beat Band without pizza and you can go crazy getting different flavors that represent the characters or just the old standbys. For example, Kiki loves extra cheese and veggie pizza! Round out the table with some fresh fruits, veggies and a couple of sweet treats and you'll be set!

Fresh Beat Band Party Favor Ideas

For favors you can head to the website again and get some backstage pass printables and have them laminated. You can get lanyards from so you can complete the look. For other great favor ideas you can go to or They have light up guitar necklaces, bubble microphones and inflatable keyboards, so you can have a great favor bag that lets the kids use their imaginations and really have fun.

Fresh Beat Band Party Decorations

Now for the decorations you just want to have plenty of color. Streamers and balloons are always great for doing this as you can decorate with colors that fits the theme and the characters. You can also tie some bows to some of the balloons to make them look just like balloon buddy from one of the episodes (I told you I've seen them all). Jens Own Road also had the great idea to cut music notes out of an old cardboard box and paint them for some music themed decorations. She also had the great idea to get all of the place settings in a different color to match the colors that represent each character. That is a great way to incorporate the bright and bold colors of the show into the party. also has some great party decoration ideas and printables including wall stickers that are absolutely adorable. I love the cartoon figures of the characters and it adds some extra fun for the party.

Fresh Beat Band Balloons

Fresh Beat Band Musical Birthday Party Balloons Favors Decorations Supplies
Fresh Beat Band Musical Birthday Party Balloons Favors Decorations Supplies

These Muscical Note Fresh beat band Balloons would be a nice touch. It comes as a set of 16 balloons and has both mylar and latex balloons.. When tied and bunched together to make bouquets they'll look great. You can make 4 bunches of 4 balloons each. Each bunch can consist of 1 mylar balloon 3 latex balloons.


Fresh Beat Band Party Games and Activities

When it comes to the activities the best thing to do is just have fun and let the kids dance and move to the beat. has a spinner printable that you can use to help the kids choose the dance steps that the kids follow as they listen to their favorite songs. Another great idea is to have a dance competition where the kids either have to outlast everyone (give them hard dance moves or moves that require plenty of balance to make the game end before sunset) or they can show off their best movies for the judges to see who wins. If you want to have a scavenger hunt or a game for the kids to get outside you can tell them that Banjo (the dog) has run off with Twist's headphones and Marina's drum sticks and the kids have to find them. You can either make a trail with paw prints or have a stereo playing high notes that leads them in the right direction.

Fresh Beat Band Party Note

So you can see that there is no reason to go bananas planning a Fresh Beat Band party because you now have everything you need to throw a totally kickin party.

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