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Frog Baby Costumes

Updated on September 22, 2014

Ready to Hop into Halloween?

Do your kids love frogs, dirt or slimy ponds? Then Hip-pity Hop all the way to the candy stop...or something like that. Dress up your little frogger in green style, perfect for spring pictures or even as a Hoppy Halloween costume! Get Hopping!

Don't forget the plush dragonfly to go along with this cute costume. Get a small one & pin it right on them!

Bright Colors & a Cute Face!

How cute is this, There's even a dragonfly right on the costume! it features super bright colors & giant over sized feet & head to make the baby look like a legit amphibian!

* Available in Sizes:: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18 months - 2T

* Item Includes:: Bodysuit, Booties, Hood

The Muppets Romper And Headpiece Kermit The Frog
The Muppets Romper And Headpiece Kermit The Frog

Get froggy with it! Kermit will rock the block & get all the candy! And in a companion like Animal or Miss Piggy for the entire cast theme.


The Full Body Suit Look....

Beautiful green little frog, light plush, fully screen printed jumpsuit with detailed gloves and feet, and fully detailed hood with realistic eyes. Make babies first Halloween super special...and super cute!

TOM ARMA FROG 6-12 Month
TOM ARMA FROG 6-12 Month

Oh my. This guy is super snazzy in this full on froggy theme. He has a orange and green tree frog design with giant eyes and hilariously large feet! This one is sure to win over lots of candy.


Big Mouth Frog Baby Costume

Admit laughed as soon as you saw that face didn't you? This Baby and Toddler Frog Costume includes the bright green romper with a light green tummy, hood with an attached frog face, and the froggy flipper feet.

Green Frog Infant Costume

"Hop" into your stroller on Halloween night and go green! You will be the cutest amphibian on your block. This frog baby costume includes jumpsuit, headpiece and footsies. Costume is made of 100% Polyester. This baby costume is available in infant size newborn -18 months.Did I mention this outfit is ridiculously cute? I mean come on look at those feet!

Dancing Frog Snugimals Costume Baby
Dancing Frog Snugimals Costume Baby

Does you kid have slick moves? This is the perfect one for him! It's super classy with a tux & top hat.


Look Out Ladies!

This one is looking for love!

This adorable Infant Frog Prince costume includes the two-tone green froggie romper with inner leg snap closure and oversized frog feet, the frog headpiece with gold crown, and the lily pad with flower and with button that when pressed makes a frog ribbit" sound.

The Fluffy Little Prince!

Baby and Toddler Frog Prince Costume

This Frog Prince Costume includes the fun fuzzy green jumpsuit and the plush green hood with big froggy eyes and a royal crown. This one is super soft and perfect for babies on the go!

Little Girl Frog Costume - 12/18 Months - 12/18 Months
Little Girl Frog Costume - 12/18 Months - 12/18 Months

This little cutie is for the ladies...or little boys that like pink...we don't judge. It's a fab bubble costume with pink accents and a hood that has the most adorable frog face.


It's a Hopping Good Time!

Get it Here!

He'll be the cutest frog in the pond in this outfit! Perfect for trick or treating or snazzy photo shoots in the spring. The green & orange color scheme make this little hopper stand out...and the crown is just adorable!

Deluxe Frog Bunting Costume Child
Deluxe Frog Bunting Costume Child

What's cuter than a baby bunting costume? Not much...get all the pics you can before they go mobile!

Frog Costume Baby - Infant 6-12 Months
Frog Costume Baby - Infant 6-12 Months

Hip pity hop all the way to the candy shop...or right next door for free candy!


What's your baby going to be for Halloween?

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Hoppy Holloween!

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    • shauna1934 profile image

      shauna1934 5 years ago

      How'd you know I was searching for a toddler frog Halloween costume? :) I have a two year old little girl. I was hoping to find something really cute and not so boyish. Thinking Princess-and-the-Frog ish... :) If you find anything, pelase let me know :)