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Happy Frosty the Snowman and Other Snowmen Wallpapers

Updated on July 19, 2014

Frosty the Snowman Wallpapers and Products

Snowman Wallpapers

I don't know ever there are many things more fun when we were younger than building a snowman during the winter, and when you consider it was almost always with a smiling face, it is easy to see why they make such happy wallpapers to enjoy the winter and Christmas holiday season.

Of course it's almost a surety that we mostly get that happy snowman persona from the leading spokesman of snowman everywhere - Frosty, who was probably the most friendly one of the entire bunch that we saw when watching him when we were younger.

The fact that he was so friendly and patient with children adds to the positive outlook we have of all snowmen, and so readily seek out Frosty or other snowmen when wanting some encouragement and good will during the Christmas season.

With that in mind, I've gathered together some of the best Frosty or other snowmen wallpapers to put on our computers or other screens to give a boost of joy and happiness.

All of them have that fantastic smile we all appreciate, thus never bringing us a down moment at a time when we need a little reminder that not everything is bad in the world.

Now let's look at some of the happy snowman wallpapers that will be great for anyone to use to encourage themselves and others during the holidays.

Wallpaper of Santa Reading Note Attached to Snowman

This looks just what some industrious child would do when making a snowman around Christmas time. He attaches a note assuming Santa will take a look at the piece of paper hanging off of the jolly guy made of snow. And it doesn't hurt that a smile was included with this snowman, which in fact did attract the undivided attention of Santa.

The entire scene is terrific, and one that would engender a smile every time we would look at it.

Santa Reading Note Attached to Snowman

snowman with note for santa
snowman with note for santa | Source

Frosty Wallpaper from TV Show

If I remember correctly, this Frosty the Snowman wallpaper is from the first TV show featuring the round, happy fellow. I know there was a second Frosty which I didn't like as well as the first one, but I can't remember if this is from that one or the first installment.

Either way I always liked this image of Frosty when he had done so much to help everyone. I think this is why so many of us that have seen this TV show have such a fond memory of and liking of snowmen.

It's probably also because we've had so much fun making snowmen when we were growing up that also makes it a great memory and positive experience for us all.

Having this wallpaper of Frosty leading the happy townspeople on a celebration is one that would be a great image to look at throughout the Christmas holiday.

Frosty from TV Show

frosty the snowman
frosty the snowman | Source

Snowman Wallpaper of Him Wearing Red Cape and Top Hat

What really made me like this snowman wallpaper was the way he was dressed in fine clothes, but also the fact that he doesn't seem to be putting on airs about his nice outfit, but rather is just glad to see who it is he's apparently smiling at. And in the case of wallpapers, it's us that he's smiling back at, so that will definitely put a smile on our face every time we look at this content little fellow.

But that's not all about this terrific wallpaper. I really like the overall festive scene the snowman is placed in; including the snow, tree and the ornaments hanging from it.

Happy Snowman

happy snowman
happy snowman | Source

Snowman Wallpaper of Him Holding Bird and Straw Broom

This is a great example of what I consider a snowman that would have been built many years ago.

My major reason for making that assertion and assumption is that fantastic straw broom he's holding in his hand. Another is long ago a bird was considered a big part of fashion and art, and I see that a being a probable reason to believe this wallpaper was designed with those things in mind.

Either way, this is a wonderfully happy snowman, not only because of that smile on his mouth, but also because of those smiling eyes that make it impossible to not be happy when seeing him.

And last but not least is his gentle handling of the bird, which points to his gentle and joyful demeanor. What's not to like about this snowman wallpaper?

Snowman Holding Straw Broom

snowman holding broom
snowman holding broom | Source

Snowman Flying with Boy Wallpaper

In what I guess I would call a fantasy snowman wallpaper, here we have one of another fantastically happy snowman flying over the water with an ecstatic little boy.

Even though the colors are darker because of the night, the happy and delighted snowman is in a bright and joyful mood, as most snowmen are.

It seems there is a little magic involved here, as the waters look very cold to me, as does the night air, which it must be or this snowman would be melting as he flew. And that would result in a poor, disappointed little boy plopping into the freezing waters.

Oops. I didn't mean to produce a downer there. The point is this is a magical, fantasy played out in a wonderful scene of how most of us think when contemplating and viewing our snowmen heroes.

Boy and Snowman

flying snowman
flying snowman | Source

Joyful Snowmen Wallpapers

It doesn't matter whether it's the famous Frosty the Snowman, or a friendly snowman we have on our computer or screen or a handheld screen of some sort, they simply offer the highest in enjoyment and fun based upon those endlessly patient smiling faces that represent people we would love to meet and be friends with.

Placing them on our computers or other devices are a great way to jump start our holiday joy and fun, reminding us that when we think on these positive characters we can participate in that experience as well.


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