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Frozen Princess Elsa and Anna Costumes

Updated on September 29, 2014

Frozen Princess Elsa and Anna Costumes

So many children across the world, fall in love with Disney. Most want to be the characters! And guess what? Now they can! Disney have released a series of their beautiful costumes that are perfect for any child wanting to be one of the main Princesses - and here they are on this page for you!

The most wonderful thing about the Disney costumes is that they're well made, affordable, but most of all, make the little person in your life feel like they belong in the Disney world - they can become their hero from their beloved films. So by giving the gift of happiness - what's not to love?

On this page, I'll be showcasing some of the best costumes from Amazon, that are all related to the Disney Box Office smash, Frozen. As more costume ideas get released, I'll be adding them here. So make sure you add this page to your saved bookmarks, and keep checking back to see what latest updates I've added.

If you're super impatient (and who isn't) you can visit's page dedicate to the costumes of Frozen, right here now!.

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Frozen Princess Anna Costume

Disney Store Frozen Princess Anna Costume


The people that makes these gorgeous replica costumes have excelled themselves! This Anna costume dress is utterly beautiful. The detail is so precise and looks like it's jumped straight out of the film.

If you're buying this as a gift for a special little person, they are going to adore it. Likewise, if you're looking for costume ideas, maybe for Halloween, then this Frozen costume will set them apart from the other kids.

Frozen Princess Elsa Costumes

Disney Frozen Princess Dress - Elsa

Frozen has been such a colossal hit for Disney! So, who wouldn't want to dress up like their main characters? If you know a little person who fancies themselves as the Idina Menzel character, Elsa, then this is the dress for them! Perfect for any dressing up occasion! fact, who needs to dress up - this costume is sure to be worn day in, day out!

Frozen Princess Elsa Costume

Disney Store Frozen Princess Elsa Costume

As soon as I saw this utterly gorgeous Princess Elsa dress, I knew I HAD to share it! Isn't it stunning? An absolute must for any Princess Elsa Frozen fan! ...The cold never bothered me anywaaaaay!

The Snow Queen?

Did you know that FROZEN is in fact an adaptation of the popular Hans Christian Anderson tale of THE SNOW QUEEN?

Have you seen the trailer for Frozen?

Princess Elsa's Wig

Disney Frozen Elsa Wig
Disney Frozen Elsa Wig

Looking for a wig to go with the Princess Elsa costume that you've found? Perhaps the costume wearer doesn't have the right hair for Elsa? Well, now they and cheerful, and fabulous accessory for the perfect Frozen character costume!


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