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Fun-For-All-Ages Halloween Music

Updated on September 23, 2013

Help! I Need a Halloween gift!

October ... and you need a Halloween gift. What should you get that is unique and would be appreciated. Something d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t. Hmmmm. Then it comes to you. Halloween Music!

But it has to be good Halloween music. Not the same old "Monster Mash" or moaning ghosts and clanking chains. Oh, no. Something elegant and fun that brings back all the good memories you had when you were young and were enchanted by the Halloween season and month of October.

Something magical.

With sweeping string arrangements, handsome lyrics and layers of her own graceful voice, Lawrence spins ethereal tales with a balance of macabre elements and kid-friendly whimsy ... that give her creations an instantly classic, fun-for-all-ages feel."

— Trevor Tuminski, Music Editor, Rue Morgue Magazine

The Halloween GIft Tree

Halloween CD Gift Bags
Halloween CD Gift Bags

Contact if you would like to purchase a signed CD in a black organza bag. What an elegant, fun Halloween gift to give -- or buy for yourself!

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Halloween Carols - A Different Kind of Halloween Music

Kristen Lawrence is a classically trained organist who loves Halloween ... and it shows in her CDs. There is a melding of classical music and folk tunes, spiced with some rocking drums and guitar. Think Bach and Loreena McKennitt rocking with Danny Elfman blasting on Marshall amps. Music fun. Lyrics clever.

The Halloween Carols is a collection she has written for the purpose of celebrating Halloween and the fall season. If Christmas has carols, why not Halloween? The first two albums are based on the history of Halloween, the rapturous feelings that autumn inspires, and the quirkiness of this unique holiday.

Her third album has her musical setting of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven," which has been lauded by Poe scholars and haunters, alike. It was used with events sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts' THE BIG READ. It has been used to help celebrate Poe's birthday on January 19. The album also contains the American folk song, 'Ghost of John."

Read what people have said about Kristen Lawrence's music:

Happy Halloweeners

  • “I love your music...I've been searching for good Halloween music all my life...and I finally found it!”
  • "I was completely blown away. I got goose bumps from the beauty, plus there was a big smile on my face because everything about the music worked so well with her harmonies, chord progressions. Absolutely beautiful."
  • “I am a photographer and I love the visuals I get when I listen to this. With the track "Flappy Bat," close your eyes and you can see one making its way through a dark and windy landscape."


“My family and I had so much fun when we turned off the lights and played this chilling music. It’s PERFECT for all of your Halloween soirees!”

“Wow. I've been listening to it all day today. It's a delight to listen to and is providing a very inspiring quality as I decorate the house for Halloween over the next several days.”


“If you love gorgeous, ethereal female vocals. Pipe organ makes you hot. You're a grown up Goth who wants something a little more lighthearted yet appropriate. The CD of Halloween sounds from Target isn't going to cut it for your party this year. Let me introduce you to Kristen Lawrence's CDs.”

“Kristen Lawrence, the Halloween organist, isn't exactly the most Goth person ever, but I personally love it and think she overlaps just enough Gothy territories to be considered an honorary Goth Artist.”

Teachers and Kids - Kids Sing Halloween Carols

"We love to sing Kristen's songs!" ... Mrs. H's 5th grade class put on a school program using the music of Kristen Lawrence to help tell the history of Halloween through song.

Students sang Halloween Carols as they presented a program on the history of Halloween.

How Would You Use Kristen's Halloween Carols?

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If the Halloween Town of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas had a resident keyboardist, it would be Kristen Lawrence.

— Stephen Fortner, Executive Editor, Keyboard Magazine

This is the most unique Halloween music I have ever heard! These Halloween Carols are nothing less than fantastic. This music will appeal to all ages from small children to seniors.

Brace yourself for when you first listen. These songs are not at all what you expect. Great music with amazing vocals. You will catch yourself playing these tunes over and over. Great for Halloween parties.

— Larry McKenzie, The Halloween Network

Purchase Halloween Music - Available as MP3 Downloads and CD Albums

"Rather than the usually disappointing 'Halloween Dance Party Music' CDs one finds at the local Halloween store (filled with sub-par versions of 'Monster Mash' and 'Purple People Eater'), Lawrence gives Halloween lovers a new music tradition.

Her Halloween carols are influenced by the deep history and culture behind All Hallows Eve and is undoubtedly a great asset to any haunted house or autumnal feast!"

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

Available as MP3 Download and CD Album

- "The Raven" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

- "The Ghost of John - Bare Bones Version" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

- "The Ghost of John - Dead Composers Version - Instrumental Version

A Broom With a View
A Broom With a View

Available as MP3 Download and CD Album

- "Mostly Ghostly" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

- "A Broom With A View" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

- "Cats In The Catecombs" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

- "Vampire Empire" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

- "Souling Songs" - All Hallows and Samhain Versions

- "Sleeping Dust - Death Lullaby" - Vocal

- "Dark Glass" - Vocal

Arachnitect - From the Halloween Carols
Arachnitect - From the Halloween Carols

Available as MP3 Download and CD Album

- "Arachnitect" - Vocal

- "Blood Waltz" - Vocal and Instrumental Versions

- "The Ghost of John - Bare Bones Version" - Vocal

- "The Ghost of John - Dead Composers Version" - Vocal

Vampire Empire - Radio Edits From The Halloween Carols
Vampire Empire - Radio Edits From The Halloween Carols

MP3 Download Only

-Radio Edits of Halloween Carols -

from Arachnitect and A Broom With A View

- Dark Glass - Instrumental Version


For Someone You Think Boo-tiful

Give a gift of Love - Halloween Music!

Halloween Carols!

She's ALIVE!

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Santa Ana Ghost WalkIron Maidens' Halloween Show KeyboardistThe Raven - National Endowment of the Arts' THE BIG READThe Phantom Organist of the OperaFeatured Organist with Pacific Symphony
Santa Ana Ghost Walk
Santa Ana Ghost Walk
Iron Maidens' Halloween Show Keyboardist
Iron Maidens' Halloween Show Keyboardist
The Raven - National Endowment of the Arts' THE BIG READ
The Raven - National Endowment of the Arts' THE BIG READ
The Phantom Organist of the Opera
The Phantom Organist of the Opera
Featured Organist with Pacific Symphony
Featured Organist with Pacific Symphony

What Is Your Favorite Halloween Carol?

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