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Fun for Kids with Halloween Pinatas

Updated on September 14, 2014
Kids will have a blast with a pinata!
Kids will have a blast with a pinata! | Source

Get a Pinata for a Fun Halloween for Kids!

Pinatas offer kids three of their favorite things in life: Play, Toys and Candy!

If you're looking for a fun theme for Halloween for the kids as a simple activity to keep them busy or to have your own Halloween party instead of taking the little ones out to the neighborhoods, a Halloween Pinata could be the perfect choice.

I've used pinatas for some of our own parties and fundraisers and they're always a hit - not only for the kids but, adults like pinatas too. Maybe get two - one kid friendly and one for the adults!

Here you'll find some of the best Halloween pinatas for sale at a discount in lots of colors and figures, plus pinata sticks, blind folds, toy fillers and of course, lots of candy. If you're crafty and want to make your own super fun for kids Halloween Pinanta, we show you that too.

Thanks for your visit today, have some Halloween fun and please take a moment to take our Halloween Pinata poll!

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Halloween Pinata
Halloween Pinata | Source

Halloween Pumpkin Pinata - Can you take me home? I'll be nice!

Halloween Pumpkin Pinata
Halloween Pumpkin Pinata

This pumpkin pinata is so nicely done with the bright orange ruffled paper exterior, cute face that's not too scary for kids and a bright green stem. There's plenty of room for candy and treats for the party with 13" x 11".


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Frightful Frankie Monster Pinata - I love this pinata's large flat black shoes!

Frightful "Frankie" Monster Pinata, Made in Mexico
Frightful "Frankie" Monster Pinata, Made in Mexico

Halloween fun for kids could include this black body with green face and hands 17"x12" not too scary monster. He's posed in the classic Frankenstein monster pose and sure to delight the little ones once they get all those toys and candy inside. Note: price includes only the Frankie pinata and not all three shown.


Give them toys!

Kids love getting little favors at the party.

For the pinata add little trinkets they can play with, write with, trade or share.

You can find them at any party store.

Most of the party favors for kids are plastic toys so make sure they're age appropriate.

A nice mix of candy and toys will make all the kids thrilled to take a shot at breaking the pinata opened.

Accoutrements Zombie Pet Shoppe Play Set
Accoutrements Zombie Pet Shoppe Play Set

Super cute mini toys with great color and design for a cute addition to your pinata for the kids.


More Ideas on What to Put into the Pinata

* Halloween pencils

* Pins/Badges for their costumes

* Neon wrist bands, rings, necklaces so they glow in the dark

* Zombies, spiders, furry critters or other mini Halloween bugs

* Noisemakers, kazoos

* Whistles

* Small plastic toys

How to Make a Halloween Pinata

If you'd like to make your own pinata for some Halloween fun, follow the simple directions below. You just might be surprised to learn that a pinata only uses a few key ingredients from start to finish.

Are you Crafty? Consider making your own Halloween Pinata!

Making your own pinata can be a fun family project, rainy day project or a great way to save money on Halloween decorations or for a kids Halloween theme birthday party.

Below are a few demos to help you do it in a few days with minimal supplies. You might like making your own pinatas so much that you create one for each party you have all based on a new theme!

How about a Halloween Witch Pinata! - Cute Halloween party decoration is fun for kids!

Happy Halloween Witch Pinata, 19" Game, Party Decoration and Photo Prop
Happy Halloween Witch Pinata, 19" Game, Party Decoration and Photo Prop

I like this black and purple witch pinata that is 23" long by 10" that kids will love too. It's not too scary with big eyes, gets filled with treats easily and will hold plenty of goodies for the party. You might even want a Halloween themed birthday for a child and this wtich is loads of fun!


Watch How to Make a Halloween Pinata - a Bat!

Paper Pinata Blindfold
Paper Pinata Blindfold

Use a blindfold on the kids for your pinata party so you don't have to worry about a scarf or bandanna coming off.


Pinata Blindfold and Stick

If you don't have anything to use as a blindfold or plastic stick to safely have the kids bust open a pinata, these could help you.

Plastic Multicolor Fringed Pinata Stick
Plastic Multicolor Fringed Pinata Stick

This pinata stick is made of plastic so kids won't get hurt as easily unlike using a wooden stick or bat. If you need one, this is a good choice.


Add the Treats!

Kids will look forward to all the yummy candy they'll find when they break open the pinata so be sure to add age appropriate candies. Any leftover candy can be filled in treat bags or bowls for the party table.

Don't forget to buy Halloween Candy for your Pinata! - Candy in large bulk sizes is a good value

© 2012 Cindy

Did you have fun looking at Halloween Pinatas? Let us know what you like - and which pinata is your favorite!

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    • vetochemicals profile image

      Cindy 5 years ago from Pittsburgh Pa

      @SusanDeppner: That's awesome Susan52! I hope you'll find the perfect pinata and let us know how the Halloween party goes:) xoxo

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I was thinking just the other day that a pinata for Halloween would be a really fun idea. I was right! Love these!