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Fun Halloween Crafts For Kids

Updated on December 3, 2015

Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids

I love Halloween and it's coming soon. That means it's time to prepare some fun and spooky Halloween crafts for kids. You can find crafts, Halloween coloring pages, treats and fun ideas on this lens. Since I am the mother of 4 kids I know how important it is to keep your children occupied and interested in what they are doing. Kids craft projects do just that. This bat craft kit is just one example of the fun ideas you can make with your children. I think these little bats are pretty cute, don't you? All this bat kit takes is a foam ball, cut out wing shapes from a foam sheet, and a body cut out... some dots a marker to draw a face.

Here is a similar bat craft kit

Bat Puppet Craft Kit - Crafts for Kids & Novelty Crafts

Easy and fun to make Halloween mobile
Easy and fun to make Halloween mobile

Make Your Own Halloween Craft Kits For Kids

It's Easy To Make Crafts With A Halloween Theme

Take a look at those craft kits and I'll bet you can see at least one you could make yourself. Is it the handprint bat? All you have to do is trace your child's hand on to a piece of black construction paper, cut it out, glue it together and decorate it with markers, paints or materials. It's that easy to be crafty without spending any money.

Do you have any paper plates or small white kitchen size garbage bags? Then you have the beginnings of a craft kit. You can make all sorts of projects with a paper plate. First have your kids color it or paint it orange. Then let them draw a pumpkin face with a marker...or you can cut eye shapes, nose shapes and mouth shapes out of construction paper and they can glue them on. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of your paper plate, loop some string or Halloween colored ribbon through the hole and tie it in a knot. Now you can hang up your Halloween paper plate projects.

The white garbage bag can become a ghost with a little effort. It's easy. Roll some newspaper up into a ball and stick it into the bag. Grab the bag around the paper and tie some string....the ball shape of the newspaper will be the head of the ghost. Now cut the bottom on the plastic bag into strips. Use construction paper pieces just like you did with the pumpkin paper plate craft. Let your kids decorate their own ghost. Loop a string to the back of the ghost's neck and he can be hung up...when the wind blows so will will look like your homemade ghost is flying.

It's so fun and easy to make craft projects kids will love at Halloween. I always like to be around to make some lovely crafts of my own. It's fun to be a big kid around Halloween! It's a great way to hang out and spend some real quality time with your children. That's a wonderful thing no matter what the season.

Where To Find Fun Halloween Crafts For Kids - Halloween Crafts Are Fun And Easy To Make

You can find some very easy and fun Halloween craft kits for kids on Ebay. These crafts usually cost a couple of dollars each and you get to pick and choose the ones you want to buy. You can also visit a site that sells crafts in bags of a dozen or so. They are usally pack up in lots of 12 and you get all the same craft. It's an inexpensive way to supply a craft project activity for a kids party. I find a lot of my kids craft kits at S&S Worldwide. It's a great source of crafts for kids and they aren't just for can find crafts there to entertain your children for the entire year. You can also take a look at some of their craft kits and make your own just like it by cutting out construction paper.

What's Your Favorite Halloween Craft Idea? - Vote For Your Favorite Craft Idea

Vote on the Halloween kids craft you like the best or tell us what your favorite craft idea for this October holiday is. There are so many different craft projects to be made around Halloween...surely you know one that we haven't mentioned here. Let us know what it is!

Which Is Your Favorite Halloween Craft Listed On This Page?

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How To Craft Your Own Halloween Decorations - What A Fun Halloween Craft For Kids

Just look at how easy this wonderfully easy and fun Halloween craft project for kids is. Enjoy the time you spend with your kids, they grow much to quickly, and Halloween is a fun time of year.

This video shows you how to make three different crafts. The first is a pumpkin wreath...perfect for the Halloween season. The second craft ideas is a balloon ghost...and the third craft idea is making candy corn pots. Fun, easy, the materials are all simple to find and each craft is more fun than the next.

Edible Halloween Crafts For Kids - Fun Halloween Crafts Are Edible

How much fun is it to make a craft project and then eat it? It's loads of fun and wait until you see all the delicious and wonderful edible craft ideas I found. Of course you can always use the recipes you will find at the Kitchen Witch lens but these edible crafts are more for dessert...and who doesn't love Halloween Dessert Ideas? I know I do!

Get Printable Pumpkin Stencils And Carve Some Pumpkins!  Plus you can use the seeds to try out some new roast pumpkin seed recipes.
Get Printable Pumpkin Stencils And Carve Some Pumpkins! Plus you can use the seeds to try out some new roast pumpkin seed recipes.

New Halloween Craft Ideas

There Will Always Be New And Fun Crafts For Halloween

Make some Halloween decorations with your children this year! There are so many easy and fun ways to create unique decorations for this fun Fall holiday. You can use bats, ghosts, Eyeballs, Skulls... and the list goes on and one. Choose one or two of your favorite ideas, gather the supplies you will need and start crafting.

Don't forget the most obvious Halloween craft theme of all, pumpkins! You can carve pumpkins, decorate pumpkins, paint pumpkins and eat pumpkins!

These sugar decorations work on both cupcakes and cookies.  They are very Halloweeny - don't you think?
These sugar decorations work on both cupcakes and cookies. They are very Halloweeny - don't you think?

Bake Halloween Cookie Craft Ideas

Baking and decorating Halloween cookies is another fun craft project that can include the entire family. You bake, decorate and eat your crafts! Edible crafts are a great way to bring in the Halloween season. You can find some wonderful cookie cutters and decorating kits that have the colors you need for this spooky October cookie project.

How To Make Milk Jug Skulls - Homemade Milk Jug Crafts For Halloween

Make your own Halloween skull decorations with a gallon jug, a hot glue gun, an X-Acto knife or pair of scissors and a marker. Save those gallon milk jugs and have some arts and crafts fun with your kids this October.

Make Paper Pumpkins - Make Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

You will need orange card stock or construction paper, some brads, a hole punch if you have one...if not you can use a fork or tip of a scissor, and a bit of green card stock or construction paper. You will also need a pen or round object to help make your pumpkin stem curly! Cut your orange paper into 12 strips of paper. The ones shown are 1/2" by 6" and you can make them as big as you like. Watch the video to find out how to turn these paper strips into cute pumpkin decorations!

Make A Cheesecloth Ghost With Stiffy - Kid's Craft Ideas

Make some ghosts with Stiffy, a fabric stiffener, some cheese cloth, a dowel and some styrofoam shapes...and you will need some wax paper or syran wrap. Make your shape with styrofoam and the dowel. Soak your cheese cloth with the Stiffy, pull it and shape it and then shape it over your stryofoam base. Just watch the video for some easy to follow directions and have some ghostly fun making these fun Halloween decorations.

Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids - Halloween Crafts Are Fun To Make

Let's see what wonderful craft ideas Amazon has for us.

Halloween Ghost Windsocks - Easy Halloween Crafts For Kids

Make a ghost windsock using some paper, a stapler, scissors, white tape, a marker and some streamer paper. It's easy to make cute Halloween crafts at home with your kids!

Make Pumpkin Paper Plate Shakers

Paper plates, orange paint, some popcorn, glue and some paint brushes are all you need to create a fun pumpkin paper plate shakers.

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