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Funny April Fools Prank Ideas

Updated on August 18, 2013

Stock Up On Ideas!

Need some inspiration for next April Fool's Day? Want some new prank ideas? Maybe you're just looking for some laugh-out-loud pictures?

Look no further! I've compiled a collection of photos people have taken of their April Fool's Day pranks and, in some cases, links to instructions on how to replicate the prank. Enjoy!

Every time I see this photo I think of one word: awesome. This makes me laugh each and every time. It's a quick and easy prank. One that's fun. It's also flexible: try it in the fridge, in a coworker's cubicle, a teacher's desk, a spouse's car, or a child's backpack!

Peel and Stick Googly Eyes

Archie McPhee Emergency Googly Eyes
Archie McPhee Emergency Googly Eyes

Anthromorphize all your favorite inanimate objects with these 20 pairs of eyeballs.


This may be caught by people with an extra-sensitive sense of smell, but it's more than likely to cause a ruckus in the breakroom! And so easy to do, too. Just top off some cream-filled doughnuts with some mayo squeezed out of a baggie with the corner cut off. Then sit back and watch!

They'll Expect Toy Snakes in a Can of Nuts, But a Can of Mints ...

SS Adams Snake Mint Can
SS Adams Snake Mint Can

Most people are overly familiar with the classic snakes-in-a-can prank. But that's usually in a poorly faked can of nuts. This can of mints is a "fresh" change!


Post one of these near your copier on official company stationery and watch the antics ensue!

Dude ... You Broke My Phone!

Office Full of Packing Popcorn

office filled with packing peanuts april fools prank
office filled with packing peanuts april fools prank

They great part of this prank is that it's only an illusion that the entire room is filled with packing popcorn. Luckily, Instructables gives you step-by-step instructions of how to create this effect with minimal packing popcorn, a roll of paper and lots of tape.

I don't know if this is particularly a prank, as I would find it to be quite soothing. As long as I didn't have to clean up the sand. Maybe a little rake to draw patterns in the sand would have been a nice touch ...

Office of the Silver Surfer

office of the silver surfer tin foil april fools prank
office of the silver surfer tin foil april fools prank

This was a prank played on someone while away on vacation, but would work well for April Fools as well. It would take a little effort, so you may want to recruit some help if you're planning on undertaking this prank. You can see more photos at Instructables.

Up for a Putt?

golf office april fools prank
golf office april fools prank

Golf fans would get a kick out of this surprise! A little turf grass, a few golf balls, and you're got yourself a little vacation at your desk. Or your coworker's desk. Either way.

Stapler in Jell-O

stapler in jello april fools prank
stapler in jello april fools prank

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler ...

This prank could be epic. And one to laugh about for many years to come. It's not as hard as it looks, and don't worry, there are step-by-step directions on Instructables explaining how to suspend objects in gelatin.

A New Spin on an Old Classic

Loftus Auto Inflate Whoopee Cushion
Loftus Auto Inflate Whoopee Cushion

The classic favorite, but with a twist: it automatically inflates after each use!


Short Skirted?


Laugh it up this April Fool's day with this simple prank! Just a little piece of black paper, cardboard or contact paper, and you've got yourself a mark!

The Switcheroo

refrigerator with wrong side handle april fools prank
refrigerator with wrong side handle april fools prank

The little cutout cartoon on the freezer is the Far Side classic of the gifted kid pushing on the door that says "pull." A little jab at those trying to get into a fridge with the handles reversed!

Refrigerators like this (with the freezer on top) are made to be reversible. Simply switch the handle but NOT the hinges. Or vice versa. You'll have a lot of hungry coworkers ...

Granted, this prank may not be one of the cheapest, as maxi pads are far from inexpensive, but perhaps there's someone in your life for whom you'd find this quite fitting ...

Don't have a drop ceiling? Try tying your friend's work uniform or favorite outfit to a ceiling fan instead!

Surprise Shower

rubber band on sink faucet april fools prank
rubber band on sink faucet april fools prank

I've done this, although instead of leaving the sprayer in the sink to go wild once the faucet was turned on, I simply used a rubber band in a color close to silver and pointed it right at where the person turning on the sink would be standing. Fairly harmless but funny.

Except for the person who finds themselves soaked before their morning coffee. But they'll laugh about it later. Hopefully.

Colorful Waterworks - Use nontoxic dye pellets in the faucet.

blue water april fools prank
blue water april fools prank

Insect and Vermin Prank Supplies - Bugs are great for shoes. I once saw my mom empty an entire can of bug spray into her shoe after spotting a fake bug I'd pla

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