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Funny Birthday Wishes

Updated on October 12, 2012

Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes, Cards, And Gift Ideas

Funny birthday wishes come in a wide variety... Whether you are celebrating a friend or family member's 1st birthday, 10th birthday, sweet 16th birthday, 21st birthday, 30th, 50th, 75th, 120th, or any birthday in between, it is important that they enjoy their special day as much as they can. One of the easiest ways to make a birthday celebration extra special and enjoyable is with funny birthday wishes. There are many ways to give your friends and family funny birthday wishes.

You can simply tell them how you feel, get them a birthday themed greetings card, make your own card/ e card, give them a gift that has special significance, or find something funny that happened in their lives and remind them of it with a picture, story, or however else you can think. Gift cards are not funny, nor are they birthday wishes, so they certainly do not count as being special or otherwise significant and memorable funny birthday wishes! If you are thinking of getting someone a gift card for their birthday, PLEASE DON'T!

Funny Birthday Wishes In Card Form

When I think of birthday wishes that are memorable and funny I usually am thinking birthday cards or birthday cakes. Birthday cards are the easiest to do, so I will discuss those with you now..

Here are some of my recommendations when it comes to trying to make funny birthday wishes with birthday cards:

  1. The more personal your birthday wish is, the better
  2. "Funny Birthday Wishes" have to be funny!
  3. If it is mean or embarrassing, it probably isn't as funny as you think
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words, real life pictures rock
  5. Plain is lame
  6. Think BIG, Make Them FEEL IT! Emotions and stuff help ;)

The Best Birthday Wishes Come From The Heart

Below are 3 of my favorite birthday cards. I feel like these cards hit the nail on the head when it comes to being either funny, touching, or just plain awesome.

Personalized (or not) funny birthday wishes for Grandma!

Funny card for a friend with a dry sense of humor (perhaps highly educated).

Another style of birthday card

Using Snapfish And JibJab To Make Funny Birthday Wishes

There are two fantastic websites that I would recommend to anyone working on birthday cards or gifts and they are Snapfish (a personalized gift and photo site), and JibJab (an E card and greeting card site).

Snapfish is better for more personal and expensive $10 and up gift ideas (trust me they are amazing if you put in the time).

JibJab is more for quick e cards and greeting cards just to stay in touch or be funny.

I have used both sites and all of the gifts that I have ever given from either site have been very well received. People really enjoy birthday wishes that have meaning rather than random greeting cards. I love greeting cards, but you really have to take the time to find the right fit. If you are going to spend the time you might as well just create a personalized card, since they are typically cherished and laughed at far more than your typical store bought card.


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    • MissDoolittle profile image

      MissDoolittle 5 years ago from Sussex, UK

      This really made me laugh, which surprised me! The ninja cat, especially.